Village Erriad (Erriadh) and paintings DjerbaHood project

150 artists from 30 countries left 250 paintings on the walls of buildings in Tunisia Djerba Island in the village of Erriad (Erriadh). In June 2014 the village became the site of the project DjerbaHood and is now on the list of best attractions in Djerba.

Initially, we talk a little about the project DjerbaHood, and then talk about the guided tour of the village Erriad.

DjerbaHood project

The project initiated gallery Galerie Itinerrance street art in Paris. Its founder – Mehdi Ben Sheikh, he Tunisian origin, known for an outstanding event in the world of street art: Street Art 13, Tour Paris 13 and Earth Crisis.

All these events were as follows. Mehdi Ben Sheikh gathered famous artists Street-art, and they drew their own pictures on the walls of buildings in a given area. No plan, no script, just free expression.

Do not confuse the Street-art and Graffiti familiar to us, are two different things. Street art – it is primarily a picture, not stylized letters, which we used to see on the walls of the Russian cities.

Mehdi Ben Sheikh invited well-known street artists: Edd Fyul (Add Fuel), Aya Terek (Aya Tarek), C215, El Cid (eL Seed), Fintan Magee (Fintan Magee), Zheyts (Jace), Plegm (Phlegm), Roa ( Roa), Svun (Swoon), Julien Meland aka Network (Julien Malland aka Seth). It is unlikely that these names are well known to our readers, but Street-art are the acknowledged masters.

Street art is now popular in Europe and is perceived as a full direction of painting and sculpture, although no European museum has a permanent exposition of Street-Art, still ahead.

The event was covered in 70 countries, many editions wrote about him: The New York Times, La Repubblica (one of the main newspapers Italy), Le Monde and Liberation (the main newspapers of France), The Guardian (one of the main newspapers of Great Britain), showed TV channels: BBC News, Al Jazeera and others. In Russia, the news about Djerbahood published RIA-News.

Artists spent all summer, used 4500 jars of aerosol paint and left the ravoisi, leaving their creations to the court of locals and tourists.

How to get here and where is on the map

The village of Erriad is located almost in the center of the island far from the tourist zone. This can be reached by taxi, the price of the trip will not exceed 25 Tunisian dinars, even if the taxi driver is lucky, wanting to earn more.

The second way to get to Erriad is to buy a tour called usually or "Djerbahood", or "DjerbaExplore".

Such a tour starts at around 14:00, tourists are brought to the Djerba Explore park to watch a crocodile farm, Lella Hadria Museum and Djerba Heritage. About 17:00 The bus leaves from the park and goes to the village of Erriad. Around 19:00 tourists return back to hotels.

Of course, an independent trip is more interesting, since during the excursion tourists do not even show half of paintings. But the independent trip has its own minuses. The village of Erriad has not yet become a popular landmark, there are no dozens of souvenir shops and hundreds of walking tourists.

The village lives his life, and the Europeans here is a little scary to walk alone. And although the criminal cases with tourists have not yet been (the guides claim), we recommend that you come here.

Price and time of work Attractions

The village of Erriad is open 24 hours a day, the entrance is free.

Excursion costs from 20 to 35 USD for adult tourist and from 10 to 18 for a child from 2 to 12 years old.

Paintings, paintings and once again pictures

Village Erriad (Erriadh) and paintings DjerbaHood project

Comment on artworks meaningless. Watch, look, take pictures on the background of the works of Street-Art, for this tourists here and come.

And something important

Pictures were written in 2014, six years have passed (this article is updated in 2020). As can be seen in the photo, some pictures are no longer in the best condition. This is not surprising, because no one has rebuilt the walls for artists and did not whine.

In addition, some pictures were drawn not on the walls, but on the objects of the situation. One picture on a pile of bricks, several were performed on the ruins of houses. Most of these paintings are lost.

How much more "Strengthen" These works of art? The question is complex. We think that already in 2024, there will be nothing to do here. Hurry to see the village of Erriad and Pictures of the DJERBAHOOD project!

Useful advice

– In the village of Erriad, there is a second important landmark of Jerba Island – this is a synagogue El Mushroom. It is more convenient to first see the synagogue, and then go further into the village to watch pictures. Read our detailed article "EL-Mushroom Synagogue";

– Tourist business in the village is actively developing. There are already a dozen guest houses and some good cafes and restaurants who naturally prepare Tunisian dishes. About the best dishes Read our interesting article "Tunisian cuisine";

– Here you can even change the currency in the office of Mail Tunisia. However, the office works on the day a few hours, and find it almost unreal. Change currency in advance in the right amount. Read our detailed review "Currency exchange in Tunisia is beneficial".

Good photos in the village of Erriad, and read our interesting reviews about Tunisia (Links below).

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