Vijayanagara in Hampi

Hampi – Ancient Hindu city, which is located in the neighboring Carnataka. Hampi – Magnificent sample of indian architecture, «pearl» The Times of the Great Empire Vijayanagar, which is included in the list of cultural objects of the world importance of UNESCO.

Hampi is in 8-9 hours drive from Goa (g.Margao), get to the ruins of the once powerful empire can be on the so-called «Slider» (bus with bedrooms, follows at night) or by train. Transport arrives in Hospital, from which directly to Hampi is easily accessible to Ricksha or taxi for 30-40 minutes.

A little from Humbi History

Construction of Hampi began in 1336 – It was then that the latest Vijarara chose this place to build the Empire Vijayanagara. In those days, it included the territories of the modern states of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, as well as Maharashtra. Thus, the Empire Vijayanagar became the largest in the entire mid-class India. Powered powerful in 1565 under the onslaught of the army conquerors-Mughal. Then the inhabitants left Hampi.

Translated from Sanskrit «Vijayanaagara» means «City of Glory». And indeed, Hampi in the Middle Ages was the island of the Renaissance of Indian musical culture, literature and, which is important, architecture.

Attractions Hamppi

Today, Hampi is conditionally divided into 3 large zones: the region of the bazaar, located in the country itself and its surroundings, the magnificent monumental royal center, as well as the Anegond region behind the river where you can cross the boat. In total, the excursion across the entire territory of Hampi takes about 4-5 hours, but this time will not be enough to fully enjoy the ruins of the once a great empire. The most interesting option will be removed inexpensive accommodation directly in the Hampi itself (more precisely, in a small village) and dedicate 2 days to walks on this sacred place.

In the market area there is ancient Temple of Virupaksha (15th century) – It is from here, as a rule, all tourist routes begin. The temple complex includes 3 gopuram (noted towers) 50 meters high, there are also buildings related to 11-12 centuries. The temple is dedicated to one of the embodiments of Shiva. Today, worship services are held in the temple, many monkeys live, the ritual swimming of the elephant is held.

Himacunt hill (Hemakunta) is south of the temple of Virupaksha, here tourists can detect the remains of Jainic temples, as well as the largest monolithic in Hampi Statue of Narasimha – One of the incarnations of one of the most important gods of Hinduism Vishnu.

In addition, in the market area in the middle of giant boulders can be seen monolithic Statue of Ganeshi (Siva’s son) and several curious temples.

At a distance of 2 km north-east of the bazaar is Temple Vittala (16V.), which is one of the best samples of the architectural skill of the era of Vijayanagar. According to legend, during the temple columns cut off, they published musical sounds, so today they are known as musical columns. And today they make melodic sounds, if you pat on them.

Vijayanagar in Hampi Attractions Goa Travel Guide

Also nearby are once lively trading rows, where gold, fabrics and so on in ancient times.

In the inside of the temple complex, you can admire the friezes and columns with surprisingly finely made figures of animals, warriors, deities. Here is located Stone chariot (15V.), who has become a symbol of Hampi. And on the road to the Royal Center, pay attention to the temple of the frame (interesting cut on the walls of the scene from the ancient epic of Mahabharata) and the statue of Hanuman.

Royal Center Hampi – The place where Elite lived. Here are attractions such as giant elephant stalls, queen pool, and here you can visit the Archaeological Museum.

Lotus Palace – Curious mixture of Indian and Islamic architecture, externally, it resembles a symbol of India – Lotus flower. Interesting and half flooded underground temple of Virupakshpa.

On the opposite from Hampi, the side of the river is located Angeondi region, There are also several interesting temples, first of all – Monkey Temple, you can get on the boat, which starts from about 2 thousand. Rupei.

Moreover, curious tourists will certainly be interesting to see Shivalingam – The oldest symbol of God, the oval form stone, which was also lost among the immense expanses of the ancient Hampi.

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