Viennese triangle

Until now, Austria is associated with us more with ski resorts than with excursion tours. At least the route, at least partly reminiscent, for example, "Classical Italy", In Moscow, no one offers. Even a visit to the city’s rich attractions as Vienna is most often limited to three mandatory excursions.

Vienna with her perfectly preserved historical center provides a rare opportunity to lovers of excursions and cognitive tourism. Tourists are usually trapped on the row attractions on the bus, but in order to feel the charm of the Austrian capital, it is better to go to an independent trip.

Walking through the urban streets, you can hear old musical instruments and go down under the ground, in the catacombs, climb the highest bell of the country – Pummerin, towering over the city, and see a huge number of globes in the National Library, wander through the Roman ruins that remain under one of the squares. You can admire or go to the house where Beethoven lived, Mozart, Gaidn, Strauss, to which the Austrians belong very reverent.

Of course, it is first of all to visit such world famous places as the Imperial Palace of Hofburg, St. Stephen’s Cathedral and Belvedere – an architectural ensemble of two castles of the XVIII century, in which now posted amazing collections of works of the middle ages of the Middle Ages, the Baroque era and the XIX-XX centuries.

Vienna – Real Museum Paradise. Here are more than 50 museums, and most of them are completely unique. For example, a museum of viticulture or the museum of torture, the court museum of weapons and armor, the horseshoe museum, the theatrical and museum of the criminal investigation department, the technical and old-Vienna Museum of strong spirits, horses of the rare lipician breed and even the crypt of the Hebsper of the Habsburgs – Austrian emperors. In many museums on Fridays until 12 o’clock in the afternoon. Can be significantly saved by arriving in Vienna for a week or grabbing Friday.

However, Vienna is famous not only by museums, but also by majestic parks. The city spread out in 415 kV. km, and about half of the whole area occupy green plantings, and in this indicator he ranks first among European capitals. Along with Pratter and Palace-Park Ensemble Schonbrun Pride of the city – Viennese forest, where you can admire the grotto in the largest underground lake in Europe and go to the monastery of the Holy Cross.

Viennese triangle

Everyone who has ever walked through the Austrian capital, is delighted with its numerous cafes and confectionery. Concepts themselves "Vienna cafe" or "Viennese coffee" Already became the property of world culinary culture. What cafe is not in Vienna. It is interesting to look, for example, in one of them, whose interiors are decorated with an Austrian artist and architect Friedrich Hundertwasser, known for its irrepressible fantasy. Paul in cafe wavy, with elevations and depressions, like an earth’s surface, and all the chairs are different. Amazes and combining the most incredible colors and forms. True, coffee here is served not modernist, but quite classic: from ordinary black to melange (with whipped hot milk), various fortresses, cooking and varieties.

In the evening, look good in Hyuriger – a wine zucchini, where Austrian winemakers offer drinks of their own production in bottling or bottled. You can learn Hyuriger by the traditional pine branch above the entrance. Most of all Houyrigners on the streets of Koblenjass and Piaristogess. For example, on the latter there is a cozy zucchini "Piaristian Keller", whose host before treating visitors with excellent wine shows its original collection of hats. Tourists have the opportunity to take pictures in the wine basement on the background of the barrels in the hussar cyer or the Parisian hat, the cylinder of the last century aristocrat or the halter cap.

There is another place in Vienna, which is hardly the tourist. This is the so-called "Bermuda Triangle", Limited by Rabensteig Street, alleys of Yenthassa and BuruenteTethetgasse. It is simply stupid by zucchini and bars, many of which ("Edge", "Red angel" and etc.) Rich pedigree. His unexpected name, the Peteling District is obliged to the fact that anyone who visited him, according to the vents, as if lost in the weld of cafes and bars – just like ships in the sadly famous Bermuda triangle. However, unlike ships, tourists are still "pop up" after a while.

Viennese triangle

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