Vienna Opera. And how inside?

On September 1, an open door took place in the Vienna State Opera. Such an event, which is held once a year, was impossible to miss, because this is the largest opera house in Austria. The management of the State Opera arranged a real holiday for visitors. An hour before the appointed time, the right to the right of the main entrance began to line up, and by the time of the opening of the doors of its end there was no longer visible. The entrance to Opera was free for everyone, but on the technical show that should be held within the open door day (it. Tag Der Offenen Tür), you needed to take a ticket in advance at the checkout. There were no tickets there, of course, no longer an hour before the start, but, fortunately, one Austrian grandfather and one elderly woman shared two extra tickets with us.

For Opera lovers there are several options. This is the most correct, as it seems to me, buy tickets in advance on the official website of the Vienna Opera. Cheap tickets are disassembled in a few months, but tickets are bought in advance. You can view live performance completely free on the big screen near the opera. You can also buy tickets on the spot in numerous dealers on the streets and squares of Vienna. If you look into the opera through the windows of the entrance doors, you will see the lobby and the front staircase as in the photo below.

We go inside and first consider the ceiling of the lobby. People begins to pop up near the tables where they offer programs for the coming season 2013/2014.

Further everyone rises around the front staircase somewhere upstairs. And suddenly it starts to play music loudly, we notice the conductor, which manages the orchestra directly from the crowd on the stairs.

For our spins, the floor is above the orchestra. Someone stops and turns his head with interest, someone starts shooting what is happening on the video, others continue to rise and oversee musicians. The spectacular greeting of visitors did, music subsides and all applaud.

Through the Schubert Hall, we head to the balcony, which is located right above the front entrance.

I watched this balcony from the street many times by and now I first turned out to be on it. There are tables for which you can drink a glass of wine or a cup of coffee in a break. Balcony goes to the annular road around the central first area of ​​Vienna – Operation (Him. OperRing).

Does not go and a few minutes, as in the hall, from which we just came, the following presentation begins.

Go to the next room. In the corner there is a head of Richard Wagner. Here our attention is presented in the costumes used in the production.

Here you can take a picture with artists.

And watch the work of grimers.

Austrian television channel ORF takes an interview. Prior to that, a gloomy uncle with an overhead nose is immediately blown in a smile in front of the camera.

Everywhere hangs signs. Photographing in Vienna Opera is prohibited, but not today on open door day! This makes a report especially valuable 🙂

Let’s look at the nearest right.

Here you can hang raincoat, put an umbrella and put yourself in order.

For comparison, the next bed is noticeably smaller, but it is closer to the scene.

Well, finally the most important view.

To scene hand.

We begin to consider details. These are interesting chairs in the second row.

In the wall electronic information displays for the audience in the second row.

And it is in the first row.

Now the Vienna State Opera accommodates 2284 spectators (earlier it was 2881 place) of which 1709 seats seats, 567 standing and 4 places for people in wheelchairs. The reduction of places is associated with more stringent fire requirements for the opera building.

Look at the chic chandelier at the top! The diameter is 7 meters, the height of one and a half meters. Crystal garland contains 1100 lamps. Total weight of about 3000 kilograms.

Move to central seats.

There are hangers here. Amazing because there is a wardrobe in the building.

Now let’s see what the corridors of the Vienna Opera look. We are at the second level.

On the right side of the building is the hall of Gustav Maler (it. Gustav Mahler) – famous Austrian composer and conductor.

In the neighboring hall with him laid notes.

Go down to parquet.

Chairs here are quite comfortable. The cost of tickets for these places from 100 to 250 euros.

Vienna Opera. And how inside

If you are late – wait for the pause to enter.

The time of technical presentation occurs. I have time to climb the very top of the gallery. Scene like a saucer. It is a 123 square meter orchestral pit in front of 123 square meters, which can accommodate about 110 musicians.

If you bought the cheapest tickets, you will probably stand at the very top.

Long welcome speech and performance begins.

But what is it? It seems the technical show was worth understanding literally.

To the music of the game of light and suspended structures.

But soon we demonstrate how the scene goes and we see the first characters.

Then we showed a movie about Opera and all technical brigade came to the scene.

Another change of scenery right before our eyes. Part of the scene on the rollers came from somewhere from the depths.

Other scenery appears on the side.

Furniture, everyone is cleared and the performance continues again.

When leaving the gallery, I find another room, apparently this wardrobe.

And this ceiling above the front staircase of the Vienna Opera.

Go down from the very top of the wide side staircase.

And again the central entrance. All visitors have already left the building, it seems I have a little delayed.

Vienna Opera. And how inside

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