Venice on the edge of the Sahara

This charming town, located 30 kilometers north of Hurghada, is not at all similar to other resorts of Egypt. There are no high-altitude hotels. Their place occupy cozy houses located on tiny islands interconnected by bridges and transitions. On small channels, there are small picturesque boats and modern motobots just like in Venice. So it’s not by chance that this city is nointed by Venice on the Red Sea. However, in geographical dictionaries, he, of course, is called differently El Guna. Oasis on the edge of the Sahara, a tiny piece of desert and turned by the efforts of the rich Egyptian family of Saviras in the most exquisite, the most elegant, the most unusual holiday destination on the Red Sea.

For the construction of the Egyptian Venice left seven years. American Michael Merve, who made his name on projects developed for Disneyland in Florida, created something even more unusual. In the architecture of El Guna, soft, sophisticated ancient Egyptian, Nubian, Oriental Muslim motifs are strikingly connected to the achievements of modern architecture with its hard shapes and clear edges. Additional beauty of the general picture give the villas of wealthy Egyptians, along with tourists applying to the title of conquerors El Guna. In a word, in relation to this resort, the words are exquisite and gorgeous not a blank sound. Not by chance, El Guna long ago is famous for artists and photographers. The owners of these places even built a special complex, a kind of house of cultural workers, where representatives of the creative intelligentsia flock from around the world to work and simultaneously rest. Al Gundy hotels and I need to say that they all have four or five stars and wear loud, known world names are interconnected by a network of channels. What is important, since complexes like Sheraton Mirimar and Movienp sex occupy gigantic areas, and the distances between them are very significant. Movement on the channels for guests of the resort is free, and it is quite pleasant even for local hotel guestrooms that do not seek to save on transport.

In El Guna, adherents of various recreation options will surely find a lesson in the soul. In principle, in every local hotel you can spend a vacation, never leaving the hotel territory and at the same time having received the widest range of services. And it doesn’t matter, you stopped your choice on a giant complex or immelled in green, by local standards, a hotel in any case everything will be organized at the High Class level. Sea with all attached entertainment, yachting, surfing, tennis, boutiques, nightlife and even a golf club That is just the beginning of the list, to continue which you can almost do infinity. In a smooth flow from the beach to the restaurant, from the restaurant to the store, from the store in the bar, from the bar for an incendiary show you forget about the bustle of earthly being.

But no, wait about one thing to forget it is impossible. Sin, being on the Red Sea, do not try to master at least diving basic. For the services of lovers of this type of entertainment in El Guna, there are three pitfalls at once. After passing the shortest course in one of them, you will be able to experience the delight of underwater immersion from the yacht on the mounted depth of local waters and finally understand why the Krasnomoral diving is considered among professionals one of the most, if not the most interesting. And since you are ankvalagist with experience, you probably will not pass by the possibility of examining sunken ships, resting on the seabed near El Muina.

Venice on the edge of the Sahara

However, if you prefer not to water, but terrestrial entertainment type of pedestrian walks, then for this not finding the best place in El Goon than the heart of the Kafr resort. This adorable area is built in the style of traditional Egyptian architecture with its inner courtyards, endless alleys and dome crops. Delicate pastel colors of kafra buildings create an impressive contrast with bright emerald lagoons with sea water. Here, in Kafra, life has a key and day, and at night: it seems that numerous shops, restaurants, cafes offering local and European cuisine, cinemas and discos never close doors, working in non stop mode.

If this is not enough for you and the hunt for changing places you can not overcome even on vacation, remember: within easy reach of El Guna Cairo with all its wealth, Luxor, whose fame overshadows the radiance of the hot Egyptian sun, Jordan, seemed to be in modern from pages thousands and one night.

In El Guna, there is no extraneous entrance to the resort guards the tourist police. But the main thing, in El Guna there is no trouble and anxiety existence here is painted only in joyful, light tones. Tone of life, triumphant in the oasis on the edge of the Sahara.

Venice on the edge of the Sahara

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