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We would like to write a review about Barcelona-Venice cruise, held in October 2016. We were very recommended by the Norwegian cruise company, as one of the leading cruise companies in terms of travel and high-quality service on board.

However, after a cruise, we had a very negative experience about the service on board, which we want to share.

1. The most important point, in our opinion, is a new rule prohibiting bringing any drinks on board.

On the day of landing on the ship, we took with you a lot of drinking water. Our company consisted of 3 adults and 3 children. Their mother recently sick and her doctor very recommended drinking at least 2 liters of water daily to maintain health.
So, we bought 5-7 gallons of water and took them on board.

Loaders from ******* were ready to pick up a bag with water for loading on the ship, but because of a loosely closed bag, they did not take it, fearing that the bottles would fall out. It was the only reason – not to take water on board in the baggage. However, at all, we laid a couple of bottles in the suitcases and passed the baggage. Movers advised us to carry water in manual baggage.
Nobody told us a word about the new rule.

To our surprise, already passing all security checks and passing all the luggage, already at the last entrance to the ship, we suddenly declare in a rather rough form that we cannot take water with them according to the new rules. Water is bought only on board *******. As a result, we confiscated all purchased water.
Purchasing travel tickets, we have never seen alerts about the new rule and also sales agents and representatives of this company did not warn us.

Already at the entrance, we were told that the main reason is the fight against terrorism. We agree, it is reasonable and important. But then why no one took the water bottles that were handed over with luggage? Moreover, passing through guard posts, with all ITP scanners.- Nobody stopped us and did not take water, did not even warned. We do not have an explanation for such a strange anti-terrorism, and hence the big question about the safety of passengers.

Does this mean that the luggage surrender does not shine and theoretically, everyone can put it in it that wants? This is absurd that only at the last entrance to the ship, our water was confiscated, while the same water can be safely held in the baggage.

As a result, throughout the cruise, we had to buy water and it happened to us in unexpectedly big expenses. We did not have to choose how to spend almost daily $ 70, given that the price of one bottle with water (1 liter) cost $ 7., And in our company there were 6 people who were accustomed to drinking the norm at least 1.5.L daily.

We could not afford every day to spend so many money. As an alternative, we were asked to drink water from under the tap, which was supposedly suitable for drinking on board. We tried to drink this water from time to time, which was frankly, had a disgusting smell and taste and children refused to drink it in large numbers.
The worst of all the consequences of this water were. Almost all of our company fell ill with infectious disease, and the youngest daughter by the end of the cruise was delivered to the ambulance in Venice’s hospital. Because of the illness, she had all the symptoms of dehydration, and the doctor on the ship refused to put her dropper, and sent to the Venice hospital. Thank God, it was the last day of the cruise and the ship was in the port; scary to think if it happened somewhere in the sea.

2. Supplement for service on the ship

First, once again, I will mention unreasonably high prices for drinking water (in bottles) on board.

Secondly, we still do not see the logic in the fact that on board the European cruise, all prices and payment are made in dollars. Moreover, if you pay a credit card – 3% is postponed for each payment, and the course is not the most profitable for the client.

Another example with the washing, we counted that it was easier to buy a new couple of jeans than to wash them twice .Just for the sake of comparison: we were on another cruise with another cruise company, where washing machines were stood for general use, and it was possible to wash things for a symbolic fee.

Another example refers to complementary restaurants. Somehow, we went to dinner into the Japanese restaurant, which suggested a free menu, but in reality only a small number of dishes for a full dinner was free; For the main dishes I had to pay extra.

Another important example of unreasonably high prices – concerns the proposed excursions. For example, a group excursion to Rome and Vatican on the bus cost $ 400 per person. We decided to take a taxi and go to our progress on the same route. The driver turned out to be an excellent guide, stayed on any other desire and delivered back. Considering that we have a private tour of the personal taxi – for several passengers we paid $ 250-300.

We really created the impression that as soon as you get on board *******, you want to make money everywhere. Even play with a child in Biliard – I also need to pay the game.
Not to mention daily fees with a person and the included tiling to the total payment of the trip.

Very disappointed by the service on board Norwegian Cruise Line - Barcelona, ​​Spain Blogs and Travel

3. Competence of personnel on the main reception

Another unpleasant experience expected us from the staff working on the main reception. In general, the staff was polite, readily solve our questions.

However, to our surprise, very many requests were simply forgotten or ignored, even such simple requests, how not to call in the room, TK. Children can sleep.

A very unpleasant moment arose when we specifically applied in advance with the request for information for the upcoming landing with ******* on the last day of the cruise. Without having the information you need, the staff promised to inform us the details as soon as it is known. We expected his answer as much as 2 days, and he turns out to be just forgotten. And so it was repeatedly with other important requests.

We also asked us several times to bring us drinking water into the room, as the children really wanted to drink. But after a long expectation, no one eventually appeared from staff. To the same topic of water, the minibar was closed, and we also asked him several times to open. However, our request was heard after almost a day, and the next day the mini-bar with drinking water was again closed.
As a result, we have already decided to talk with the staff at the main rack "Service for guests".
Approximately 20 minutes was spent on explaining our situation, and eventually another concierge was invited. Again, as much time was described by our request – quickly deliver an elementary order about drinking water. To our surprise, we were offered a phone number to one of the offices in Miami, where we were advised to contact questions about speeding up service and / or his ignoring from staff.
Rhetorical question, does the competent answer looks like the client?
We are no longer talking about what would have to pay for roaming, and I would solve this call our simple request for a faster water delivery so that the children suffer to the clock from thirst.

Another example of neakkurat work with information and documents met us at the reception at the onboard doctor. Several times we went with a reception from a doctor with a promise that all documents will be delivered to our cabin. As a result, only after our multiple reminders sent documents, and important documents from the last visit were still not transferred to us.

We are also very upset by the response of the personnel and his willingness to go to the meeting to our emergency situation. I have already mentioned that the younger daughter was delivered to the ambulance in the Venice Hospital, the eve of the end of the cruise. Her parents held with her all night in the hospital, early in the morning., On the day of disembarking, the remaining part of our group appealed to the main guest service, with a request to help with a manual luggage, as well as accelerate the landing process with *******, in order not to waste time in the queues and rather get to the hospital. Despite the explanations of our situation, we were denied assistance with luggage, as well as any assistance guarantee for an accelerated landing.
In our opinion, it is not good anywhere.

We live in the age of high technologies and we understand that the Internet on ******** should be more expensive than on land. However, pay $ 1 per minute?
Moreover, the quality of the Internet on board the average, TC.. The Internet constantly disappears, and on the last evening and morning – there was no connection at all, even for a high fee.

Considering everything above, we understand that there are certain rules that the company cannot change. However, we hope that certain steps will be made to improve the quality of service on board.
In general, we stayed very disappointed by the service on board.

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