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The next point of my journey along the coast, has become Malindi, the second largest resort of Kenya.

There are many options to get from Mombasa to Malindi, but I decided to choose the most "Kenyan", a local species of the route taxi, which the local themselves call – Matatat.

Reaching Taxi station in the center of Mombasa, I saw a lot of buses and called, schnirling there, shouting the names of destination points.

I noticed my "Matatu" immediately. Very pretty minibus, painted with bright drawings, was highlighted from the other competitors. One look at him raised the mood and charged positive! I did not think, and paying 300 shillings, became the happy owner of the ticket on the route I needed.

The trip myself was impressed no less. It seemed that our Matatat was already full of passengers and baggage, but there were still those who wish and the hospitable bus took everyone. Under the noise and laughter, finally, we tried on the road. It was hot, and I waited when the air conditioner earns, but it was not a tutu.

I intently explained that this function is successfully performed by open windows, and since it is not so far away, then why the air conditioner is generally needed?!

The dust flew in the windows, the sun was taped, and I almost regretted that I chose a place ahead by the window, until I saw the passengers in the back seat, and then I understood that I was lucky! The company came up with a bright and cheerful, the music was played all the way, the people joked and Balagenil, and this general mood was completely smoothed by other inconveniences.

So, under the motto "In Tenship, but not!"Having spent on the road a little more than 2 hours, we arrived in the glorious city of Malindi!

Malindi younger Mombasa, but recent years has developed significantly and now, it can be said closely competed on the heels. Until 1873, the basis of the local economy was a slave trade, and the first resort was opened here in 1932. One of the first holidaymakers in Malindi in 1934, became. Hemingway, who is here, for the first time, met marine fishing!

In one part of the city, hotels and entertainment are concentrated, the other is the old town, will meet you with narrow streets and medieval houses. Walking around the city I came to the conclusion that his old part is less interesting than in Mombasa, although the eastern and European style is also intertwined here.

Going to the sea, I found myself near the fish market and the pier, fishermen were not yet sold out the morning catch, and the abundance of fresh delicacies pleased the eye

Very African transport Matatat - Mombasa, Kenya Blogs and travel notes of tourists in Mombasa on

Having promised a delicious lunch, I went further, I was interested in the local museum, located opposite the pier. He got comfortable in a building with columns built in XVIII in., and considered one of the oldest buildings of the city. The first floor is devoted to the fauna of local waters, including celaborators – the most ancient fish on Earth, surviving dinosaurs. The second floor of the museum is dedicated to the Vasco da Gama and the citys of Dzahili.

And after, I, of course, went to take a look at the main attraction of Malindi – Cross, installed by the navigator of your wife and Gama in 1498.

After dinner, I decided to go to the beach, and I still have noticed that the ocean is surprisingly calm, and the beaches are clean and snow-white. I was explained that the reason for such purity and beauty is the very nature of! The beaches in this place are protected from waves and algae by coral reefs, thanks to which there is no high waves, and water always retains its purity.

I wanted to dive myself and see these coral reefs, about which everything with such delight is spoken by the coast of Malindi.

And the expectations did not deceive me, under the water I met a beautiful and amazing world, multicolored and rarely, it seemed, I found myself inside Kaleidoscope, and it was so wonderful that I didn’t want to go ashore. I looked at a few hours, watching the marine inhabitants, and did not even notice how time flew.

I went to the shore happy, satisfied and tired. I was sitting on the sand, looked at the ocean, and thought about how wonderfully rich this country was as amazing and beautiful to the Water World of Kenya, hidden from prying eyes, the waters of the Indian Ocean, and what a happy person I am if fate gave me the opportunity , to see all this with your own eyes.

Very African transport Matatat - Mombasa, Kenya Blogs and travel notes of tourists in Mombasa on

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