Verona (Ital. Verona) – The famous Italian city, Verona Province Administrative Center, which is located on the Adige River.

Verona is known to tourists in the immortal «Romeo and Juliet»: The events of this wonderful drama took place in this magical city. Alas, the plot of plays – The purest fiction, however, the kapelot family (that is, cabbage) and the Montikoli (they are montext) really lived here.

There is a huge number of attractions in Verona: it’s and arena – The famous Opera House in the fresh air, the third largest, and the gate of Leoni and Borsary, and the houses Romeo and Juliet and much more. By the way, Verona is rightfully considered the romantic capital of Europe.

In Verona, according to 2004, 259 thousand people live.

It is noteworthy that Verona is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Today Verona – The most important trading and industrial, as well as the historical center of Italy.

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What is interesting to see in Verona?

Top sights Verona

House Juliet

Castelweko Castle

House Romeo

Amphitheater Verona



Palace of Maffee

Monument to Dante Aligiery

Bridge Scaligerov

Church of Santa Maria Antique

Verona: Excursions and events

In Verona, tourists can choose the following excursions for themselves:

  • Sightseeing tour of Verona duration 4 hours
  • Verona, Italy Recreation, Reviews, Verona Hotels Turniprome Guide
  • Excursion to the amusement park on Lake Garda («Gardaland») – Cost from 50 euros
  • Excursion «Verona in the past and present» – Cost from 90 euros, duration – from 3 hours
  • Thematic walk in Verona «Verona – The city of ancient» – from 100 euros, from 2 to 4 hours
  • Tour of the churches of Verona
  • Exclusive excursion in Verona – Walk in the carriage, wine tasting in ancient Enotek – 220 Euro
  • Romantic excursion «Verona – city ​​of love»

History Verona

Climate in Verona

The climate of Verona is due to the proximity of Lake Garda, the temperature of which is quite high. Also, thanks to this lake in Verona, it is very humid that provokes the formation of fogs. From the end of April to the beginning of June, the most precipitation falls in Verona, and in winter, that is, from the end of November until March in Verona less rainy.

Weather in Verona for months you can see by following the link.

Verona: Entertainment and Active Leisure

Tourists who prefer active rest, as well as families with children can be advised to visit Gardalland – Popular entertainment park located on Lake Garda. In the park, open in 1975, it happens to 3.5 million tourists a year! In 2008, the park opened an oceanarium. The park has 6 main attractions and 30 amusements smaller.

Moreover, near Lake Garda, there is another thematic park called Mugland. In addition to attractions, in the park, tourists are offered another unique entertainment, namely – Shows based on plots of popular films.Also in the park there are own water park.

We add that the Verona employs many nightclubs, discos, where you can have fun evening.

Transport features Verona

Taxi: For landing in Tax Iv Verona, special stops are used on which you can see the inscriptions «Taxi». Note that in the habitual signal, the taxi in Verona does not stop. Tourists can also order a taxi by phone from any restaurant or bar. The cost of a trip to Taxi in Veron is calculated on the basis of a kilometer. At night, the passage is much more expensive than during the daytime.

Buses: Bus lines crossed the whole city. On the city buses of orange color, which tourists can see on the roads from 6 am up to midnight, you can easily go around the Verona. The cost of one travel ticket — 0.5 €. The ticket gives the right to travel in 2 buses within 90 minutes. You can also purchase a one-day ticket for 2 €. In addition, there are special night buses in Verona, which are indicated by the letter «N».

Car rental: For independent trips in Verona, tourists can use the rented car. In order to take the car for rent, tourists will need a passport and a driver’s license of an international type. Take advantage of the car rental service can any tourist over 21 years old. Daily rental cost of the car, including insurance and fuel — Approximately 50—90 €. Clarify that the longer the rental period of the car, the lower its daily cost. In the peak of the tourist season, rent even the most modest cars is not lower than 300 € in Week.

Verona, Italy Recreation, Reviews, Verona Hotels Turniprome Guide

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