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Vietnam, which is even recently not even considered as a promising tourist destination confidently gaining momentum. This is a country that has retained the traces of ancient civilizations, spreading wonderful national parks, treating guests inexpensive, tasty and healthy cuisine and attracting numerous tourists with its limitless clean beaches.

Vietnam is an amazing country, a rest in which both in winter and in the summer, which is not very common phenomenon for South-West Asia.

The main resorts of Vietnam are Nha Trang, Fanthiet, as well as the Fukuok Island.

In order to get here there are two ways, of course, both on the plane. If the rest is in a fanta, then you need to fly to the city of Hosh Mina, former Saigon. The flight takes about 9 hours, flights are executed by Vietnam Airlines and Aeroflot. After the flight there is still a long shuttle about 5-6 hours to the resort, so it is better to stay at a beautiful and comfortable fanta nether than 2 weeks. Much more attractive road to Nha Trang, as charters fly here several tour operators. Flight is the same long, but the transfer does not take 30-40 minutes. Not tedious there will be a transfer and the resort of Fukuok. A straight charter flight, of course, will also be about 9 hours, but the transfer to the hotel will not exceed an hour.


Resort Located 200 km from Ho Chi Minh. This is the place of respectable quiet and relaxing holiday. Local sandy beaches are distinguished by a gentle sunset in the sea, which is very attractive for tourists who come with children and swimming lovers as a type of pleasure. For fans of water sports Fanthiet offers excellent conditions for surfing.

The central resort is called Muin, it is one of the quarters of the fanta.

Phantets can be called the main beach resort of the country, which has the greatest number of sunny days a year, and most of the hotels are located right by the sea. Come here visit the local attraction. Sand dunes are one of the most beautiful places of the resort, a variety of, picturesque and bizarre figures created by nature from sand with winds. Opposite the dunes over the shore and sea gladies, the Lighthouse of Kega, who consider one of the most beautiful in Southeast Asia.

If you go to a fantaet from Ho Chi Minhina, almost in the middle of a considerable 5-hour road there is a place where the mosque is in close proximity to each other, Buddhist and Catholic temples.
Almost quite at the fanta, the plantations of the dragon fruit spread. This exotic representative of the flora is similar to a bush of a huge aloe with a thick stem and stretching by barbed branches. Despite the slightly frightening appearance of the plant itself, its fruit is not only sweet, but also beautiful, they are collecting them on local plantations and sell tens of thousands, by the way they are the cheapest.
By the way about fruit, in all Vietnam they are nice inexpensive. Here you can try mongoons with something reminiscent of a plum with garlic inside the taste of peach and mango at the same time, the same thing is already a well-known mango and for many new Jackfruit with the sight of the pupil-like green melon, in the context of the pineapple, to taste on the banana, and on stickiness juice on glue moment, medium jackfruit weighs kilogram 10.
A large number of chic hotels has been built on the fanta. But despite the large employment of the local population in the tourist industry, the historical fishery of this seaside town is retained – fisheries. At the shore you can see many moored bright blue boats, their round shape of reminiscent cups, launching more solid and blue fishing schooners with yellow-red patterns.
Preservation of ancient fishery guarantees tourists culinary pleasure -s-to-play sea delicacies.

In addition to serene time on a luxurious beach, refreshing bathings and tastings of Neptune gifts, a fanta offers a solid list of excursions, entertainment and attractions.

Not far from Phantet is the famous source of mineral water, which is treated by many diseases.
Here in the vicinity of the city you can see the above-mentioned century Kingdom of Champa and the Cham Towers Flying (Cham Poshanu). Towers are three Hindu temples dedicated to the sacred animal cow, the sun and the princess. They were built in the distant 7th century.
Returning to the topic of dunes, the local coast offers to admire yellow, white and red dunes . The sand gave rise to one of the types of local art – the museum and workshop of artists who create their sand fabrics.

In such fabulously beautiful places it does not do without their mysticism. Local guides with pleasure show the magic stream Suoi Tien . SUOI TIEN Walk is very pacifying and ************* Activity that allows you to admire local beauties on the way. Coconut groves are here, lawns spread with bright field flowers, Sakura trees, lime and grapefruit trees grow. Opposite them slopes of golden, red and white sand. In the water, on the background of bright yellow sand, particles of black minerals are visible, which called Titan Ilmenite. You can walk straight along the river bed, slowly walking in fine and warm water, reaching everything to the ankle and only in the rainy season resembling a real river. Here you can also ride on the ostrich. At the same time, the birds of cavalry equipment with a special handle for preservation of equilibrium are applied to the bird.

In the vicinity of Panteta Mount Ta Ku. On her top there is a pagoda, where lovers of long-haired walks can climb on foot, though the road will take about three hours one way, or take advantage of the benefits of civilization and climb the cable car. Mounta Tu ku -odno from sacred buddhist sites. On the mountain is the largest in Vietnam lying buddha statue. Its length is almost 50 meters, and the height of more than 10. Considering the length of the hiking lift, it remains only to be surprised by the human faith and endurance, since the stone to create a statue rose from the foreigners manually.
Going to any excursion should be remembered about the cunning of the South Asian Sun, which is very active, so that you do not need to forget to use sunscreen and wear a headdress, especially this is importantly located near water, which reflects the sun’s rays and makes them even more dangerous than direct.

Nha Trang

This more northern relative to the fountain resort on the coast of the South China Sea is distinguished by a good location and a wonderful climate, from the east of the Outdoor Sea, it is defended by the islands, and from the West from the transformations of the continent from closed in the mountains. There are rare as rains and winds, and water temperature in 26-27 degrees is pleasantly pleased with the lovers of sea holidays and bathing. Almost all the resort hotels are located across the road from the beach, immediately behind it goes the first line of hotels, then the second and third.

The beach in Nha Trang is long and wide, it pleases with clean fine sand and beautiful sunset.

The resort is rich in attractions worthy of attention and experienced tourists. Here you can see the insanely beautiful temple complex and tower of crazy on the Nagar, built in antiquity of one of the nationalities inhabited by Vietnam in the 13th century. On Nagar – this is the name of the goddess, which is translated as "mother of the country", many consider her IPOSTASY Bhagavati – Wives in Hindu mythology. The White Statue of the Buddha and Long Sean Statue also stands in the Nha Trang district and Long Sean Pagoda. Attractions are affecting not only beautiful architecture, as well as their gardens, in the shade of which statues and ponds are hidden. In order to admire the picturesque neighborhood, you need to go upstairs on the stairs with 152 steps, which guard traditional dragons for this culture.

Since the resort is closed from the sea, you can go to the sea journey. See Monkey Island and Hon Island there, also called "Silk". Silk has no attitude to the fabric, this is a tribute to admiration for an unusual beach with snow-white sand and purely transparent water. During the water river, you can mooring the hotel-island hotel Hon Tam Island, swim, admire the sea fauna, ride a canoe, and stroll along the shore from yellow-pink sand. Restaurant here is stylized under a giant cane hut. Immediately you can visit the pearl farm. Complete the sea walk well by visiting the Tri Nguyen aquarium, built in the form of an old sunken *******. Aquarium is located in the Gulf, on the island of Bongnguen just 5 km from Nha Trang. Here live very bright and unusual inhabitants of the South China Sea.

For active entertainment, the Vinpearl complex is suitable, in which there is a cable car, aquapark, aquarium, as well as other attractions for every taste.

Although Nha Trang and not so respectable as a fountain, it is distinguished by Kamran International Airport, located just half an hour from the resort. In Nha Trang, beautiful sandy beaches and well-developed tourist infrastructure are well developed.

Nha Trang – the resort is very democratic. A huge number of hotels are built here, including each tourist will be able to choose a hotel for your taste and wallet, and even hotels 2 * are very good here, and the delicious and diverse food is easily in numerous cafes and restaurants for a pleasantly reasonable price. Also here are a lot of nightclubs and massage salons.

Active tourists will complement with water sports.

Both the body and the soul will delight hot springs Thab Ba and Mountain resort Dalat.

Those who follow the health and form will appreciate the local balneological center, offering treatments and treatment based on local healing mud. The spa complex has its own mud and hot mineral springs Thap Ba . The water in the hot pool comes to 39 degrees and swim in it more than 15 minutes is categorically not recommended. But you can lie in the mud bath. If you wash your hair with this mud, then their condition is significantly improved. In the store with a spa you can buy any like-like grade of therapeutic dirt, the benefit of the choice is huge – more than a dozen.

In the city of Dalat and its surroundings there is the Palace of Emperor Bao G. – the last emperor Vietnam, built in 1933, a wonderful park with a sigh lake, washed the legend of the deceased in love, the largest and very picturesque waterfall of Pongua, which is not very safe because of his slippery stones.
Interesting to visit Eco-Park with a waterfall Yang Bay. In the park, you can feed crocodiles from fishing rods and from the nipple to ride the milk of large goldfish, to make the most cherished desire at the giant tree of desires and leave colorful ribbons in its branches. On the territory of the park there are sources with mineral water, in which you can swim, and even enjoy the kinds of beautiful waterfalls, ride a horse or buffalo, feed your excitement of the spectrum of roasting battles and piggings.

A recent innovation of the Vietnamese authorities could be pleasant for many who allowed night bathing, for those who love the night sea are invited to do this under the supervision of rescuers on a specially equipped beach in the street of Chan Fu – this is the main Nha Trang Street.


Fukuchok Island is the largest island of the country and a very popular resort. Snow-white beaches surround on it with their rings Tropical forests, and coconut palms are leaning over the edge of the water to the sea. This island for those who love natural beauty and leisurely rest. On the island there are no high-rise buildings and large shopping centers. Instead, tourists are offered pearl plantations and swimming in masks or scuba. Fukuchok Island’s underwater landscapes are not inferior. You can relax here for 11 months a year, only October is a period of rain.

Despite privacy on the island a lot of well-equipped beaches, restaurants and cafes on the very shore. The island has several wonderful beaches, each of which is interesting to lovers of this type of rest.

Truong is twenty kilometers of white sand along the Azure Sea. So that the heat is not in a burden, there are constantly offering holidaymakers to taste coconuts and refreshments. Right on the beach Massage tables are installed. Those who like to fish can combine tan, swimming and fishing, as local waters are very rich in the gifts of the sea.

Bai Sao is a sandy beach a bit away from the city. In this place there is only one hotel, therefore rest is more than secluded. It can take place in a real tropical gazebo with a straw roof, and the coolness will give a breeze and watermelon juice.

Bai Thom – Wild Beach is far enough outside the city, of course for local standards. It is best to engage in snorkeling and watching local exotic inhabitants. Coastal landscapes will please photographing lovers.

Bai Vung – a very picturesque beach, a real gift for culinary admirers, here are a lot of Vietnamese restaurants, choosing dishes, pay attention to those are cooked from shrimp.

Long Beach – the most modern beach of the island of fokes, here is the familiar beach infrastructure, and most island hotels are in the neighborhood.

As in other resorts, Vietnam Fukuok offers an interesting excursion program

Be sure to visit the real fishing village of Hem Nin, who has already managed to glorify their cuisine among tourists. The treats are prepared from freshly detected seafood, the most popular of which is crab, a tincture with traditional ingredients – ginseng and a completely exotic sea skate are served to dishes. Such bottles can be bought as an original gift and add traditional decoration from shells to them.

Island Earth is rich not only by the gifts of the surrounding sea. It is worth looking at the plantation of pepper Hutong. Catherine The world’s most famous seasoning grows on a liana up to 10-15 meters long. Employees, collecting a crop enjoyed stairs. Naturally here you can buy ground pepper, and peas pepper for your kitchen.

The architecture of the island is represented by a pagaro foca. Her walls are decorated with mosaic patterns from pieces of glass and ceramics, and the ceiling and supporting its columns are covered with a skillfully cut ornament. In the very center of Pagoda, the Flower Statue of the Chief Deicness of the Temple appears.

And on the island of Fukuok there is a shop that is located on the territory of this shrine, it sells unique handheld items: tables from solid stone, figurines, paintings, if you do not know what I went to the store, it will seem that the museum’s exposition is presented before the eyes.

Popular Hotels in Vietnam Resorts.

Since everyone has different preferences and budget, then recommendations touch different hotels in style and category.

Nha Trang

Vietnam Resorts - Nha Trangfantettetettefucuok, Vietnam Blogs and travel notes of tourists on Nha Trang Phantet


Located on the island of Hon Tre on the luxurious private beach opposite the Nha Trang resort. Transfer – this is 10 minutes on the boat and 1 hour by bus to Camran Airport.

The hotel has excellent service and infrastructure. Two pools, attractions town. Food is organized in 7 restaurants and 3 bars, here you can taste local dishes or not to change European, live music is played in the lounge, and in the pool bar serves wonderful cool drinks. For supporters of an active lifestyle and a combination of beach holidays with seals in the surroundings there is a center of water sports, mini golf, ferry and boats to continent. The hotel perfectly combines traditional national motives and European style, from the windows of the rooms there is a beautiful view of the sea and the picturesque island hills, in many colors and greens.


The luxurious resort hotel, located near Vinpearl Nha Trang Resort 5 *, they separate them from a narrow end of the island of Hon Tre. The hotel has a large modern case, designed in compliance with the preferences of those who love the restrained luxury of the 21st century. Villas in the national style are offered for those who want to relax a bit from civilization. The hotel has a large swimming pool, a children’s pool and even their own river. Works beautiful spa. From the hotel at the airport there is a special bus, a receipt transfer, but for individual tourists it is much cheaper than a taxi. Restaurants and bars serve Asian and European dishes. There is your own tour desk.

Cam Ranh Riviera Beach Resort & SPA 5 *

If you do not want to live on the island, but at the same time there is no desire to stop in the center of even a small town, then this hotel will fit perfectly. Riviera Hotel is built in strict and elegant modern style with national decor elements. His snow-white buildings are buried in lush green territory. You can live in the housing or in villas. Part of the buildings goes to the water of the pools. And their columns are relying on the bottom. The hotel has a beautiful spa. There are tennis courts. The restaurant, of course, offers both continental and local cuisines. The hotel has a great own sandy beach.

Diamond Bay Resort & SPA 5 *

Excellent Spa Hotel for Elegant Relax Style. Small bungalows among rich tropical nature, on the one hand, a wonderful sandy beach and azure sea, with another picturesque emerald hills. Beach 2 km – just a few minutes on Buggy. Massage Salon, Procedures for Stressing and Save Youth, Swimming Pool, Tennis Court, Nightclub with Live Music. Amusement Park, Cultural and Historical Park for Vietnam, Zoo and Luxurious Tropical Plant Garden. There is car rental. Seven restaurants with a huge selection of local and international dishes. The hotel is located next to a very good mudhouseboard, in which you can undergo a course of various procedures.

Merperle Seasun Hotel 4 *

The hotel is located in the center of Nha Trang Resort. Its rooms offer a chic sea view. The hotel is completely new with the original design, in which both modern and national motives are present. As well as decor elements resembling ancient Greece. The in the evenings, the pool, framed by the highlighted columns, also seizes the memories of Eldead. The restaurant has a large selection of international and Vietnamese dishes, a lot of seafood. Work fitness and spa salons. The beach is within walking distance.


The hotel is located in the heart of the main tourist area of ​​the Nha Trang resort and is very suitable for young people and those tourists who love to combine the beach with active leisure. There are many souvenir shops, cafes, bars, restaurants that can be cheap, but it is important to eat, which is important for recreation in the country, which offers tours mostly with breakfast. True and the hotel itself is nice enough of the variety of its menu. Beach from the hotel separates only a few minutes walking. The interior of the hotel is concise and modern, which decorate national details. Reminiscent of the ancient history of Vietnam. Rooms Spacious overlooking the surrounding quarters, endless sea and shrouded hills. Works your own tour desk. There is a sauna, you can lie in the hot tub.


Is located away from Nha Trang in the zone of ecological tourism An Vienne. This is a hotel for a relaxing holiday. Two of his buildings in their architecture and decoration are a talented compound of the Mediterranean Italian style and traditionally Vietnamese. The hotel has a small beach. Free shuttle service to the Nha Trang Center and a paid transfer to the airport is a public bus stop. Around the hotel on quiet streets there are villas among blooming gardens. Unfortunately there are no cafes and restaurants.



Wonderful hotel terraces descends to sea waters and sandy beach. Registration in national style with beautiful classic wooden furniture. The hotel is very light, elegant and impressing air from behind the space, light and transparent water of the pool. The hotel has a good spa center with a large selection of procedures, in addition, there is a fitness center and a game room for children. Everywhere more flower. The restaurant serves European and traditional Vietnamese dishes. The hotel provides a paid airport shuttle.

Sandhills Beach Resort & SPA 4 *

The resort has its own sandy beach belonging to the huge beach Tien Tan. Beautiful area with villas and bungalows in the style of pagoda. Bathrooms include hot tubs. Picturesque landscape garden. Excellent spa offers a large selection of procedures. Nice swimming pool, near which the restaurant offers dishes from the freshest seafood and the menu of cocktails and cool drinks. The hotel is located close to the center of the resort.


Excellent hotel that can compete many 4 * hotels. Beautiful green area, swimming pool, approaching directly under the walls of the hotel, good spa, your own tour desk. Menu from Asian and European dishes. Friendly personnel. One of the best hotels in your category, ideal for a quiet and inexpensive family holiday.

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