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The way was to be uncomfortable – on the car Moscow-Bulianitsa (Montenegro). And this is not a little almost 2700 kilometers through 5 countries. And although the crew had two drivers, obviously – without two nights it was not to do. According to the experience of previous trips, it was clear – more than a thousand kilometers per day without serious damage for Zorovya not overcome. So the second stop was decided to make Zlatibor in Serbia in the town. This is later we learned that this is the most famous resort (especially ski winter) and even the training base of Serbia Olympic team. At first, for us it was just a place of transit stop, after which the Adriatic coast remains only 350 kilometers – the truth, the mining and serpentine.

Famous Booking Website gave several options for budget nights in Zlatibor. According to reviews and pictures, the choice fell on the villa "Zlatybor". And hit turned out to be at the very point.

On the second day of the way from Moscow, August 10 in 21.00 local time, drinking a little on the streets of Zlatibor we stopped at a small one, but immediately seemed a cozy three-story building in Alpine style. I liked it immediately, even though it was already dark on the street (August and southern latitudes did their job).

On the knock to the master (as I really seemed true) the door to us came out a fair-haired woman age "For fifty" And from now on, we plunged into the atmosphere of such charm, friendliness and even love that sometimes I wanted to hide.

Mika’s grandmother, as a woman introduced himself, decently spoke in Russian and immediately confessed in great love for the Russians. It happened that her son works in some construction company and lives with his family in Moscow. And immediately offered me beer or raki, and juices and tea and wives. Observing a strict principle – in the long road – no, I, like the whole family, agreed only for tea (although in the soul, of course, admitted to myself that after 2000 kilometers the road would have been tilted with pleasure).

To the tea Granny Mika 10 minutes later, delivered a flaile of honey, lemon and two packs of cookies in our room. And, the feeling was created that we ask for a dinner with a deer and caviar – all this would soon appear on the table. But after 15 hours, there is really no wanted how to go, and sleep. Therefore, somehow sorry from Granny, began to get settled for the night.

The room was huge. For a small hallway followed a large studio room with a double bed, a sofa sofa, a dining table, a solid wall and a kitchenette. Further through the corridor number lasted a solid bathroom with a shower. In general, staying on vacation wanted right here and now. We slept in such a sorry just excellently and the next morning we left the hospitable villa with regret, simply, as the hostess asked us, leaving the key in the door.

Before leaving, already at the light of the morning began the surroundings and local real estate and was convinced once again – the place for the night was chosen to the highest degree successfully. Doubly pleased with the fact that on the way back the night was to be here.

Vila Zlatibor 3 Zlatibor, Serbia - Description, Prices and Reservations of Vila Zlatibor 3 - Turmp

Back we drove on August 24. Arrival time is about the same, about 9 pm. And all the same friendly techniques instantly remembered our grandmothers Mika. All the same offer of beer and raki and again delicious tea with honey. It is a pity that the hostess refused to offend from the proposal, referring to the fact that he will fast before tomorrow’s visit to the Church. She was baptized and the truth in both of our arrival Istivo and constantly.

Room on the way back the truth was slightly more compromised, but to some extent it is even more convenient. Long corridor. From which three doors led to the bathroom and two separate rooms (agree, sometimes it is more convenient for the family and two pretty adult children))).

And as the first time, a TV with satellite channels was exceeded (even Russian were), DVD was present, the kitchen had all the necessary utensils, and on the beds – the purest and gentle underwear. And it became a pity that there will be only a few hours to live here.

While my wife and I went to the nearest store for bread and excellent Serbian sideways, a whole cavalcade of cars with Romanian numbers came into the courtyard. And we became twisted as our (Hmm, already ours) grandmother also met and placed guests. And with special warmth, it clearly treated children.

And in the early morning we left. Left with the memories of a meeting with an excellent person, with a feeling of comfort and comfort and impressions of the beauty of this place. Unlikely we ever found here again. But I will be happy to recommend Vila "Zlatybor" And her hostess – a wonderful grandmother Miku to all travelers.

Vila Zlatibor 3 Zlatibor, Serbia - Description, Prices and Reservations of Vila Zlatibor 3 - Turmp

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