Venice per week – Guide

Venice is a small city: you can bypass it in a circle per day. The second day will go to visit the islands, the third museums. A What to do in Venice week ? This question can only come to the head of that man who drives around the cities is not to study them, discover and love to love, but simply put a tick in his travel notebook – I saw.

I personally do not know people who would not like Venice, although such people exist in the world. I also know about your own experience, if a person rides in Venice, at least for a week, it means that she is already not indifferent to him. I go to this city for five years in a row, every time a week, and, I assure you ; Not tired.

Map of Venice

What to do in Venice for seven days?

I have an approximate plan that can be followed or just take it as a basis and vary in your own way. Suppose you first came to the little time for such a long time.

Settling issues resolved: You shot a room or apartment, stopped in a hostel or hotel. In the article Where to stay in Venice I highlighted this problem quite detailed.

You read my journey articles in Venice and, using the information planted there, have already acquired weekly tickets for Vaporretto (remind, such a ticket costs 60 euros, which is much more profitable for permanent purchases of one-time tickets for 75 minutes for 8 euros) and the city map to determine Direction of his way.

The first day

Along the Grande Channel

Immediately after arrival, I usually do not want to go to some museums. First I want to see everything outside. Therefore, sitting on Vaporetto №1 or №2 and ride Along the channel Grande, We look at what you saw on the Internet .

By this, you will kill three hares at once: enjoy the luxurious types of old Palazzo, mark in mind that and where is approximately located and where you can go on land, will understand the location of Venice areas regarding the Grande Channel. This will help to navigate in the city during the week with more easily. At the same time, the delight of stay in Venice is not something subsided, it will turn into a slightly different quality: applied. Cut into your pleasure forty in the fresh air, breathing by the sea.

Vaporetto makes a few stops on the Grande Channel, you can go to any , Divide into narrow streets that lead to historical quarters (however, the whole island venice ; All historical quarters).

The most crowded Stopping on this route will be "Piazzale Roma", "Rialto" and "Ferrovia": here there are always a lot of people goes off with the Vaporetto and sits on it, and these themselves are arranged in noisy and "crowd" places.

  • Piazzale Roma ; It is a stop of all vehicles from the mainland and on the mainland, everything is alright here,
  • Ferrovia ; Train Station,
  • Rialto ; The most important center of Venice, through which you need to manage to not pass.

On Rialto the mass of shops, souvenir shops, restaurants, the market, the famous Rialto bridge, it is through this area that it is easiest to get to San Marco and other areas of Venice, and in general, historically developed so that Rialto has always been, there will be a business center Cities on water.

Even with Sackpir in the "Venetian merchant" one of the scenes begins by the phrase: "What’s new today on Rialto?".

From the remaining nine stops, you can go to any and in silence and rest to wander through the quiet, narrow and curves of the streets of an old city. Here it is necessary to address you to the article Venice first acquaintance , where specified Three rules :

  • Nothing anywhere,
  • do not find anything,
  • Do not be afraid of burning.

For the first walk through the Venetian streets It is important not to have some particular purpose , You just need to persist to get lost to get lost in the intricacies of the streets, and thus give yourself the opportunity to open even seen seen. Stone along this Calle, crossing Campo, you can say, taste, feel the difference in the ages of houses and palaces, feel the difference between one area from the other, hear the Venetian silence, immerse yourself in a variety of era.

Famous sights will be on your way, and you will suddenly recognize them and little remember the roads to them, plunging into the city more and more.

Around Venice

Vaporetto number 5.1 and No. 5.2 Carim you Around Venice . You will drive from San Marco ( Stop "San Zaccaria" ) along the Slavic embankment ( Riva Degli Schiavoni ) with stops from arsenal, gardens with biennale, collapsed, Fondatent, you are swimming on the cannahlo channel. As in the first version, You can go to any of the stops and perform the same trick with diving into narrow streets and immersion in city blocks. Walk will be unforgettable.

Naturally, along the way, you will stop in small cafes and snack bars to drink a cup of coffee, eat something and put in my head and heart a lot of impressions you arrive.

About cafes and bars and prices in them you can read in the article Where to eat in Venice.

Retreat 1: Weather and season.

Venice is beautiful at all time and at any time of the year, but the weather is somehow affects the mood. In winter, in the city is wet and drooping, in the summer it is hot and stuffy.

About weather At different times, read here ;

Second day

Journey through Islands

Now that with the main Venice you are more or less familiar, you can let go On a trip to the Islands of the Venetian Lagoon . I wrote about the trip to the islands in the article What to see in Venice for 2 days .

At the stop Fondamente Nove Sit on Vaporetto number 4.2 .

San Michele Island

Start with San Michele , "Islands of the Dead", Venetian cemetery, where you can stand at the graves of our famous compatriots: Joseph Brodsky , Igor Stravinsky and Sergey Dyagilev . Entrance to the cemetery free .

Islands Murano, Burano and Torchello

From San Michele Immediately on the Vapornetto of the same route you will get to Murano , Literally the next stop. After examining shops with Muranian glass products, you will go on Burano . There will see famous for the whole world Buranian houses painted in bright colors , Purchase and maybe buy Buran Lace. From Burano coming to Torchello , Where the ancient quiet is waiting for you, which reigned here from the V-V-Viy centuries, when a large shopping city has declined, and all people moved to the current Venetian Islands, leaving only two ancient churches on Trocello, a couple of old palaces and the memory of the Majesticity.

Venice’s trip to San Michele and Murano takes a maximum of five to seven minutes to Vaporetto. From Murano to Burano Vaporetto goes forty minutes, the island is quite far.

Do not think that these islands travel along the lagoon will be limited. There is Lido Island , located almost opposite Venice. Lido – tourist area, there is a lot of hotels, beaches, here the Palace of Cinema, where it passes International Venetian Film Festival . Buses go to Lido, drive cars. An antiquity is here: For example, the old Jewish cemetery, the village of Malamokka, who, alongside Torchello, has the full right to be called the cradle of Venice.

Sant ErasoMo

Sant Eason’s Island (from "Fondamente NOVE" on Vaporetto №13 ) Perfectly suitable for lone hiking walks in nature. Here are the Venetian gardens and gardens that supply the city by vegetables and fruits. Summer here You can arrive to swim and sunbathe, wild beaches, not equipped, but are popular with citizens.

The attractions on the island will only be detected Fort middle of the XIX century , But during the Second World War, he was destroyed and only recently rebuilt, so it is, soon, Novodel , rather than historical building.

San Lartzar

San Lartzaro Island (Stop "San Zaccaria", Vaporetto №20 ) – the habitat of the Armenian monastery of Saint Lazar. Excursions are held there, there is Bayron Museum , which often stayed in the monastery. Excursions are held from 15:30 to 17:30, entrance – 6 euros.

Retreat 2. Purchases.

Venice has always been a commercial city. And now this is a commerce center, in which expensive boutiques, shopping centers, souvenir benches are called at every turn.

Throw them immediately in them.

Take care of goods to prices. Pate in the city, compare the cost and quality. For shops, you may be left for a week for a week all day so that, without distracting anything, calmly replenish your suitcases with updates to yourself and gifts to friends and relatives.

Remember: Venice is the city of Dear, and the most expensive shops are focused on the center, in the San Marco.

Days Three and Fourth

Now you can go on museums .

Under the museums I advise you to leave two days. The main museums and churches that work on the museum principle, I described in the article " What to see in Venice for 2 days ".


In my opinion, be sure to visit:

  • Gallery of the Academy,
  • Three Scooles:
  • Skola Grande di San Rocco,
  • Skola Grande Di San Giovanni Gosvanger,
  • Skol Grande dei Carmini.

I would add fourth: Skolu di San George Deli Schiavony.

What museums go

Museum complex San Marco can take away your whole day, so much there is only focused. One Palace of the Doge You can inspect eternity.

For lovers of contemporary art advise Collection of Peggy Gugenheim , in the meeting which is Dali’s work , Kandinsky , Shagala , Picasso , Ernsta . Museum open all days from 10 to 18 hours , ticket – 15 Euro .

Museum of Natural History Waiting for you all week, Except Monday , from 9 to 17 h. (Tuesday-Friday) and from 10 to 18 hours (Saturday, Sunday), entrance ticket – 8 Euro , Located Museum in the FondaCo Dei Turchi Building, Vaporetto number 5.2 , Stop "Riva de Biasio".

What churches to visit

You can go tw in two days, and if enough forces, and in three museums, and the next day to give under A visit to famous churches, Of which they deserve special attention:

  • Basilica San Marco ,
  • Venice per week - Guide
  • Church of Santa Maria Glorioza Dei Frari,
  • Santa Maria Formosa,
  • San Clkin,
  • Santi Giovanni E Paolo (Dzanipolo),
  • San Polo, San Pantalon,
  • Santa Maria Dei Carmini,
  • San Stefano.

Build the route you can using the map.

View from above

Necessarily Need to climb on Campagno di San Marco and look at the city from Statercore Height.

Opposite the Palace of the Doh lies San George Maggiore Island , The Church of the same name is also Bell tower on which you can also climb : Views open up breathtaking.

The cost of entry 6 Euro .

Opening hours:

  • from April to October from 9:00 to 19:00 ,
  • from November to March from 8:30 to 18:00 ,

Transport: Vaporetto №2 From the stop "San Zaccaria" before the "San Giorgio" stop.

Fifth day

Most Time to go beyond the city , Change atmosphere. In the summer the easiest way to go to the sea.

On the fifth day of life in Venice, there may be a feeling of some suggestion from impressions.

Beach on Lido

Drive on Lido (from "San Zaccaria" On Vaporetto №2 before the "Lido" stop), sit there on Bus number 11 and go to the very end of the route, on Pellebrin . Drive just half an hour , including ferry crossing, but you will break away from civilization because you will get on completely wild and very quiet beach 14 km long , where the open Adriatic Sea merges with the sky, and only the fight of the bells on the rural church will remind you of time.

From the final bus stop number 11 goes and Vaporetto on which you can get Before the old town of Choja . Vaporetto has the same 11th number , But it’s one thing there, you will not confuse him with any other.

On the mainland

Or you can go to the mainland to visit one of the cities in the region of Veneto: Padova, Verona, Vicenza, Treviso. Every city deserves a separate visit, because it has an ancient and rich history, many monuments of antiquity, architectural masterpieces and museums.

From Santa Lucia Station:

  • Before Padua You will come in 40 minutes and 4.15 euros,
  • to Verona – For an hour and a half and 8.85 euros,
  • to Vicenza – for fifty minutes and 6.10 euros,

Before Treviso – half an hour and 3,40 euros.

Day of the Six

Six day give under Shopping .

Buy things in Venice, however, as in any other city, it is difficult: the choice is huge, the breaks of the prices too, the eyes disagree. Therefore, remember those trading points that you met in five previous days, where you poured one way or another, take a look at the map.

Where to buy souvenirs

I recommend looking for a democratic price store network "H&M »On Campo San Luka, Celio shop on Campo San Bartolomeo (right from Rialto Bridge), Stores to Nuova Student, some shops in the San Marco area on Mercheriya Street and to her parallel to it: there you can find out the outlets with affordable prices.

From Campo San Bartolomeo, if you turn left with Rialto, you will also delete the lot of all possible shops. Go along this street, do not turn anywhere and you will go on Strada Nuova . It can even be considered that one of your commercial routes is built.

Souvenir products Sold in Venice everywhere: the closer to the center, the higher the price.

Murano glass is best to choose on Murano: there and the choice is more, and the risk to buy a fake is a little less, and lower prices than in the city.

Where to buy coffee

For coffee lovers advise network stores " Majer ", There for 4.5-5 euros you will acquire excellent coffee (ground and in grains), the quality and taste is beneficially different from the famous brands sold in supermarkets. These shops are located in different parts of the city: on Campo Santa Margherita, in Ghetto, on Via Garibaldi, on Campo San Agostino. On judecke.

Seventh day ; last

Who is like i usually Last day in Venice trash to walk . Like the first day, with the only difference that I do not open new areas and perspectives, but I remember them.

Some time will go to the packaging of baggage, you may have to free housing, and before sending to the airport it remains decent time, so leaving the suitcase in the hotel’s storage chamber (hostel) or having agreed with the owners of the apartment, Go to the city . The sad charm of a farewell voyage in the city will remember you for a long time.

Again, you can go to some Small museum , For example, in Ka&# 8217; D&# 8217; Oro (Gallery of Franceti), or Sit in the city garden (Giardini). In the end, arrange yourself Farewell dinner in the restaurant (cm. Article Where to eat in Venice ).

The main thing, do not hurry anyway, enjoy the last stay in this city.

Retreat 3. Final

Of course, the plan, I proposed, optional to implement. He only shows how to fill Seven days in Venice . I assure you, all Venice you will not wage, do not inspect. My task was just trying to convince you that Week in Venice – the term, in fact, insignificant . I did not mention a multitude of details: about meeting dawns and sunsets, heraldic signs on the walls of old houses, about bridges and bridges, statues and bas-reliefs; In just one article, you can not enter how and the Venice to cover the whole time will not succeed, no matter how trying. You can just ride there, comprehend and explore, chop and absorb. What I wish you.

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