Venice that surprised me

Before traveling to Italy, the most skeptical I was tuned to Venice, because I heard a huge number of negative reviews about the vony from the canals, a huge cluster of tourists and in general this city for many is the biggest disappointment in the world. To my surprise Venice I liked.

It is possible that it was my waiting for something bad and terrible to play a big role in this city, especially before the trip, it was the information that Venice flooded crowds of tourists and in San Marco Square even installed the turnstile, which limited daily tourist flow. I thought I would come and it would be full hell, but coming out of the railway station building and making the first sip of fresh, and, not as expected, a fucked air, I realized that I would like here.

All traffic in the city center is carried out on water on water buses – Vapartto. Prices for tourists are pretty biting around 7 euros for a one-way trip, everything is cheaper for local. If the plans often use this type of transport, it is more profitable to purchase a travel.

A trip to Italy for me was the first experience of renting a housing for Iirnby, and in every city this experience was completely different. In Rome, everything was typically, the apartment across the road from the Vatican, met the father of the owner, everything showed, he never seen him again. Before leaving the keys left on the table, and the door slammed. In Florence, there was an apartment in the attic, with access to the roof and view of the cathedral and Santa Croce Square. The keys got both in the spy film, called the address near the railway station, the box was hung before the entrance, which masked under the intercom, enter the sent code, get the key from the apartment, which is completely different. The owner did not see, the key also left on the table. In Venice was Claudia, who attended the arrival as a native grandmother. She sent a lot of instructions in advance how to get to see what to see. I met hugs, a bunch of guidebooks with bookmarks on interesting pages. Everything told where to go to eat, relax, what to see. Apartments at least a small in size, but they have everything you need for a comfortable stay, even a bottle of home lemoncell in the refrigerator ?

Apartment in walking distance from St. Mark’s Square and the Stop of the Vaporettto Square, so my acquaintance with the main attractions of the city happened before checking in the apartment.

The people here really were a lot, although there were no promised turnstiles, it is possible that by this time the wishing thing has become less:

Here in one place the many attractions were concentrated, the name of which can be easily remembered, for example, an outstanding cathedral of St. Mark outstanding in its beauty:

The building is decorated with numerous mosaics and sculptures:

Nearby has a campaigning of the St. Mark Cathedral, and, if we speak Russian, the bell tower:

To the left of the cathedral is the hourly tower, as can be guess, also holy brand:

In the ground, you can try to consider on top of the tower are large bronze statues, fastened by hinges at the level of the waist, drowning in the bell, below which there is a symbol of Venice – a lion with an open book.

Of course, the tower got its name is not just so, there are 24-hour clock with no minute arrows:

From the side of the Grand Canal, the area begins two columns, of course, one of them in honor of the St. Mark, behind the columns will be visible to the Doge Palace:

St. Mark’s Square is the most visited place in Venice, but as I lived very close, it managed to walk here and in full loneliness, the more I woke up in Italy, apparently, before the majority of tourists:

Personally, I was still interested in the famous gigantic hands in Venice, and if you call it right, then the sculpture "Support":

And I was very lucky because I became one of the last, who was able to enjoy this installation, which in the short rows was very popular with tourists, the next day, driving past the Vaparatto, I saw that they were dismantled, as it turned out, forever:

Venice that surprised me

In general, Venice is very photogenic, as if built in order to fill the instagram, especially, especially, as I was lucky with the weather:

Personally, I preferred to move more more on foot, because each alley of the city is impregnated with its atmosphere:

Seeing such a hand so I stretches in a pocket for 80 euros to give them for a walk on the gondola throughout this beauty. I doubt that the pleasure of the walk costs this money, but be in Venice and do not ride at her streets comparing the crime:

And I looked for a couple of hours to the island of Murano, famous for his glass:

And for me personally, Murano became the embodiment of Venice from my head. Because the walk along his streets just coincided with my idea, what an ideal Venice should be – colorful channels, few people, silence and calm:

I spent only 3 days in Venice and regretted that, being negatively set up, left for this wonderful city so little time, I still remember those evenings when you meet the sunset, sitting on the shore of the Grand Canal at night, enjoy the bottle of Italian wine and fruit. It is with this that this city is now associated with me:

Well, at the end, traditionally a little about art, in Venice I visited the international gallery of contemporary art in the Palace Ka’Pzaro. That was there, very little people, but we can look at the work of Kandinsky, Matisse, Chagal, Klimt, Rod or Warhol.

Gallery is small, but connoisseurs of contemporary art will be interesting:

On this my story ends. While wrote, caught myself thinking that I would love to go there yet.

Venice that surprised me

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