Veneto region – One of the most romantic regions of Italy, in which almost all cultural heritage of the country is concentrated: Beautiful frescoes of the Great Jotto, which tourists can admire in Padua, luxury villas Palladio in the town of Vicenza, city of lovers – Verona, medieval Treviso and much more. Of course, the main city, attracting tourists to the region – This is his capital, inimitable Venice.

Region Veneto in Italy – These are high-quality wines, ignorant risotto, turbulent cultural life – Venetian Carnival, Biennalle Exhibition, International Film Festival, as well as great universities, picturesque hills and foxing air of this Italy. Here, tourists are waiting for wonderful beaches, affectionate sea, as well as the Dolomite Alps with the famous resort of Cortina D’Ampesszo. Also Veneto is famous for its mineral sources. In the same fertile region, Lake Garda is famous for the whole world, as well as two longest rivers in the country – Adige and Po.

Attracts tourists and kitchen Veneto. Here they prepare delicious dishes from vegetables, meat and fish, with each town of the region boasts their own dish. For example, in Venice you should taste Sarde in Saor, in Padua to treat the fried cap, and in Verona to order a delicious zoup of the scalindrger. In addition, Magnificent and Wine Veneto: Odole Route «Strada del Prosecco», You will make an unforgettable wine journey around Veneto.

The best cities and resorts of Veneto

What is interesting to see in Veneto?

Climate in Veneto

Climate Veneto Notiforn: evenly in the territory of Veneto, it changes from Alpine type to Mediterranean type. In particular, cold frosty winter, summer in the mountains of Veneto is quite cold, often happen in the Mountains of Veneto. But near Lake Garda, for example, climate on the contrary is very soft. In the valley of the river around the winter, it is also very cold, and a lot of precipitation falls here, and the summer here is warm, but not roast, and often a warm gentle wind is blowing.

Average air temperature in Veneto in January +6°WITH. The average temperature of April +17°WITH. Average air temperature in Veneto in July + 27°C, at this time the weather in Veneto is even hot. Average air temperature in Veneto in October +19°WITH.

Video from Veneto

Excursions and events in Veneto

Veneto – His excursion-rich region. In particular, first of all, tourists are recommended to visit the magnificent Venice, the capital of the region. Secondly, tourists attracts the romantic Verona, immortalized in the work of Shakespeare «Romeo and Juliet». Here you can certainly visit the House of Juliet and touch your hand to the statue depicting the girl: it is believed that it brings good luck.

Interesting and such Excursions in Veneto, as a visit to Padua – Merry Student Town, where, by the way, you can make an excellent shopping on numerous city markets. Vicenza will give tourists to get acquainted with the works of the Great Palladio. And to tourists-lovers of the Middle Ages, we recommend visiting Rovigo town.

History Veneto

Where better to stop, traveling in Veneto?

Activities in Veneto

In the Dolomite Alps in the Veneto region in Italy, tourists can ride skiing and snowyhouses, and just relax in the mountains, breathe fresh air.

Veneto, Italy - Rest, Excursions, Reviews, Attractions Veneto Travel Guide

In the summer, in the resort of Lido Di Jesolo, travelers are offered a variety of water sports, also to their services – Volleyball, basketball courts, Tennis game.

Popular and healing sources in the Veneto region: here you can significantly improve health and feel literally in the seventh heaven from happiness!

Transport features Veneto

Veneto, Venice, Verona and Padova are central transport hubbles. These cities are interconnected by rail. In particular, on the train you can get to other major cities Veneto.

Automotive tracks in Veneto very good quality. In addition, in Veneto, tourists can travel by bus, but we note that it is more costly and requires more time than traveling by train.

In the cities of Veneto, it is customary to move on the scooter (this does not apply to the pedestrian Venice) or by bike. These vehicles can be rented.

Veneto: how to get?

Central Gate of the Region is the capital – Venice. In Venice there is an international airport, where airliners come from Moscow and St. Petersburg. In particular, the flights carry out such a / k as «Transaero», «Brussels», «Swiss Air» and so on.

From Venice Airport by bus, tourists can reach almost any city in Veneto. By train from Venice, you can go to Padua (travel time – about an hour), Verona (time on the way no more than two hours) and t.D.

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