Vietnam or Thailand: where better in 2019?

In Asia, tourists from all over the world find a large number of most different opportunities for excellent and, most importantly, accessible holidays. The most popular destinations are Vietnam and Thailand &# 8211; An unprepared traveler is quite difficult to understand where it is better to go, in which country will like 100% where it is steeper and more interesting. And today I will try to tell your personal experience, what is the difference and similarities of Thailand and Vietnam, as well as share useful tips for those who go here to rest.

Thailand &# 8211; The best rest for lovers of exotic

Naturally, when mentioning rest in Southeast Asia, the kingdom of Thailand comes to mind immediately. This country has long been popular with tourists from around the world. This led to the well-developed infrastructure and a wide variety of recreation types, which is different, both in terms of quality of service, content and the cost of services.

In addition to the usual beach holiday, in Thailand you can find excellent conditions for diving. Almost all coastal hotels offer all the necessary equipment for dipping. Naturally, there you can find an instructor that will help newcomers to master this extreme entertainment.

What features rest in Thailand?

Thailand has long mastered Russian tourists, so at first glance it may seem that finding something new is extremely difficult. But Thailand is so diverse that, if desired, you can find such an exotic lesson, about which most tourists did not even hear. Thai boxing schools are increasingly popular, in which you can live a certain time, studying this kind of hand-to-hand combat. I already talked about classroom entertainment in Thailand, for example, I recommend:

  • Visit Water Parks &# 8211; They are big and beautiful here;
  • soak on picturesque beaches &# 8211; This is a granted lesson;
  • participate in the show with animals &# 8211; Especially with elephants and crocodiles;
  • Try extreme entertainment &# 8211; Trekking, Tarzancu, Gibbon Flight;
  • Sign up for massage &# 8211; His here make enchanting.

You can also find special hotels in which surfing lovers from around the world. There you can master the basics of riding on the waves, as well as to find a lot of new and interesting friends. And it is also worth visiting the traditional Thai festivals, to participate in volunteer programs or master the nuances of Thai cuisine.

Vietnam or Thailand where better in 2019

Vietnam &# 8211; Exclusive holiday in Asia

Vietnam, if especially not going into details &# 8211; The same Thailand, only here less tourists, calm the situation, is not so developed infrastructure, nature is better preserved. In general, it is a paradise for lovers of couples and romantics who dream of solitude, about measured vacation on beaches with snow-white sand.

Ride in Vietnam and with children, but water parks and entertainment here, of course, not so much, so kids may be boring. In this country there are religious and architectural attractions that have a centuries-old history, but more interests are natural objects &# 8211; Waterfalls, Bay, Parks, Numerous Wild Islands. I would characterize the rest in Vietnam the whole pair of words: calm and exotic.

Best beach holiday &# 8211; in Vietnam

It’s no secret that in Vietnam the best sandy beaches across Asia. No, not even &# 8211; The beaches are divine! Soft white sand, gently sloping in water, impeccable cleanliness, always loose sun beds, beautiful landscapes around &# 8211; What else is needed for happiness? In my selection of the best beaches of Vietnam, includes:

  • Ha Long &# 8211; The beaches are small here, but well-groomed, with hotels, bungalows, bars, sun beds, the nature is impeccable;
  • Danang &# 8211; A whole resort region with an active life, well suited for youth, comfortable beaches &# 8211; May Khe and Non Nuoo;
  • Lang Ko &# 8211; Beautiful bay with sandy scythe emerging at sea, no waves, sea calm and small, length is more than 13 km;
  • Nha Trang &# 8211; There are no problems with the understanding of the Russian language, the service at the highest level, in fact, is the most popular region of the country. I like the beaches of Bai Dai and Zoklet;
  • Vungtau &# 8211; Pretty elite resort area, the sea is not very clean here, but you can ride on yachts or surfing, there are many restaurants, they are pleased with affordable prices;
  • Muin and Fantiet &# 8211; once small fishing villages today attract crowds of tourists. As a result &# 8211; a decent level of service, abundance of cafes and bars, local markets;
  • Fukuok &# 8211; Here I recommend Long Beach Beach with transparent water, Bai Sao, which is considered a beach in the style of Bounty, as well as ong Lang, surrounded by rocks.

In Vietnam many beaches &# 8211; Some of them are pleased with the developed infrastructure, others &# 8211; Clean and remoteness from people. I like the latest &# 8211; Here you can retire, enjoy silence without annoying merchants and speaking foreigners.

Vietnam or Thailand &# 8211; Where better to relax?

Thailand &# 8211; Popular country in Southeast Asia, famous for a bunch of entertainment (including &# 8211; Night), attractions, hundreds of fashionable hotels and an inexhaustible stream of tourists all year round. An less well-known direction in this region is considered Vietnam. And, despite the fact that this country is located very close to Thailand, there are quite a large number of differences. First of all, it is worth noting that Vietnam is one of the cheapest trends in this region. To be easier to compare, I prepared a sign with honors and similarities of two Asian countries.




Tourist business in Vietnam only begins to develop, but already on the coast there are quite a lot of comfortable hotels. Accommodation, restaurants, and all kinds of souvenirs stand in Vietnam significantly cheaper than in Thailand. But on the beauty of its nature, the richness of the cultural and historical heritage of Vietnam is nothing inferior to his neighbors more famous in the tourist plan.

Vietnam or Thailand where better in 2019

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