Verft Fox in the Svenokshi Mountains

Fox – the highest peak in the Svenokshi mountains. Tourists often come here to look at the sights and beauty of places. Which of them are the most popular?

Holy Catherine

Holy Catherine is The village in which about 400 people live in the Commune of Svenokshish Voivodes. According to reports, there was once a pagan temple in which the monastery was built.

Bernardian Monastery and Church

The monastery was founded in the second half of the 15th century, and until 1815 belonged to the Order of the Holy Cross. Because of fires and repeated rearrangements, it is difficult to learn the architectural style of the building. Also, the figures of the immaculate patroness of Katerina, which, according to tradition, was made of cypress and brought from Algeria.

Chapel of Zheromsky

Near the monastery, on the other side of the Red Trail leading to the Lisa, there is one more attraction of St. Catherine. The former cemetery is a sanctuary that More often called Stephen’s shrine.

The name of the sanctuary of Zershomsky refers to an autograph engraved by the writer on August 2, 1882. on the inner southern wall. It is worth seeing because it contains Single autograph Zherersky From that period.

Red trail on top

For most people, the trail to the Lisce begins with Crossing a wooden gate to the National Park of Svenokshi. Here, the tourist needs to be purchased and go on a trip. After a few steps deep into the forest, it is worth turning left to the National Memory. 50 meters there are mass burials of residents of nearby cities killed by Nazis.

Source and chapel of St. Francisa

A wide and convenient trail leads to Source of St. Francisa. Apparently, water from it has healing properties and perfectly copes with problems of view. People who would like to have offspring drink healing water.

Over the source is wooden Chapel of St. Francis. The first building was built in 1641, and the current building dates back to the XIX century. Central place in the altar is the image of the patron of chapel.

Trail from the chapel of St. Francis on top of the fox begins with a wooden bridge, which is laid on a wide forest path with a growing number of protruding stones.

Verft Fox in the Svenokshi Mountains

Fox (614 m above sea level) are usually called Mountain of St. Catherine, a Her peak has two vertices. On the Western Top is a copy of the memorial cross since 1930, and until December 2018, he was considered the highest point of the mountain. The vertex of the fox is covered with forest, there is amazing nature and silence.

Holy Pass Nicholas

Red trail from the south passes through the second (higher) fox peak, called Stone Agati. The wide track is narrowed and so Before the pass of St. Nicholas. The name comes from the wooden chapel of St. Nikolai, patron of travelers and protector from wolves.


Kakonin is located on the southern solar slopes of the Lisogorsk Range. Right next to the path is a historic cottage, which is one of the last monuments of wooden rural architecture in the Svenokshi mountains. The cottage was built around 1820 by Wojacch Male, and is currently in it Branch of the Rustic Museum in Kielce.

Svvenokshi trail

In December 2018, the last measurements of the altitude of the fox were announced. On their basis it turned out that the mountain is higher than previously thought. In addition, the highest point is not near the cross, but on the second eastern vertex called the rock Agat. The peak with the cross is 613.4 m above sea level, and the rock of agate &# 8211; 613.7 m above sea level. According to the information that can be found on the Internet, the leadership of the National Park is considering the organization of the training trail to the highest vertex of the Liser.

Verft Fox in the Svenokshi Mountains

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