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If you strive to argue the immense, get incredible sensations, amaze the magnificence of the surrounding world, make a lot of beautiful pictures, finally, you just need to rise in the literal sense to climb on reality. Wide panoramas, space, light dizziness and a stunning sense of involvement in something almost unearthly — «My planet» offers an overview of the most amazing viewing sites of the world.

Observation platform over Fjord Aurland

Where: Norway

Height: 640 M

Architects Todd Sonders and Tommy Wilhelmsen created over one of the most beautiful fjords of Norway an amazing viewing platform that ranked first in the competition of the best tourist routes of Norway. The playground is a wooden bridge-springboard, which breaks down into the abyss, sprawling at the end. Of course, the construction is most safe: seemingly not limited area of ​​the site is protected by durable glass, and the railing, which designers seem, «forgot», Removed in almost invisible glass. So tourists, being in safety (as far as possible at an altitude of more than 600 m), can be unhindered in the literal sense of the word to admire the fantastically picturesque view of the fjord and the mountains surrounding it.

Heavenly Bridge Langkavi

Where: Malaysia

Height: 710 M

The metal structure of 125 m long connects two peaks of Mount Gunung and is attached to a single basis using eight cables. At the same time, the bridge does not seem bulky, on the contrary, when you look at it, it seems that winding «trail» By itself, steer in the air above the tops of the trees. If you decide to climb this «Heavenly road», You will have to overcome two more cable cars. At the end of each of them you can stay and translate your breath. Although no, the second to do is unlikely to succeed: after all, you will fall into two viewing platforms with such types that the spirit will capture exactly. But most importantly in front. When you bring up to the Langkawi Bridge itself, you will have a stunning view of amazing tropical forests, majestic mountains playing waves near the sea and it seems close to the sky.

Balcony in Alps

Where: Austria

Height: 2700 M

The observation deck of Dachstein Sky Walk is amazing for the fact that it is completely calmly located on one of the mountain peaks directly on the ice cover. Before it will have to go on a cable car, bypassing the Ice Palace — Main landmark of the Mountain Massif Dakhstein. There is this metal alpine balcony so successfully that tourists rising to it get a review by 360°. Stunning view of snow-covered peaks and incredible beauty Alpine nature — Here is the reward of themerels. By the way, if you are lucky and the weather on the day of your walk will be clear, you can even see the territories of other states: the Czech Republic in the north and Slovenia in the south. Do not forget to take a jacket with you — Nobody canceled gusts.

Cardada Mountain Observation

Viewing platforms of the world

Where: Switzerland

Height: 1340 M

If you go to Switzerland and plan to visit the place called Ticino, otherwise, called the little Switzerland, the mandatory point of your tourist program should be Mount Kardada nearby from the city of Locarno. More precisely, not even the mountain itself, although it certainly deserves attention, and a suspension observation deck, on this grief is located. It opens just an incredible view of one of the most famous lakes of South Switzerland — Lago Maggiore. The elegant, but at the same time, the very durable titanium bridge, which deserves separate attention in itself, is leading. It is paved with symbols that are related to local art, history and literature. It is convenient that each of them is here, on the railing, the explanations are given. So on the observation platform of the Cardada Mountains, you alone are pleasant with useful: you pour out the beauty of nature and landscape, and you will also learn a lot about the country in which we visited.

Grand Canyon Lookout

Where: Arizona, USA

Height: 1200 M

The year 2007 became for tourists who come to admire the incredible beauty of the Grand Canyon, a new point of reference in the history of this place: the grandiose construction of the Grand Canyon Skywalk observation deck was completed. This is a truly incredible structure, resembling a horseshoe, literally hangs over the abyss, retreating from the rock by 20 m. Attraction, just say, not for nervous! To admire the surrounding beauty, by the way, you can not only peering into the distance, but also looking at my feet: the floor and walls of this site are made of durable glass with a thickness of 10 cm. Incredible feeling of the ward at an altitude of almost 1.5 km. Before you go on a transparent bridge, you will have to wear special shoes to scratch the glass floor. Under your feet, it is better not to look at: somehow it becomes urgent, first look around. Creators «horseshoes» It is claimed that it is able to withstand the load of 70 tons, and this, for clarity, 14 African elephants! But although tourists are not elephants, more than 120 people at the same time «Balcony over the precipice» do not allow.

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