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Perhaps it was the only sight of which I overcame a couple of extra kilometers.

Not suffering from geographical cretinism, having a map of the terrain on her hands, with landmarks marked on it, find the right road to the object of labor is not.

The vital seam is not the landmark for me, but I was looking for a Roman agor with the sole purpose: I wanted to see a couple of unique historical objects with my own eyes – the wind tower and the Turkish mosque.

A little prehistory or how curiosity can. Usually I rarely sit on tourist sites. The information you need, as a rule, issues a tourism manager with which I have known for more than one year. But, flying to Athens, I once again, I decided to "run" on the sights of the city. A couple of days before departure, on one of the sites some tourist (with a very high popularity rating, in a good sense), which has just returned from traveling in Athens, downloaded "hot" photos. New discoveries Tourist did not, "Classic" set of sights was in full. Among the photos were a photo of the wind tower, Ancient meteorological monument, which and I was interested as a historical object.

"Wind Tower" is one of the titles of the structure, built in about the first century to. NS. Object unique. The tower fruit is decorated with an image that personifies the "Rose of Winds": "… North wind, bearded Borea, in heavy clothes, blowing into the sink; Cold northeast wind, Keechi, Grad Syft from Round Shield; Young appeal, oriental wind carries fruit; Then it follows the southeastern wind, the Evros, which goes in the cloak; Rainy South Wind, notes, tipping vessel with water; Southwest, Lips, with an extract, decoration *******, in hand; Marshmallow, Spring Western Wind, scatters flowers, and finally northwest, Skiron, holds a vase … "

Once on the conical ceramic roof of the tower, a vane was blocked, which accurately allowed to determine the "surname" of the wind. Since the water clock was located in the tower, one of the doors was always open to the inhabitants of Athens at any time of the day could learn what time. But the clock in the tower was not only hydraulic, under the figures of the winds Marking of solar dial. That’s so simple and without delights – everything is for the people!

During the years of its existence, the tower performed a huge number of functions and appointments. And if the tower had a "workbook", she would become a multi-volume.

And on the territory of the Roman Agora is the oldest today’s monument to the Turkish era – Fetiche-Jami Mosque, built in the XV century on the ruins of early Christian Basilica.

Actually, this is the little that you can look at the territory of Agora.

VIII. Seven roots of one ticket. Roman Agora. Athens, Greece Blogs and travel notes of tourists by

For the first time, going on the map to Agora, I didn’t recognize it this agor, I decided to decide that I was mistaken by the "address". There is a certain rectangular platform with excavations, at the beginning of which, as it should be, propellates (main entrance), and at the end of objects dressed in a trendy outfit (in forests and construction grid), which is completely natural for historical buildings of old age. Walking around the area, as it turned out, I did not see the cry, another Roman agori, went down and visited the next object – the Andrian library.

After inspection of the exhibits of a small museum, I asked the Cauder of Values ​​about the Tower of Winds. She honestly tried to say something to me, to convey some important information to me, then the fingers were fucked, I was barefot, trying to show numbers, and maybe time, and maybe … I didn’t "torment it for a long time". Moreover, I now have no problem in communicating with the Greeks. Who read my reviews about the trip and accommodation in thessaloniki ("And it’s all about him. Magic of the Greek City "), He must remember a pinking girl who secretly dreamed of Greece, who now lives in the country of his dreams and is studying in one of the prestigious universities. Calling his student, I put a specific task. The conversation was long. A chamber of values ​​that realizing that her knowledge is in demand, and the interlocutor possesses almost perfectly, decided to tell about everything that knows. And she knew a lot, for example, that the legendary tower of the winds is in very poor condition and now for several months (. ) closed on overhaul and restoration, actually as well as the mosque. Yes, they are in green outfits from the grid on the backyards of the Roman Agora.

That is, tourists who visited Athens city with a friendly visit, could see this attraction in October / September / August / July / and June, but only dressed in the scaffolding. "Hot Puppet" in the style of Nude was far from the first freshness. It remains to understand for whom I needed all this showing. Such actions of tourists favorable impressions do not leave.

But, whatever it was, the stones of eternity personally cannot disappoint me. And the fact that the wind tower with a mosque today on a well-deserved rest, I did not upset. According to Roman Agore, I wandered: remnants of marble tracks, marble colonnades, foundations of fountains, arches, propelleans, shopping shops ..

And even thought. If you are not an elevator of antiquities and the story you are interested in the inspectorate – because, then the trace of the ticket can be used by returning to the Acropolis, and again go through or on its slopes, or on the upper city. The tower and the mosque were the main and most interesting objects of Agora, but restored them will be long, and excavations can be viewed, without entering the territory of the complex, from above, bypassing the territory around the perimeter.

VIII. Seven roots of one ticket. Roman Agora. Athens, Greece Blogs and travel notes of tourists by

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