Venice: all in one boat

Veneto region, to which Venice belongs, has become the "red zone" on March 6. This meant, to leave for its limits is prohibited, schools, universities, museums, theaters and other public institutions closed their doors for several weeks, the owners of bars and restaurants were restricted to work until 18:00, and sporting events could only be carried out when performing certain conditions.

Pretty quickly it became clear that there are few measures taken to contain the coronavirus epidemic. Having the opportunity to freely move around the city, use public transport and even sit in a cafe, people somehow violated the well-recommended by doctors a safe distance of one meter, and the masks were not at the same time. And on March 8 in Venice, as in all of Italy, a 24-hour Commandant hour came into force. Officially.

True, on that Sunday day, the Venetians reacted to the new rules seemed to be unpervently: until late in the evening, wine drank on open terraces, walked along the embankments, gave mimosa girls, talked lively, laughed. No voltage, no more panic felt the city.

Everything has changed in the morning of the next day, when helicopters began to circle over Venice, and police patrols appeared on the streets. Clothing stores, souvenir and book shops, restaurants, bars, cafe stood with lowered blinds and gate shutters. Only supermarkets, pharmacies, several shopping stores and tobacco kiosks were able to open. But here we have introduced maintenance restrictions – simultaneously go to the store could only three or four people. To enter the street, we needed good grounds: hike for products or drugs, a walk with a dog. For violation of the rules – fine € 206. From the need to go to work freed almost all. Exception made for employees of public transport, garbered and cleaners of streets, journalists, construction workers. The famous gondols for public transport staff did not include, and it was literally to dry the oars.

Quarantine in Venice – it’s like you suddenly. Where yesterday, conversations were heard on dozens of languages ​​and the adverbs, laughter of children, barking dogs, water splash, a knock of cheerful, the sound of a street musician guitar, today suddenly nothing can be heard. Comedy has come, all filling silence.

In the city, where in the usual time there are so many strangers, it is especially important to belong to your own, and their condemnation will cost you much more expensive fine

I must say that the duties of "home arrest" of Venetians reacted with all responsibility. Now even in those areas where for some reason practically will not meet duty officers, not visible on the street and locals. Everyone really is sitting on the houses, leaving except to the store yes for a walk with a dog. Yes, with dogs to walk allowed. Children do not run out of the house on the streets, adults do not enjoy a hike in a supermarket as a reason for meetings with friends. Everyone is bypass by phone, Internet and, of course, traditional Italian conversations from the windows in the window.

The point here is not only in the rigor of common quarantine regulations in the country, but also in the peculiarities of local lifestyles. (Read the article "My Planet" "The Rules of Life of the Indigenous Venetian"). Over the centuries in Venice, an island community was formed – all if they do not know each other personally, then you know your family or boss, your friends and loved ones, and here is very important involvement in the community. One of the frequent phrases that can be heard from Venetian, if you can make something nefple (for example, do not throw garbage): "We are a community. We do not do so. Don’t and you ". And this is what supports order, including now, is hardly better than a direct police control. In the city, where in the usual time there are so many strangers, it is especially important to belong to your own, and their condemnation will cost you much more expensive fine.

Venice all in one boat

And this cohesion is what the Venetians now support is probably the most. Of course, Quarantine drastically changed everyday life: the days merge into one endless day of Groundhog, when there is nowhere to come, they don’t have frightening news from all sides, and it seems that all this is some terrible dream. But here one neighbor is offered to pour through the home wine window, the other leaves the hotel on the threshold, and you already feel that not one in this boat, what other closed shutters are the same as you.

When quarantine is still announced, at all of Venice someone opened small stickers with the inscription "Tutto Andrá Bene!" ("Everything will be fine!"). This motto quickly spread through social networks, and now one of the most popular Hestegov in Italy – #tuttoandrabene and #iorestoencasa ("I stay at home"). The last call to observe quarantine uses popular singers and directors, public figures and leaders of opinions in their publications. They, like Gianni Morandi, write down the video, as playing houses in the card, or, like Paolo Sorrentino, advise what films it is better to see while you are forced to be limited in movements. These same inscriptions can now be seen on homemade posters posted on the windows throughout Venice.

Quarantine in Venice – it’s like you suddenly

In the city standing on the water, everything is arranged differently than on land. There are no buses and cars, with the exception of one area alone, where the vehicle comes with mainland Venice – Mestre. There are no trains and train, except for the same station, the end station of railway tracks. All city post here is water. Public transport Vaporetto, boat taxi, private boats and, of course, famous gondolas. Usually, they are all clogged with tourists and locals, and sometimes even on the canals you can see boat stoppers from the accumulated gondola and boats, and sometimes it is sometimes difficult to find a free space. But for more than a week there are no boats, no gondola, and only absolutely empty Vaporetto slides on the water there. Soon and they will almost won’t be – the local administration decided to reduce the number of flights at the time of quarantine several times.

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