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Capital of Austria – Gorgeous Vein, is one of the nine federal land lands. The history of the city has more than three thousand years, but the Austrian capital of Vienna has become only at Habsburgs and its imperial elegance – Medieval heritage of this dynasty. Thanks to the large number of famous musicians who lived here, Vienna – the world famous music center. And indeed, Mozart, Gaidn, Beethoven, Brahms, Schubert lived in the capital of Austria. Around the world know Viennese choir, as well as a New Year’s concert and an annual ball in the famous Vienna Opera.

The architecture of the Vienna includes all the iconic styles – from the strict Gothic and the secular era of the Renaissance to postmodernism. Amazing one of the oldest churches of Vienna, made in Romanesque style – Rupetkirm, attracts travelers with their beauty and power Gothic StefanSdam, who has already become a symbol of Austria and the Vienna itself.

Most of the city of Vienna is located on the right bank of the Danube River — between his channel and the foothills of the Eastern Alps. In the Austrian capital there is a pretty large height range: German — The highest point is located at an altitude of 542 meters, Esling — Low, at an altitude of 155 meters above sea level. Very picturesque mountainous surroundings of veins, covered by greens of forests.

Modern Vienna seems to be the world as a metropolis, ready to take people from different countries. Some UN organizations have founded their headquarters here, making a venue for a variety of congresses and conferences of world importance.

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What is interesting to see Vienna?

Top attractions of Vienna

Croeshenetstein castle

Palace Schönbrunn

Palace and Museum Belvedere

Building of the Austria Parliament

Lichtenstein castle

Vienna Town Hall



House Hundertwasser

Monument to Johann Strauss-son

Vienna: excursions and events

Being in Vienna, tourists always have the opportunity to visit numerous excursions offered in the Austrian capital.

Of course, the most popular tour of Vienna is most popular, during which guests of the city are introduced to the attractions on the Ring Boulevard and beyond. The group will visit the Heroes Square, the most interesting museum of the Art History, as well as the Museum of Nature History, City Parliament, Town Hall. During the excursion, you can also explore the Church of Thanksgiving, the Danube Canal, a picturesque city park, which is located the gold-plated monument to Johann Strauss-Son, State Opera.

During an excursion in Vienna, tourists admire the blue Danube, will see the UN headquarters, the famous Danube Tower and the Ferris Wheel in Prater Park (by the way, is one of the oldest Wheels of Furnishing in the World). This excursion may include acquaintance with unusual colorful houses – Creations of architect Hundertwasser. Also on an excursion can enter «Show apple strlard» – one of the most traditional sweet dishes of Austria. During the presentation, guests are pushed a cup of coffee or hot chocolate and a portion of a magnificent apple strit. The duration of such an excursion is about 4 hours, and without the apple shower – 3.5 hours.

During a pedestrian excursion in Vienna, tourists have to get to know those city attractions that are located within the Ring Boulevard, including the wonderful Cathedral of St. Stephan. In the program inspection of the winter residence of Habsburg Hofburg, famous Coffee houses Central and Demel, Sv. Mikhail, Pedestrian Street Colmarct. On the street of Graben, you can see the plague column of the end of 17V. After visiting the cathedral. Stephen Tourists waiting for a walk along the medieval streets of the old city and visiting the fountain of the virtue of the wisdom of the sculptor of the Donner, as well as the Imperial Tomb. Duration of such an excursion about 2.5 o’clock.

Vienna, Austria Recreation, Reviews, Hotels of Vienna Travel Guide

Very interesting pedestrian tour in Vienna "In the footsteps of famous musicians " and visiting the Vienna State Opera. Wagner, Chopin, Brahms and Beethoven, Schubert and Brookner Mozart, Strauss Dynasty. In the footsteps of these famous composers and will be held this tour. Its duration – about 3 hours.

History of Vienna

Climate in Vienna

Despite the proximity to the Alps, which largely defines the climate in the Vienna area, here it remains moderate continental. The climate in Vienna is soft, and the coldest month in the capital – January, the average temperature is about -2°C, occasionally dropped to -19°C, winter frequent snowfall. In the middle of the snowy days in Vienna, there are about 35 per year, but the largest rainfall in the form of snow falls in December and January. Winter – Traditional time to visit Austria ski resorts, but despite the abundance of snow, there are quite a few sunny days in Vienna in winter. Summer in the capital is warm, with a small rain. Create an exemplary idea of ​​the climate of the Vienna, while looking at the weather in Vienna by months.

Vienna: entertainment and active rest

Vienna is rich in not only cultural and historical sights. The capital offers its guests and other activities. For example, in Vienna a lot of picturesque parks. In the largest Vienna Park – Prater, who already from the 16th century served as a favorite place of hunting of emperors, there is a recreation area with ponds, arbors, lawns and forest, and there is an amusement park with a huge ferris wheel. This is the oldest wheel in the world – Back from 1897. Visitors rise on it to a height of almost 70 meters, examining the surroundings. Also in Pratera installed the largest chain-round carousel in the world, there are numerous cafes and restaurants, small snack bars and buffets. Throughout the park, the composition of the mini-railway with a real small diesel locomotive runs.

Vienna night entertainers fans will please the variety of bars, bright nightclubs and discos. The most famous nightclub in the city is considered flex. This club is a permanent venue for concerts and various presentations and during its existence received many eminent visitors. Vein – Very musical city, and in the summer there are special open areas in the city, where a variety of musical performances are held. The feed is in the capital and unusual open-air cinemas.

For lovers of horseback sports in Vienna, the Spanish School of Riding – the oldest playpen in the world, which is part of the Hofburg Palace. Horse riding lessons are given here, colorful shows and performances of professional riders are given. From the summer opened the indoor ice rink Stadthalle. He is able to immerse in a short time in the coolness and towns and guests of the city. Works rink on Tuesdays from 16-00 to 19-45, finishes work on August 28.

Transport features of Vienna

Public transport network in Vienna is named «Viennese lines» and represented by electric trains (S-Bahn), subway lines (U-Bahn), trams (Strassenbahn) and buses. Transport in Vienna always walks strictly on schedule. In any way of transport, all the names of the stations are announced loudly and clearly, in addition, all other types of transport are listed, to which the passenger will be able to transfer at the nearest stops. The most popular transport type in Vienna today is a bus. Unlike famous Viennese trams, buses have the right to travel to the historic center of the city.

It is worth keeping in mind that the doors in buses and trams in Vienna will not automatically open. In order to enter transport or get out of it, you need to click on the large button located next to the door. The tram network in Vienna is one of the oldest and most extended in the world. Thanks to the tram, the transport system of the capital is recognized as one of the most developed in Europe.

Travelers can move around Vienna and on a rented car. Companies offering car rental, as in all of Europe, a lot in Vienna. Machine can be ordered directly at the rental point, or in advance, via the Internet.

Vienna, Austria Recreation, Reviews, Hotels of Vienna Travel Guide

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