Venice in one day ; San Marco and Dorsoduro

Fourth part of the guide in Venice in one day Unites areas San Marco and Dorsoduro. We broke the guide to the part only because it turned out to be very big, but they all describe the route of one day Through Venice.

If you did not read the previous parts of the guide, then start with the first: Venice in one day ;

Venetian cycle

San Marco

The area, in general, small, but very close from tourists, attractions and monuments of Starina.

Immediately OT Doge’s Palace Their parade will begin: Columns San Marco , A peculiar gate of the city, Piazzett , On the right side of the National Palace, the Cathedral of San Marco, with the Left Building of the Library, ahead Clock tower , And then on the left easting its latitudes itself Piazza San Marco .

Here you are Campanila (Bell tower, with the top of which opens A breathtaking view of all Venice ; Then you already take place in the queue, buy a ticket, raise the elevator and see everything yourself), and The oldest cafe in Europe "Florian" .

We go straight through the area towards the museum Corker , We pass through the colonnade, without looking at Expensive shops leading global brands, rapidly walk by the church San Miz , across the bridge Calle Larga 22 Marts (Wide street on March 22), following all minor turns, try to keep the direction directly, and in the end, we go to Campo San Stefano .

This area is one of the biggest and wide in Venice, restaurants here are a bunch, the church of this saint is on the right, but we should be left, To the Academy Bridge . Wonderful wooden Bridge over Grand Channel descends almost straight to the front entrance to Gallery Academy , world famous museum. If you walk the gallery building on the left, you can go to Embankment ferry , overlooking Island of Judecca , A trip to it is a separate business, there are few special attractions there, and I will tell about it later.

We are OT The Gallery of the Academy will turn right , through the bridge enter the alley and, again holding the directions directly and a little bit, let’s go narrow streets, turns and bridges to Campo San Barnaba . By the way, it’s time to say that we are already in the area of ​​Dorsoduro.


Dorsodoo , In my opinion, the most, in a good sense, the Ripplesky district of Venice. Historically, it happened so that he and the outskirts and near the center , And on the lagoon from coming out, and the water of the Grande canal is washed.

The port workers lived here, hospitals were located here, there were impoverished siblings of noble families. WITH Campo San Barnaba through the bridge you will go to Campo Santa Margherita , The most, in my opinion, a democratic place in Venice.

Together with the guide, you will pass through the most interesting and inconspicuous catches and check whether the ghosts actually exist.

Here you are Cafe, and supermarket, and church , and Skol dei Carmina , In the morning there is noise market , and in the evenings here are full of youth. You can go with Campo Santa Margherita by going through her by passing through the bridge on Campo San Pantalon with the church of the same name. Overbounding the San Pantalon left, passing along the body and turning left, and then right, you will see the bridge that rests on the building with columns. Go around it. it Skola Grande San Rocco , here is the biggest collection of pictures Tintoretto . This skomo is one of the most famous and rich Skolo in Venice ; tells us that we are already in the San Polo. Go to the final part ;

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Venice in one day; San Marco and Dorsoduro

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