Villar: on the village by the summer

Villar will now associate a long time with the village. And, first of all, not because of his remoteness from the whole worldly bustle, but because of the atmospheric of forgotten childhood reigning here. But first things first.

From Montreux to Villara, we traveled at the crossbars: by train to Eil and upstairs to the mountains on something like a long-distance tram, which drives several small settlements. Our hotel turned out to be in the center, which was very convenient, as the hotel on the outskirts of the city had to go integer than 10 minutes. I understood the most idea of ​​the distance, it is not difficult to guess that the city does not represent special entertainment. Couple of hotels, restaurants, street with shops and tram depot. Well, in one word, the village.

In the morning, we came to us our friend and first of all handed over the Free Access Card card, which gives the right to use all types of transport in the region, visiting tennis courts, swimming pools and a whole bouquet of discounts in local institutions. Such cards receive any guest of the city, which stopped here more than three days. It turned out that this piece of plastic is pretty necessary thing here. If you stay inside the city, you get bored pretty soon, but it is easy to look around and becoming obvious that Villar is a solid holidays in Prostokvashino.

  • In short, the village
  • Visit to tasting
  • Walk around the neighborhood

We dress shorts, go for wine. A 15-minute drive in Ollon lives two-meter black winemaker named Harald Kropt. You can drink with him, and talk about Swiss wrestling. No wonder he took second place in the regional championship. By the way, he began to produce wine in the same year. Nearby his father is sitting, blonde swiss. As a bizarre Local Genofond: He met his wife in Africa. And now we drink an excellent SHASL and listen to the history of this black Swiss about his grandfather by a police officer who lived in this city a hundred years ago and also engaged in wrestling.

After the wine tasting you need to walk. We are going to Pas de Cheville gorge, it is located at an altitude of 2038 m. Here are quiet cows, hand horses and, say that half-hour walk there is a secret lake. We do not eat bread, give something secret to see. But, at the beginning, still bread and fondue: Swiss hospitality – the hungry walk here is not allowed here. Eviating even a crust from cheese on the bottom of the kitty, we still go to a notched lake. Around quiet so that it seems I hear the thoughts of Roma. The next pass opens the valley, all covered with multi-colored dots of colors and piercing green lake. They say, if you go down to him and drink water, live for 5 years longer. With the Swiss Medical Insurance Card it would be somehow calmer, but it had to drink mountainwliness.

Villar on the village by the summer

Willar is getting fat and eccents. Therefore, we are not surprised when descending into the city near us stops the four-seater MORGAN 1920 year of release. Chauffeur, twisting mustache. No, he did not have a mustache, but this attribute would definitely go to him, since the rest of the costume – a copy of the car enthusiast of the first half of the 20th century. The driver’s name is Samuel and about the place he will tell a lot of interesting things, because in the past he is a school teacher on history. We sit down in a convertible and we go on a mountain serpentine. Stay in the meadow and here in the hands of Samuel appears a bottle of white wine, glasses. As a scenario, the sun rises over the horizon and the sky is painted in scarlet paints.

  • Morgan 1920
  • Cheese fondue
  • Summer cafes tables

Of course, my childhood in the village was somewhat different, but the emotions that I experienced today were absolutely such: delight, surprise, research and some kind of children’s ease. It’s all here, just you need to become a little adventurer.

Where to eat

Cookie. The first project of the Avcratral chef, who immediately brought him the glory of local Gordon Ramsi. A small menu, a simple feed, but all the dishes are made so high quality and immaculately that I want to order everything and with additive. Cookie Bar Restaurant, Route de Solalex Tel. +41 (0) 24 498 22 33

Clos Fleuri. Here you can try the seasonal traditional food. Pretty high prices, but this is due to the high professionalism of the chef and the recommendations of all the main gastronomic guides. 76 AV. A. Raimond F – 42270 Saint-Priest-En-Jarez

La R&# 244; Tisserie des alpes. This is a classic local institution in which local residents are more often walking than tourists. Try here Lamb with brandy, Roischti and beef tartar. But this place is known, mainly due to the best steak in the city. La R&# 244; Tisserie des alpes. Rue Centrale. TEL. +41 (0) 24 495 21 26

Where to stay

Hotel du Golf. A four-star hotel that has one family has three generations. Top Rooms Overlooking Mountains. At the bottom of the hotel there is a small SPA. Rue Centrale Place De La Gare, Tel. +41 (0) 24 496 38 38

Villar on the village by the summer

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