Vietnamese week

Fake in Vietnam you are involuntarily becoming a millionaire! There was no denomination in this country, so in the course of millions and thousands of dongs. Funny to buy a bottle of water for 10.000, and for housing give as much as 150.000!

The first city on our path was Hanoi (HA NOI) – the capital of Vietnam. Absolutely on any bus or taxi you will definitely be brought to the tourist area. Here are full of shops, coffee shops, tea, restaurants. Find accommodation here – not a problem! Hostels and hotels are located as well as each other.
We settled at the Hoan Kiem Grand Hotel, for 150.000 dong (it is 210 rubles) with two. This is one of the most expensive hotels in the center.

I would like to tell you more about coffee shops. Generally in Vietnam produce two varieties of coffee – this is Arabica and Robust. Vietnam ranks second in the production and export of coffee and the first place to export Robusto.
Interesting fact – the international organization of coffee reported that in the first half of 2012, Vietnam was 13% overwhelmed by Brazil in terms of export supply of coffee beans.
In small coffee houses that are rolled throughout, the traditional coffee is served "in Vietnamese" Well, or cooked by other ways.
To prepare "Coffee in Vietnamese" just enough "Fin Ka FE" – a coffee press filter. Coffee in it is preparing a few minutes, which is enough for him to give all the best that I absorbed into myself – a rich taste and extraordinary aroma. Traditionally, coffee, in Vietnam, use in several species – "hot black" and "white" (with condensed milk). Also enjoys the popular "Cold Coffee" – with ice. Note that coffee here is served very crepary!

Hanoi – the city is colorful and friendly, but as applies to the capital expensive. Therefore, we are moving further – in the small town of Hue (Hue).

Sleeper Bus buses are especially popular for living countries. Perhaps because buses go faster than trains, and prices for buses below. As practice has shown, tickets are better to buy on the bus station, it turns out much cheaper.

It is on such a Sleeper Bus that we traveled to Hue. Hue is located 12 kilometers from the coast of the South China Sea, so only having arrived in the city we immediately went on mopeds to swim! Moped here you can take a day for 130.000 dong (185 rubles), it will be a double bike with an automatic transmission.

Vietnamese week

Since life with a bike becomes easier, and movement of comfortable, we decided not to part with them, and went to the mountain resort of Bana (Ba Na Hills), south-west from Town Danang (Da Nang). BA Na Hills is included in the Guinness Book of Records, as the owner of the world’s longest hanging cable car. Its length is 5042 m, and the height difference between the end stations is 1 km 291 meters. Ticket price – 400.000 dong (570 rubles). The foot of the mountain was built a large complex, which includes restaurants of national Vietnamese cuisine, a well-maintained park area where you can relax in the water of the mountain river, and the starting area of ​​the first stage of the funicular. Lift up takes 15 minutes. During this time, you can enjoy gorgeous species: the sea can be seen with a white strip of beaches, the waterfalls are noisy, the jungle brown vegetation blooms. And in the surrounding sounds of nature hear how this forest lives, as he breathes.

Cableway has two queues. Rerep on the following funicular, you climb even higher. At the top of the mountain is children "Mecca". It was here that the huge amusement park settled! "Crazy Pakr" is still in the process of construction, by the end of which claims to become "Vietnamese Disneyland".

You can go down at any time, the cable car is working until 21.00 pm, the trailers go down 15 minutes every hour. It is noteworthy that every day the ban is experiencing all four seasons: in the morning – spring, day – summer, closer in the late afternoon – autumn and, finally, late in the evening – Winter. So going here, grab warm things with you.
Read more about Banna Resort on our website WorldFamilies.Ru.

Next, also on Sleeper Bus we went to the resort village Muine (MUI NE).

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