Verbier. Paradise Corner Switzerland

After you have learned to stand on Ski and confidently maneuver in the snow, you will definitely have a desire to try Complex routes. For this it is worth a visit Ski resort Verbier. Professionals of different levels love to come here every year to participate in various Competitions or to hone your skills.

V Verbier You can get out of France and Italy, their borders take place near the resort. French people can be happy to hear here native language, However, for most people the main language on which communication occurs will still be English.

After Filight of the first snow in the Verbier begins winter season, it lasts up to Start April. The resort is above sea level at height from 1500 to 3300 m. Thanks to the special Relief on Verbier Convenient to study any sports. Amateurs Extreme Prefer riding on unscredited plains on ski-safari or skating on Snowboard or Mogul. Winters in the resort are soft enough, the temperature is lowered not lower than -6 degrees, However, in the summer there is a fairly cool &# 8211; up to +15 degrees.

Together with three other resorts – Tione, Nenda and Weizon, Spirit He is a permanent member major european center recreation entitled "Four Valley". They have common zone and lifts, and the number of tracks is enough to ride pleading. In the aggregate track of the resorts have Length 410 km, The longest of them is 13 km. So that tourists are more comfortable in Verbier, Available available 36 lifts, A B common area of ​​recreation Their number reaches 100. Thus, you can get to get there quickly and without a queue where you need.

Despite popularity Swiss resorts, It is trying to keep the nature here in pristine. Local residents enthusiastically retain this tradition, so mostly all guests of the resort are spread in Village or in Traditional Swiss Chalet. For large companies, you can rent in the resort whole house &# 8211; It’s not a problem.

Special attention should be paid to Local cuisine. Amateurs French, Indian or even Chinese cuisine will find meals here in your own taste. Local Restaurants make even the most exquisite gourmet with their dishes.

Despite the fact that the resort is mainly engaged in Active sports, Also here often rest Family couples with Children, Fortunately, this goals have everything you need: Amusement Park for children, children’s lifts and ski school, and Sadik, in which you can leave a child aged from 3 months to 7 years. As for adults, there are a huge amount of entertainment for them, for example, a park for fans Snowboard "1936 Neipark". Instead of rolling trails, you can go to Untouched areas of the resort, on which also absolutely safely, Since all resort areas are carefully Controlled. In order to relax and relax, you can visit everyone the usual a fitness center, sauna or pool, and rink or curling. To ride on trumpet or Snow Cross, You should look at Amusement Park Essrates.

Verbier. Paradise Corner Switzerland

Local Disco Accept guests up to 4 in the morning, Therefore, many vacationers instead of sleeping at night, spend their time there. However, other tourists prefer to meet Morning on Mont Mont Forta &# 8211; this is The highest point v Verbier, The height of the mountain is equal 3300 M. A beautiful view that opens in front of you will not leave anyone indifferent. However, visiting the resort does not ends with this, but only begins, for this it is necessary to conquer the snowy element. Descent from Mount Mont Fort Even for Professional snowboards is a lesson risky. The same applies Dollee Le-Shabl and Mont-Zhel, These tracks have Black label, and conquer them only under Strong Guide supervision. Separately worth saying about Famous Torten, where unexpectedly under the snow-white snow on the way you can meet Speakers Sharp stones.

If you still doubt your own skill, then you should choose more calm descents, for example, in District of Lac-de-W / Savra, where the height is 2300 M. The calm descent is considered Bruz with his height in 1080 M.

Newcomers are best suited Tion’s tracks and la-tsum, They are the very lungs and Safe. V Verbier, In addition to Professional skiers, and Newbies will find what you can do, for example, visit Ski school classes, to gain experience for future accomplishments. V 1933 exactly at Verbier was founded first ski school, At the moment they are numbered more ten. Developed programs specifically for women, Regular group and individual classes are held.

There is also a resort Attraction, which can be visited. Be sure to look at B Museum of glass, Castle XIII century, Alps Museum and Forge, Built more B XVII century. If you have to relax in Verbier, v January Be sure to visit Ski Festival. At competitions skiers fight among themselves on skiing outside the tracks. V Marta, If you did not have time to visit the resort in January, you can watch for riding professional freeriders, annually visiting this resort.

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