Vile flower – the bad head of the hands of peace does not give

"Well, where this time?" – The closer summer, the more often I hear this question from friends. Believe me, I would gladly give him an answer if I knew him myself! On the calendar, the end of May. Summer has almost entered into their rights, and I still haven’t chosen even the continent at which I will spend it! One beautiful evening I postpone all things for 15 minutes and opening Google.Maps. Once again, dreaming about traveling in Alaska, I’m starting to draw the loops on the map. The look slowly slides towards Canada – and not to hook her the most western "state", Yukon? At least one wheel? I look into the passport: Next year, this opportunity will no longer be – this is the last summer, when the Canadian visa is valid. Then maybe it is better to focus on Canada and if the strength and time remains, visit the desired Alaska? With this thought I find a pretty primer, leading right to the Arctic Ocean (Demptster Highway), here just do not see any loop – the road is only one. We’ll have to go back-back ..

However, there is a thin blue line in the eyes – it seems north there is an alternative way! On water. Quickly thug "Mackenzi waterfalls" And I get a negative answer: the area of ​​the river from a large slave lake to the Arctic Ocean is shipping. This information turned out to be quite enough to buy a ticket to the capital to the capital of the North-Western Territories of Canada, the town of Yellowknife, located on the shore of the biggest slave lake. TOTAL BY "Study" My route went exactly 5 minutes: "If ships can, then I can!" – I thought and paid the purchase online.

Confidence in passage "Scheduled" The route gave a weakly viewed on satellite map road along McCenzie. She was called – Mackenzie Valley Highway. I didn’t even frighten the article about "nightmare" Highway Mackenzie and footage from her!

Found how to scare a resident of Russia!

A more couple of requests in Google – and it became clear that this is not an ordinary impassable primer, koi in our country hundreds and even thousands of kilometers, and the winting winter, which is still lost in the forests and swamps on a stretch of 350 km from Fort Good Hope to tsiigehtchic. And not only on satellite maps, but also on ordinary.

Solid red painted asphalt, dotted – primer, blue – winter

And all requests "Mackenzie Highway" The search engine gave out only the long-term plans of the Canadian authorities about the construction of the year-round highway along the same river.

It is promised that the construction of this road will be completed in a few years, and soon the path passed by me can be done in the saddle. So if you want to justrely repeat my route, then think the hurry thoroughly!

In case of obstruction, roads decided to go to the water at any convenient place – if you believe the map, the road often contacts the river. So a ticket purchased, on the way is expected at least 350 km of water plot – it’s time to take care of the acquisition of floating. Yes not simple and gold! But not in the sense of favorite yellow shades, but in the sense of the ability to withstand all my Napoleonic plans!

Overnight on the sand island – on "mainland" Forests burn ..

The idea of ​​Pakraft tarakana in my bad head was twisted for a long time. However, until this point, all these cockroach thought seemed to some slightly implemented by the check: all the routes that went by me earlier, badly poked on the roads and paths, which means that entirely and completely taken in the saddle or on foot. But this time, all sources on the network hinted on the fact that without a boat can not do.

But if in a nutshell, then under this Anglicism (Packrafting) imply "Alloy on a small, most often single, boat – Pakraft. Distinctive features of such a boat – a relatively small weight (on average 2-3 kg), a small volume and high strength, which allows you to take a pacraft in distant hiking, and also overcome many water obstacles on it, whether it is quiet lakes or quick rivers". [According to the rules of publication, I can not add a link to the source.]

Vile flower - the bad head of the hands of peace does not give

Smooth forest fires

As I said, Pakraftting in Russia is not much popular, therefore the choice of boats that could be purchased for the remaining time before going around, turned out to be small. Abroad already did not have time to order, so I stopped on the models of Russian production. My main task was to find reliable raft. Although, probably, it is funny to talk about reliability in the context of the rubber boat. However, mine (no) the ability to swim as it would have hinted on the fact that there is little funny here ..

Monobalon Rafts did not even consider. Stopped by "Orivroe" – the only two-section model on the Russian market suitable for the dimensions of Pakraft (there are still five kilogram "Comraders" and six kilogram "Satellites").

Stock Foto Made at the time of the boat. Pah-pah, for all (almost) 3000 km there was not a single puncture – raft with a bike did not fail!

All the advantages of this RFTA can be found on the manufacturer’s website (post is not paid ツ). And yes, I moved on Raft’s back in advance (just on the stern bike lay more stable, yes veligorkzak in width only passed there), but it’s good at least against the current! ツ Although the last one was also – thanks to the oncoming wind ..

As for the rest of the water equipment, the scale and neoprene sneakers remained with Karelian canoe alloys of student times. But the paddle to Raft had to buy. Took the five-set RST Eco (1.2 kg), which fits perfectly in a backpack in height. It seems that it is specifically under the velted and did! ツ

And so, it would seem, everything is so small and light, but in the amount (Raft, Rodpar, the paddle, saving and sneakers) gives about 5 kg! Terempo. Although this time the cats clearly have to leave at home. ツ

Vile flower - the bad head of the hands of peace does not give

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