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Athens Railway Station. 5.30 in the morning. The train came exactly on schedule. The metro is still closed. And I have time to think about plans for the near future. But, honestly, while I really want to sleep ..

And in Greece today is a holiday – day "όχι". Day "Ohkh" is a special day for all Greeks and moreover, for each of them it is more than a public holiday. By scale and patriotism, I can only compare it with our Day of Victory – May 9. But maybe a little more.

A little prehistory. Greek word "όόι" means "no".

"1940. On the night of October 27-28, the Italian ambassador to Greece appeared in the doorway of the Cabinet of Prime Minister John Metaxas and handed over the Mussolini telegram, in which Greece was suggested to surrender to the Italian dictator without any conditions, to pass national positions. The answer of the Greek Prime Minister was categorical: "όόι!" ("No!"). … On October 28, 1940, Italy’s troops invaded the territory of Greece … Greece was completely occupied, but this did not mean complete surrender: a few Greek troops continued to be heroically fight for each of his land … ".

"There is no lesions, while the man himself did not recognize himself defeated," Josefus Danielz (American State Affairs and Journalist). Proud and independent Greeks, once again, defended their right to freedom.

In memory of these events, annually, October 28, military parades, folk guys and demonstrations are arranged throughout the country. Many state institutions and public buildings are postponed by state flags. Holiday everywhere! My birthday continues. And the city also has a gift for me – almost all museums are open on this day. "Open Day" in the morning and before lunch, for free, for everyone. Another such opportunity in these holidays will not be. So, sleep – canceled.

New Museum of Acropolis At the foot of the hill as a continuation of the story itself ..

I do not have time to descend to him, as I understand that I am going to meet something special, unique in my own way. Glass "asphalt", "live" excavations, interesting artifacts. Time 8:10 in the morning, and the door of the museum has a small queue. After 20 minutes, the museum security is politely invited everyone in the halls of this treasury. It seemed that I was already difficult to surprise. For his "Pilgrim" life, I visited more than a hundred museums in many corners of the world: large and small, famous and not very, modern and old, but Greece again pleased.

Photographing in the halls of the museum is prohibited. Under the prohibition signs, mobile phones, outbreaks and cameras. Sorry, of course, but the rules are rules. Yes, and the exhibits of the museum is an extra "load" for nothing.

I wander around the halls between exposures, from one showcase to another. Compatible incompatible: glass, concrete, modern materials and exhibits with two thousand five hundred years of history, and it turned out harmonious. Collected collections are surprised not only by their beauty and refinement of execution, but also functionality: harmonic compositions of gold and silver coins; Carved gems made of semi-precious stones with elegant figures of people, animals, birds; Small figures of gods, athletes, praying girls.

Antique statues, ancient engravings, dishes, – almost everything that has so carefully kept the hill several millennia. Whether the masters knew, creating their masterpieces that many centuries later, a lot of centuries, they will also please the eagle. Did the master knew, creating his karyatid, that almost two and a half thousand years later, these young girls will be the property of the republic. But the time is merciless and cruel, "kill" their beauty did not succeed, while it quietly destroys their slender bodies. And so I want to believe that in a relatively new museum with a modern system of air conditioning and the use of special technologies, beauty will not turn into a pyramid from age-old sand, resting on modern podium.

Multi-level "transparent" museum left a lot of genuine positive emotions. I could still wander through his bright chairs, but today museums work until 14:30 and you need to have time at least in a couple.

And I went to the Museum of Numismatics. I decided to reduce the path and walk on the "quiet" shoes. I still reached the museum of numismatics. And if he worked on this festive day, he would even have time to see the exposition. But, alas … not all museums opened their doors. But I visited another museum – the Museum of Children’s Happiness.

Children’s museum. It is located in the area of ​​the cry, not far from the new Museum of Acropolis. "Flower" building past without passing. And although the Children’s Museum, but those who visited the museum of fairy tales Astril Lindgren in Stockholm, will understand me.

VIII. Birthday on Earth Ancient Eldla. 2 - Athens, Greece Blogs and travel notes of tourists

Cute, cozy house, with ancient peasant furniture, stove, kitchen utensils. Interactive games, playground, library and drawings … Childish drawings, such cheerful and life-affirming, fun and sunny: "Let there always be the sun, let it always be mom, let always I …". Children, like the Sun, on this day there were a lot.

Without hitting the "money" museum, returned to Acropolis, or rather to the area, at the foot of the Acropolis.

Scoop Area – This is another landmark of the city, mandatory for visiting, at least in order to draw up its opinion about this cultural and historical place.

Before the trip, "walking" by the Internet, viewing a couple of tourist sites, in addition to the photo of the Cottage, the small storts about the area of ​​the cry, information did not see the information. Yes, actually, and did not seek.

"The most old quarter of Athens is a cry, he practically retained his primary appearance .. It is in it that you can in full understanding to sense with the words of the ancient ancient city. ", – broadcast one of the sites. "As soon as you enter into narrow, paved by a stone of a shield, you will have a feeling that you have moved into the past … ", – I second website. And epicureism in pure form: "Even the air is different here: the lighter, more clear, carved by flavors, as a gift ********************************* **** Hashe, and there was no place to hurry, because the action from the city "Hike to the Museum – as a gift" ended, I start acquaintance with this amazing and colorful area.

It turns out that I was already here, a couple of days ago. Then why did not reflect that I walk in a free? No, the area I certainly liked. Especially his "heart" – a living part, where there are few shops and restaurants, where they just live. There is really pure, green and comfortable. Beautiful houses with original flower beds on windowsill, stucco "under ancient" on buildings facades, Atlanta under microscopic balconies, old trees and remnants of ancient chapels … But this is just a tiny island, surrounded by the Ocean Passion: Numerous cafes, restaurants, bars, souvenir shops, shops, nightclubs, oriental bazaars, etc.D.

Alas, but "Coloring an ancient ancient city"It is not at all present here, and this area is not much different from similar areas scattered throughout the Mediterranean coast. I will return here more than once, in the freeze area. Here’s how in the east, all the ways lead to the Bazaar and in Athens – all roads lead to Acropolis. And for the hundredth time, walking around the fee, I approve in the thoughts that the cry is nothing more than a promoted brand. The brand that supports the state, the government and the residents themselves.

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