Villar, Canton in. Switzerland

Among the guests of Villars are dominated by those who, arriving once, returns here for many years in a row. Royal Operations, Stars of Formula1, Pinewear, not to mention numerous ordinary travelers. Two hours of ways from Geneva Airport along the Lake Geneva and Vineyards Lavavo – and you can already drop the skis and admire the Mont Blanc from the resort slopes. In the canton, Villars are sometimes called Villars Ecole – a reminder that the most famous international schools and colleges are located in the resort. In many ways, thanks to them, Villar gradually turned from a conventional Swiss village into one of the best family resorts of Switzerland.

The lifts are associated here by four comfortable ski regions. Single Skipass allows you to ride on all tracks, including neighboring resorts Liezan and Le Moss. Most of the tracks are spacious blue and not very complex red. But after the snowfalls of virgin on the slopes of the Villara, it remains much longer than the neighbors.

Skis & Snowboard


Villar is by no means Mecca Freride, however, because of the proximity of the Geneva Lake and the features of the microclimate in late January and February-March there is a lot of snow. And the abundance of forest slopes above the resort allows you to find very curious routes of any complexity. One of the most interesting leads with Chaux Ronde to the bottom of the gorge, in La Rasse; From here you can move to the Griehon sector, on the slopes of Le Chaux (2020 m). A very picturesque area of ​​skiing for experienced skiers is located on Petit Chamossaire, in good weather you can go down the tracks in the direction of the village Vers L’Eglise or return to the chairlift on Chaux Ronde. A more complex inclusive route is located on the slope of Croix Des Caux, to the left of the blue route. He leads to the old village Taveyannaz. Volkier 3000 Glacier 3000 Over Diabeler requires not only a certain experience, but also the participation of the guide – these routes may argue with the best in Switzerland.



At the height of the season in Villara, a snowpark opened, next to Laungebar with palm trees – an excellent point for observing jumping and flying, and also to admire the Mont Blanc, lying in a chaise lounge.

For those who are configured more resolutely, on the glacier in the Diabeler throughout the season (usually since the end of October and before May) there is a large Glacier 3000 Park, oriented on freestylers and snowboarders. In the offseason, it is this park that is often chosen to prepare professional athletes: an excellent state of snow and three lines of figures of various complexity – only 18 elements (cycles, races, boxes, etc.).

Cross-country skiing

Around the Villara and above it laid track ski tracks (classic and skate stroke). In a short time, you can reach very picturesque areas, for example, in the ancient village of shepherds, where the houses of the XVII century are preserved, or to the sheer rocks in the Solalex area. Around the Diabeler prepared 30 km of the tracks for the classics and 15 km for the skate stroke.


Tandemski invented for those who do not have reasons for those who can ride himself. The first passengers of such seats were disabled, then the audience of Tandemski widened at the expense of children, old people and those who crave for something new. Skating in special "ski" Sanya (they are controlled by the instructor) usually lasts the chasolitor and costs 55 francs.

Dog sledding

In addition to beautiful species and gentle trails at an altitude of 3000 m (Glacier 3000), you can arrange skating on dog sledding, especially on vacation with children. Blue-eyed husky give themselves to stroke, gladly take pictures and rejoice at the start of the run. In the course of the trip, you can understand how to manage a harness and learn a lot of interesting things about the life and work of Husky and Lake. Cost 15 CHF for an adult, 8 CHF for a child up to 14 years old, preliminary booking.


Indoor rink is located in the sports center of Villara. Skates and special accessories for learning kating kids can be rented. Outdoor skating rink is working in Grión, close to the railway station.


In Diabeler, there is the longest track in the region – 7.2 km. Twice a week, night skating with dinner in the mountain restaurant and subsequent mulled wine. Up You can go up on a chair cableway (Vioz – Mazots), at the bottom station of which you can rent a Sanki (14 CHF for adults, 7 CHF for children – for day riding).

Children – the subject of special care at this ski resort. In the tourism office, you can rent the necessary equipment for kids – strollers, kangaroo, car seats, carrying, children’s armchairs, bathtubs and beds. Above the station building in the center of the resort is a free skating area for beginners, where several children’s lifts work. Upstairs to the big "kindergarten" and ski schools in the glade Bretaye, you can go up by train. A few steps from the station there is a large children’s ski stadium, where there is a bebift and a bud, a track of minislavala, houses, wigwams and small springboards.

For banging right at Bretaye have small lanes, longer (2 km) and the complex begins to stop the Sol Du Soud train and comes to Willar. In Frience (Frience), a Sannaya Track opened on which a special children’s elevator works. In the high season once a week with 19.00 to 21.00 Offered Night Skating.

White Hare Snowli from Swiss Ski and Snowboard School offers classes with children and kindergarten, Villars Ski School also engages with children from three years directly on Bretaye. The La Trottinette kindergarten is below, in the resort, and may take care of unbagging children from 2 months to 6 years. SWISS SKI AND SNOWBOARD School offers a kindergarten and ski classes (4 years old). Hotel Le Chamois has its own children’s club, and Diablodocus Park works as part of a children’s ski school and offers not only skating, but also child care. Skipasy for all children under 9 years are free. In addition to skiing, you can have a great time with the kids on the rink and snowshoes, it is necessary to ride along the snowy night highway on the sledes in Dyabler.


Grand Chamossaire

With the Village of the Grand Chamossaire Village, there is no less striking panorama. On the one hand, Mont Blanc, as on the palm, on the other – the Swiss peaks of the Bernian Highlands and the valley leaving to the horizon with toy resorts, towns and stroke lakes. From the neighboring mountain Petit Chamossaire can be seen in all its glory resort Leasean with brilliant on top of a panoramic restaurant, an incredibly beautiful valley and a Lake Geneva.

Glacier 3000

The most impressive panorama in the region boasts Glacier 3000. Choking up, you can see not only Mont Blanc and his neighbors, but also almost all Swiss four thousandbies. In good weather, the majestic three of the Jungfrau region (Aiger, Monh and Jungfrau), as well as recognizable neighboring mountains, is especially beautiful. Directly because of the tables of the panoramic restaurant, built on the project of the famous Swiss architect Mario Bott, Matterhorn, Array of Monterosa, Allalin, Mont Blanc and other most beautiful vertices of Europe. However, and on the glacier itself there is a landmark – sticking in the middle of the icy field the cliff Quille du Diable (literally: "Devilskaya Kehel") invariably attracts views.

Our recommendation

Solalex is one of the most amazing places in the region – located above Gryon. Millions of years ago, the ancient sea splashed here (as evidenced by the found fossils), and when it was gone, we were left to admire the sheer cliffs, leaving vertically up and forming an impressive bowl. Having gathered to dine in this place, get ready for a small adventure. The restaurant can only be reached on foot, on Skidaring Skiing or Snowmobile (it is sent when booking a place in the restaurant). You have to do not be too tedious, but very beautiful way to a restaurant offering incredibly delicious fondue, raklet and other traditional dishes.

Lavea Le Ben

An excellent sprocket with its own thermal springs and numerous pools and saunas is located 30 minutes from Villara. Lavea Le Ben allows you to relax and carry out a full-fledged wellness course, local hotels offer small private spa complexes.

Montreux, Vevey and others

Just half an hour from Villara are the legendary towns of Montreux and Vevey, a little further – Lausanne and Geneva with their limitless features for shopping and entertainment. One of the most beautiful monuments of Switzerland is located between Montreux and Willonev – Schilon Castle. In the twentieth century, there was a small fortress in this place, which guarded an important trading path leading to Italy through Senbernar Pass. In the middle of the XIII century, the castle became such as now: he is majestically towers on a small rocky island, reflected in the Lake Geneva. Water Park in Le Bouveret

Located at the Lake Geneva, half an hour from Villara. Waterpark area – 8000 sq.M – all sorts of slides of various heights and complexity, swimming pool with waves, pirate ship, lazy river and other attractions. The park has a beauty center, sauna and pool for adults. Cost 39 CHF for children, 49 CHF for adults.

With myself

In the vicinity of Villara, the canton in and nearby with him the shaft make excellent white and red wines. Choose wine from Bernard Cave – it supplies them to the best hotels in the region. In Dyabler, you can buy a unique tincture of Diablerets Bitter on local mountain herbs, helps from everything: fatigue, cold, poor mood.

In the vicinity of the Dyabler and neighboring villages make unique ETIVAZ cheese – this is a local variety of Gruyer, which is produced in strictly limited quantities on local farms and is practically no exported.


Legendary double cream from Gruyer (as well as from the entire region) is customary to serve to dessert (meringue and fresh berries) in small wooden plates with a pattern or emblem. If you are lucky, in local markets you can buy Poya – created in a special decoration style and paintings from pastoral life.

Hotels: Villars

Family, traditional

Domaine De La Croix de Javernaz 4 *

The cozy recently updated chalet is located near the center of the resort and offers apartments of various squares (up to 100 square meters.m) built in traditional alpine style, with an abundance of wood in the decor. The balconies offer a magnificent view of the Alps, the heated pool works throughout the year. Also guests are offered a jacuzzi in the fresh air, a terrace and the ability to arrange BBQParty. Ski equipment can be left in Skirum at Villara train station. Apartments are recommended to book in advance, especially in high season.

Wellness, family

Hotel du Golf 4 *

Traditional family hotel on 69 rooms is located in the heart of the resort, opposite the station. One of the best suggestions for price quality. Recently updated wellness center with jacuzzi outdoors, sauna and hammam works on Swiss cosmetics and uses salt produced in the nearby town of Bex. The hotel’s restaurant excellent fondue and other cheese dishes, and the Bar of Hotel Du Golf is one of the favorite places among the locals. Friendly and welcoming owners are invariably happy to come to the rescue and just advise where it is better to spend the evening or where to go ride.

Wellness, SKI IN / SKI OUT

Chalet Royalp Hotel & SPA 5 *

The most fashionable resort hotel is built in the style of Alpine Chalet. 63 rooms, 27 of which are suitable, also have apartments for 4 people and more. Opened in 2008, this is the only canton in the mountains in the hotel, which is part of The Leading Hotels of the World. Large Contemporary Spacentle, Cellcosmet and Alpine Pure Altitude Cosmetics – Certified Leading Spa. In the wellness center there is Private SPA, which can be rented for several hours or a day. The hotel is located right away. Stop the train leading to the ski zone – right in front of the hotel. As it should be "Five" This level, the hotel boasts a stylish bar and an extensive wineglass, three restaurants (including a gastronomic), as well as its own cinema where you can come with your own (or guests at the hotel) DVD. The hotel is located 5 minutes’ walk from the center of Villara, transfer to restaurants or gondolas.

Wellness, designer

Les Mazots du Clos

New boutique opened a couple of years ago. Four chalets (in each can live from 2 to 4 people) combined around a large spa complex with saunas, jacuzzi and hammam. The hotel’s sporatorist is considered one of the best in the resort, guests offers a good selection of massages and various procedures.



The cozy hotel is located in the heart of the resort, next to the Christmas market and the central square, opposite the station. In addition to stylish rooms in the hotel there are apartments of various squares, decorated in traditional Alpine style. Restaurant Alpe Fleurie belongs to Craiga Pollok and his spouse and rightly considered one of the best (and most exquisite) at the resort, places in it better book in advance. Guests of the hotel can enjoy the services of the wellness center of the neighboring Hotel Du Golf.


In the villa it is impossible not to notice the Club Med – it is located in a beautiful historic building of Villars Palace in the heart of the resort, above the station. 219 rooms at the hotel’s famous network have recently been updated. Club Med has a restaurant and a fashionable bar, there is a kids club, nursery, kindergarten, care for children of different ages (from 4 months), special adolescent programs. The children’s slope and ski school are in close proximity. There is a swimming pool, sauna and hammam, beauty salon and massage rooms work on PAYOT products. As in other CLUB MED hotels, everything is usually included – from the shuttle to a four-time nutrition, Skipassa and instructor services.

Eurotel Victoria 4 *

One of the biggest hotels in Villara (166 rooms) is located in the center of the resort, the blue route comes to Eurotel Victoria. To the lower station Gondolas one bus stop, to the station about 100 meters on foot. Part of the rooms recently updated. The hotel has a spacious swimming pool and sauna, excellent cuisine – in the Peppino restaurant you can taste dishes with flowers, try excellent pizza and pasta, magnificent lamb and French dishes. Do not ignore the desserts: for them, the restaurant’s chefpovar has repeatedly received all sorts of awards.

The aparthotel with a large swimming pool and sauna is located next to Beau Soleil College, a 10-minute walk from the lift or trains. The optimal solution for the budget trip with the whole family: simple, but spacious apartments with kitchens and everything you need. The hotel has billiards, game room, and the proximity of many restaurants allows you to choose where to go for dinner.

Hotels: Dyabler

Traditional, family

Villar, Canton in. Switzerland


Perhaps the best luxury resort hotel belonging to the same family as the hotel of the same name in Villar. 110 numbers were recently updated. Eurotel Victoria is marked by various awards and quality brand as a traditional Swiss hotel. It has a spacious pool and a sauna, and the restaurant is one of the most visited in the deabler. The welcoming owners and caring staff create a feeling of comfort and heat. In season, the hotel offers many entertainment programs for adults and children. If you do not take into account various apartments and chalets – the optimal option for accommodation with children.


Hotel du Pillon 3 *

Small cozy hotel in six minutes drive from the resort. 12 stylish rooms with balconies and WiFi quite recently updated and tastefully furnished. The owner of the hotel is an artist, spending calm and nature, giving inspiration, so hardly the main thing in choosing a place was a stunning view of the valley.


Les Sources 3 *

48 hotel rooms are located in a quiet scenic location, 300 meters from the center of the resort. The family-run hotel offers accommodation in 4 local rooms, free Wi-Fi. Children under 11 years old are inclusive place in the room with parents for free. Moderate prices for accommodation. The hotel has a good restaurant La Marmotte, a bar and a cabin with a fireplace, a game room and a conference. Guests are also offered free parking.

Le Chamois 3 *

Recently, an updated hotel at 52 rooms is located in the center of the resort, close to the routes. In the cozy bar after Catania, not only guests of the hotel are gather, but also many local, and on the spacious sun terrace it is especially pleasant to sunbathe in the dwelling day. Children are difficult to lead from the game room. Many rooms offer a magnificent view of the MEILLERET array and a glacier.


Unusual, gastronomic

In the restaurant Le Peppino, Shefovar Joel Quentin offers completely unexpected combinations of various herbs and colors with ordinary products. Moreover, flowers, leaves and other parts of edible plants are not a decoration, but the most real side dish and ingredient. For desserts, lavender, roses, tulip and zucchini flowers, chrysanthemums, forget-me-not, begonia and other flowers add to ice cream.


Le Jardin Des Alpes

Located in the only five-star Chalet Royalp Resort, the restaurant fully complies with its status. Dear ingredients and sophisticated dishes, seasonal menus with local products – everything, as it should be. For special occasions you can book a table d’hôte – a table in the kitchen of the restaurant. A unique opportunity not only to chat with a talented grant, but also to see with their own eyes how culinary masterpieces are created.

In the villa is almost impossible to find a place where it would be tasteless, but Le Soleil is not just "one of", This is perhaps the most interesting resort restaurant from a gastronomic point of view. There ruins the charming honey Reznani, with whom you probably already met on the tracks. Lamb for which you can give everything, dishes from Tazhina, magnificent fish and seafood, lobsters and, of course, an impressive selection of desserts. Moroccan cuisine, traditional Swiss and French dishes in unexpected interpretation, excellent selection of wines … It is not by chance that Gault Millau noted Le Soleil in his guide.


Café Restaurant L’etable

Rolling in the Greege sector, it is worth looking into the recently opened L’etable. He will appeal to families with children, and a real gourmet. In addition to canton specialists in and shaft, the restaurant offers an excellent selection of wines, mushroom dishes, excellent lamb and other meat, and a menu for children. Once arriving at this restaurant with children, many become it regulars: in the backyard of the restaurant, built in the building of the old farm, is arranged for pet mini-surround. Children may feed and stroke donks, lambs and other living creatures.

Those who missed truly boors or dumplings, or wants to just eat tasty meat on the grill, it is worth looking at Le Resto (the restaurant is located at the highway above Gryon, but open in the evening). His mistress from Russia not only taught her husband from Alsace to prepare the right borsch, but he will be happy to discuss with you the subtleties of local recipes or tell me that it is better to use for a real shukrut or flamesheukha.



Alchemy restaurant, very popular with young people (prestigious Beau Soleil – very close) – primarily in his kitchen. Magnificent tartars, unchanged, but always popular Swiss cuisine dishes, different types of fondue and other cheese dishes and excellent desserts.

La Rôtisserie des Alpes

Right on the central square, in the center of the resort life are preparing excellent meat dishes. Flambe or lamb, burning on your table, long-haired in the oven at low temperatures – among your favorite specialty. Table recommended booking in advance.

Mountain, traditional

Restaurant du Lac de Bretaye

At the glade, Breti should be climbing even with a bitty to look at Philip Savio – the owner of the restaurant. As many years ago, it offers simple, but incredibly delicious mushroom dishes, game, pork steering wheel and traditional homemade dishes (Menu from 2530 CHF).


Live music and rocknroll can be listened to Cafe Central in Village or Harabee Cafe in Barboleuse. For a relaxed atmosphere and good drinking better to go to Charlie’s Bar, Murphy’s Wine Bar, The Jazz or Blues Bar in Villar; In Ragot d’Elfe in Gryon. Best Disco in Villar – El Gringo. In Dyabler, nightlife is almost absent, with the exception of several bars and intercourse. Maroccan Bar, Atomix Bar, B’Bar Disco and Pote Saloon – Other features for night entertainment. Les Vioz – a good place for mulled wine.

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