Vietnam Currency: Personal Experience

Arriving in Vietnam, we instantly became "Dong millionaires" – The local currency is called Vietnamese dongs and its course is 1 USD = 21 100 VND, T.E. For $ 100 we got more than 2 million dong. 1000 VND = 1.57 RUB and in order to quickly navigate in price, you can discard 3 zero and multiply by 1.5 – It turns out the coarse cost in rubles.

One of the remarkable features of the Dongs is that they are not made out of paper, but from thin plastic and, therefore, their service life is much higher – they do not burn in fire and do not swing in water and do not rush and do not. At each bill depicted the Vietnamese analogue of Lenin – Ho Chi Minh.

Souvenirs from Vietnam

Saigon shops

In Vietnam really all cheap

Movement in Vietnam

In the country we drove more than 1000km, and this is only the south of the country.

Taxi from Ho Chi Minh Airport in District 1 (popular area in tourists) costs about $ 8.

From Hoshimina in Nya Chang, we traveled at this slipper bass if the memory does not change for $ 11.

Next, 2 days was rented by 12 local minibus for $ 330. Driver, Mr. Bean, took us in Nya Chang and have fun all two days. In fact, the driver though talked badly in English, but was very funny. Performed all our whims, stopped where they asked, tried to show something interesting, and the car was in excellent condition.

From Ho Chi Minh, the stump made on a plumber for $ 11.

Excursion to Mekong, Bouus rental, buying bus tickets, all this we implemented in the travel agency.

Currency exchange in Vietnam

Vietnamese Dong (VND) is Vietnam’s currency. Exchange rate: 1USD = 20.700 – 20.750 VND, and this is a exchange rate in hotels or jewelry stores in the center of Nha Trang. We tried to change the currency in one bank in Hanoi, but we were told that they were not engaged in such operations (!) True, I do not remember the name of the bank. T.E. In Vietnam, the currency exchange is still mainly in such a floor underground sphere, and those market participants who essentially need to do this, for some reason, for some reason, are disabled from this. But we will take it to the peculiarities of this country.

As a result, to exchange currency, it is necessary to find the nearest hotel or jewelry store and ask them, at what course they are willing to change. Usually, that, for example, one or another hotel changes currency, post ads or advertising at the very establishment. If the proposed exchange rate is satisfied, then the transaction can be performed. No documents in this case. We never deceived. But currency is recommended several times to recount. The only thing you need to know that all banknotes are worth 10.000 dong and above, made of plastic. For a simplified translation from Vietnamese dongs in rubles, you can use the following formula: from the amount in the dongs we take three zero and the residue multiply by 1.5. T.E., For example, 10.000 Vietnamese dongs are approximately equal to 15 rubles. In fact, it is a little less than 15 rubles, but for convenience you can roundate. Also on banknotes dignity below 100 US dollars The exchange rate may be worse, so it is recommended to change mainly 100-dollar bills. The euro is generally less common. Therefore, exchange rates may be less profitable.

Some hotels have prices for their services in US dollars and make payments in US dollars in banknotes with any fault.

Gifts from Vietnam: what to bring

Viget purchases – a separate trip topic) First, it depends on where you relax. I bought gifts and souvenirs in two places – the city of Nia Chang and the fantaet.

Secondly, from the amount of which you have.

Third, you plan to bring gifts or more souvenir products.

So what happened:

1. Tea. First number I want to celebrate it – green tea. Absolutely different species – with lotus and ginger, pure green, ulung and other. Things are very good, cheap compared with Moscow prices. It is advisable to find a store where they give it to try. Such was in the fanta.

2. Coffee. Also very high quality coffee and cheap. I took myself and as a gift Moko Burbon.

3. Silk. It is better not to take it on the market, but in factory stores. Be sure to examine the thing completely, open the shawls / Palants / Scarves and T.D. To the drawing was uniform and anywhere no hooks.

4. Souvenirs. You can bring chopsticks for food, a lot of homemade utensils – plates, stands for them, beautiful trays and t.D.

5. Pearls and silver. They are also better to choose in specialized stores. Be sure to ask the seller to check the purchased product with you – usually they simply worry a piece of pearls to show that the pearl flare will not erase with time, and the pearls are high quality. It should give a certificate.

Silver a lot and beautiful, there is both modern and local designers. If you want to take silver with half and drag. stones – then at the price of distinguishing from Moscow small, but the cut is much better in Vietnam. Drag. Stones are mined in the country, why the price is not very different from our – due to the purity of the stones, due to the cut.

6. Rum. Very tasty rum with different ski. In Russia, he drinks no worse than in Vietnam, which rarely happens with imported drinks.

Vietnam Currency Personal Experience

7. Vietnamese, like a classic genre. They must be measured, t.To. they have their own line of size, and depends on the model. Often the same size and different models may not coincide – it will be either small or great.

eight. Crocodile leather products. Several times cheaper than in Russia. Be sure to go to official stores. The choice will be wider, and the quality of the selection also complies with standards. To choose from: bags, reversing, wallets, purses and keystones, documents for documents.

Large sizes of shoes and clothing – everything with you!

I want to warn everyone following Vietnam (as, however, in Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar). Experience shows that all major positions must be taken from Moscow. Verified reliable shoes and clothing at least 2-3 days or more, given that in hotels with washing everything is fine – in the morning they gave it in the morning, in the evening they will bring. You can not count on what they see what they did not have time to buy before departure. Just seen the legs killed by the footwear, and the so-called 43 size – at the level of our 40.

In Thailand with this a little simpler, some fly in general with the bastard and buy everything in place. But if you have a size of 52-54 with growth 190 – do not share and plan everything so that to go from curiosity to shopping, and not for the urgent need that spoils the mood and kills the rest time.

Along the way, I can say that on the way in the Mekong Delta, it seems like "by chance" get into the shop selling clothes. There you can buy beautiful and terribly comfortable shirts of the finest silk, I don’t remember the price, it means that she did not hit me – everything is available. Worn perfectly and you can assume that it is such things that you will no longer see anymore.

Currency exchange and ATMs in Vietnam

Shopping in Vietnam

There were a lot of reviews about the purchase and markets of Vietnam before the journey, but the reality is. I rested on the coast of Mui-not, visited the fantiet, Saigon. That there is relatively you can buy.

Pearls on the coast, on the beach of Muu-not – $ 8-10 for a silver chain with pearls, $ 15 for long beads, pearl earrings for 25-30 rubles. Products made of varnish – caskets for 300-400 rubles, trays – we do not have such, I have not seen.

Sportswear not very high quality in the markets. In Mui-not – 300-400 rubles per shirt, but there is no buzz from shopping, and it is difficult to find sizes. On the market in Phantnta bought only souvenirs, clothing there is just second-hand.

Crocodile foot and tails on key chains can be bought. And balms from poison cobra: kradool and some other (500 rubles for 6 pcs).

Fruit home. And all.

Vintage clothes are more expensive than we have, there is nothing to do in shopping centers, do not waste time. I was on shopping in different countries, here just relax and rest. Shopping I told all.

Vietnam Currency Personal Experience

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