Venezuela: fall in love with the country in two weeks

When a month ago, I learned about what I was flying to a distant unknown country – Venezuela, I could not think that my heart would remain there. It was love at first sight. All: People, Events, Hot Dances, Discoveries and Overcoming, Perfect Dreams – Steel One Unforgettable Status I want to tell you.

What did you hear about Venezuela? In addition, she is in Latin America? Confess to honestly, I did not know anything about this country. And the stronger and brighter there were amazing discoveries for me, which were accompanied every day on a trip.

In this article, I want to try to tell you about that Venezuela, who took my heart. About the country about which you may not hear how. About love that let him happen once with each.

And now about what my love for Venezuela has developed.

Open, good, sincere and childishly able to rejoice every day. Their love for life is infecting.

Probably, I’m lucky – every person who introduced Venezuela – taught me a new day around the day. He taught how to love with all his heart the place in which you live. How to throw a successful career and return to the source. How to give all myself, I do not expect anything in return. How to devote half of the case in which you believe certainly and without any "but". How to enjoy what you have and enjoying simple things. How to stay with sincere joy every day and not wait for more.

Venezuelas have become not just teachers for me, but have become good friends whose example of love for life will now accompany me.

I was lucky enough to visit the Peremonov tribe – Stranghe Kvani’s National Park. Think, they told me stories from textbooks? No matter how. We chatted about life. Like ordinary people. They spoke about the important – about love, conservation of their unique culture and nature, about dreams and plans for the future. That day I realized that we were united and the relatives – we all want the same thing – simple things, simple quiet happiness, peace and love. But we are all the time drove for something big, and they enjoy what they have.

Every day we were surprised with the team and met hot dancing, interesting stories and delicious dishes. I just felt their open warmth, and sometimes it was even embarrassing – did I get my infinite gratitude to me? No matter how I tried, I could not find words to say not just "Muchas Gracias" (thank you very much), and so that Venezuelan knew how much they touched me and penetrate in the heart.

They are amazing people. With such an internal flame, strength and faith that they infected and me. Until now, this Bolivarian light is burning in me.

If you need only one reason to buy tickets for the plane to Venezuela – then this reason is the unique nature of the country. Only in order to see with their own eyes the biggest waterfall in the world – Angel to overcome the forests of wild jungle and discover the power of the element – it’s worth flying to Venezuela at least once in life.

My journey through Venezuela began in Canaim National Park. Just a few hours after landing, I was waiting for unimaginable waterfalls. I think that even makes no sense to try to choose the words to describe all the power and indescribable energy that covered me with your head. I’ll try to transfer the atmosphere with pictures.

And the next day turned my consciousness at 180 degrees. I visited Anhele.

It was a difficult way. Rise at 4 am, five hours on water under heavy rain, terrible cold and punching to the bones grocery, hour of jungle paths. But you can’t even imagine, as I am happy that this path was exactly the same – difficult. If the sun was shining (and, by the way, it still seemed when we started to rise to the waterfall), the impressions and sensations would be completely different. And here everything was formed in one story about how I went to the waterfall, but in the end I came to myself. Overcoming fatigue and fear – everything went and reset when Angel appeared before me in all its unbridled strength. I looked at him and thought, here he is thousands and thousands of years that is filled with nature and gives her all of themselves, he is so unrestrained, majestic and frightening. I was covered by his strength, the wind demolished and mercilessly watered with ice water splashes. But it was unforgettable. It was unique. It was something new, something else. Something that can be experienced only once in life. And only here.

Angel and Canaima are unique. To visit here – as if to fall on another planet. Untouched nature, raging rivers, waterfalls, beasts and birds, freely walking through the territory of the hotel, proud pemotes, guarding the peace of the national park, fascinating landscapes and carefree minutes spent in the nature in the hammock – all this happened to me in the atmosphere of another world somewhere in the distance, but it’s worth stretching your hand and take the first step towards meeting, he will completely capture and will not let go anymore. This place so faded me that now it is in my personal top-3, where I certainly want to return.

Islands and beaches
Mmm … Close your eyes, imagine the Azure Caribbean Sea, snow-white, soft, like flour sand, caressing the sun; hear – the rust of hanging palm and the noise of foam, breaking water – isn’t it so described by paradise? So I saw and remembered the seven islands of Venezuela, where he managed to visit.

The legendary Margarita will remember me fantastic sunsets, as if copied from wallpapers of the desktop or postcards, lazy day on the beach, held at the Wyndham Isla Margarita Concorde. The hotel works on the All-Inclusive system, and it is ideal for rebooting and restoring the forces after saturated days in the jungle.

Isla Cubagua Isla Cubagua Island – An hour by sea from Margarita – Paradise for beach holidays and idleness. Straw umbrellas, cactus groves, healing dirt and wild beaches met me on this island. What to do when you get to paradise? I walked around the beach, bathed in warm sea, dangled on a hammock in water and carelessly enjoyed "nothing for nothing" on the chaise lounge.

The island of Kochie struck in the dazzling white sand and kilometer beaches, along which hotels spread. If you have an ideal vacation in your presentation – this is a secluded beach bungalow, the Azure Sea, an endless pool, going to the horizon, dinner on the terrace of a restaurant with a magical view of the sunset – you definitely on the island of Koch. Romantic atmosphere in the air there just hoves everywhere.

Islands of the Los Rockes archipelago call Venezuelan Maldives. And I want to tell you that not every Maldives, on which I happened, I liked it strongly, like tiny islands Los Rockes. Archipelago and 350 islands and reefs, forms atoll, protected from ocean currents. Such an atols are typical for the Pacific Ocean, and for the Caribbean – it is a rarity.

Venezuela fall in love with the country in two weeks

The big island, which all tourists arrive – Grand-Rock – fell in love with her first glance. Just a few minutes walk from the airport (yes, it is walking – there is no transportation on the island) a colorful street begins with numerous colorful houses and pans (guest houses). I could not resist not to stop near each of them and do not take photos.

Life on the island exists out of time – no one hurry anywhere, in no hurry, almost every home lazily sunbathe dogs and children play.

In the evening at sunset, I watched the fishermen separate their catch, returning from the sea. Then, for half an hour, the guys hoverred by the water, watching the hunting of Pelicans.

On the very first day I was imbued with a measured, leisurely atmosphere, I wanted to escape here from reality for a couple of months.

From the big island, with the team for the whole day went on tiny segments of the archipelago. Deservedly Los Rockes call one of the best places in the beach for beach holidays – snow-white sand, crystal clear water of the Caribbean, secluded bays, lack of flow and rich underwater world.

On one of the islets, my long-standing dream came true – the test center of the turtles, I released one of them in a big way in the open sea. It was unforgettable!

In general, Los Roquese a lot for me was unforgettable: the color of the water that struck from the airline’s porthole, the first in life is free swimming (do not laugh, before that I did not know how to swim), dawn with flamingos, which could be seen only if you can not be too lazy to wake up at 4 in the morning, the noise of giant waves, breaking about the rocks in the cozy bay, which I still imagine my head, because there I was at night, and see because of the dark what this bay was, I could not. It remains to come up with her.

It is difficult to fit all the emotions and impressions of Venezuela, so that this story will not be infinite. You are already my heroes, if you read this long text to the end. I so wanted to share with you the atmosphere and warmth, which was filled with Venezuela. I still try to choose the words to express emotions from this journey, but I understand that, hardly, in words it will do.

This story I only open a series of publications about Venezuela. I know that information will be useful on how to get to where to live and what to see. All this will be ahead.

In the meantime, I leave you at last a few pictures from the country in which my heart remains – from Venezuela.

Venezuela fall in love with the country in two weeks

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