Vietnam. Country of elusive Dragon

The question of whether Hollywood producers behave or poorly behave well, the staming films about the War in Vietnam, a long time ago, you can have been deleted as an insignificant. Firstly, this war ended much, many years ago, and secondly, modern Vietnam is rather a fashionable resort, which annually attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists to historical monuments, rather than something other.

Underground Stroke

Although, of course, and now, not particularly straining, in Vietnam it is easy to contact the war, more precisely with her heritage. However, it is possible to do this without any risk to health, for which it is enough to visit one of the dozen complexes of underground defensive fortifications remaining since the war. Excursions are held there. It must be admitted that they give a very visual representation not only how difficult was the Americans to fight with this nation (US soldiers could not even get into the underground moves of Vietkogovtsev for them), but also how they are waiting for foreign tourists in Vietnam. Part of the underground galleries was expanded with such a calculation so that the average European tourist could get there.

Everything. More than war. Because the reality is such that Vietnam is one of the most quiet and quiet and therefore more and more incoming South Asian resorts. The latter can be confirmed by the fact that, despite all sorts of geopolitical cataclysms, the number of tourists visiting this country increases significantly for the fourth year in a row.

Lochnesian monster Vietnamese version

In the Tonkin Gulf that in northern Vietnam, quite a lot of charming bays, but there is among them one, the only beauty of which no one disputes. And it does not dispute for reasons quite objective: several thousand overgrown with trees of the islands form here such an indescribable kind of thousands of forms of thousands of islands in the form of sharp rocks, teeth and towers, which can only be surprised at what beautiful planet we live on.

Vietnam. Country of elusive Dragon

The name of this place in Vietnamese sounds quite simple Halong Bay. But translated this name means no little bay descending, or downward dragon. Naturally, this name has a story. Vietnamese legend says that in ancient times, the fire dragon with some kind of atrocities the most important at that time of God. He, without thinking, decided to punish the dragon. And the dragon, in turn, decided that he could hide from punishment. And hid just in the waters of Halong Bay (then she, of course, was called somehow otherwise). But hid all the same bad. The dragon was too big, and the depths are too small (even now it is a maximum of 20 meters). So the chief god noticed the Dragon-criminal and turned it into a stone.

Actually, all these three thousand islands who gave Halong Bay her beauty, and there are the remains of the most petrified, and judging by the number and size of the islands (some reach a height of 200 meters), and a huge dragon.

But even this is not all of what you need to look at Halong Bay. The thing is that, according to the local legend, in the waters of the bay, one of the drains of the Vietnamese version of Nessi from Scottish Lake Loch-Ness. In any case, local residents assure that fishermen sometimes see it. This dragon (Vietnamese call him Tarask), of course, less than their great defeated relative and, probably, not so dangerous. So sin does not take advantage of the opportunity and go on Johnka in search of this monster. Especially since even if you do not see it (in Halong Bay, there are too many caves, grottoes and picturesque islands, so the dragon is where to hide, for example, the grotto of stone pillars, in Vietnamese Hang Dow Guo, which is a huge three-grade cave, walls Which covered with stalactites; or the famous drum grotto, which received its name due to the fact that the wind, rushing through the stones of this cave, creates sounds similar to the battle of the drums; moreover, the train price includes dinner from seafood, cooked according to the canons of Vietnamese cuisine ) disappointment from vain searches of the elusive dragon will not be exactly.

I consciously do not want to stop on the quality of Vietnamese hotels and the state of the coastline. And with the fact that. Vietnam is waiting for him to open Russia.

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