Vilnius – The capital of Lithuania and the city with a rich history and at the same time – a great place to relax and tourism. Modern culture of the city of Vilnius fully reflects the wealth and a variety of city life of the Baltic States. As in the Middle Ages, Vilnius is one of the most important cultural centers of Eastern Europe.

In addition, Vilnius – This is also one of the most ancient cities in Lithuania. He is known for his difficult and great history, majestic and unique architectural monuments and amazing beauty by nature. The city perfectly get along with each other of the church and cathedrals, cozy cafes and restaurants, and the Pearl of the capital of Lithuania is the magnificent Old Town. In Vilnius, comfortable hotels and a huge amount of greenery everywhere – Luxury Parks, Small Squares.

Over the past 10 years, many positive changes have occurred in Vilnius: cultural life has become more active – The days of the city began to be celebrated, numerous events are held, which attract an increasing number of tourists from all over the world. Old Town of Vilnius in recent years has been seriously reconstructed and acquired special beauty and become. He is taken under the protection of UNESCO and entered the list of monuments of world cultural heritage.

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What is interesting to see in Vilnius?

Top sights Vilnius

Gate Auschros

Cathedral of Vilnius

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Vilnius: Excursions and Events

In order to create an impression of such an interesting and old city, like Vilnius, it is worth going on a sightseeing tour of the old town. In the course of traveling in Vilnius, it will be possible to inspect this amazing island of Middle Ages in detail with its charming narrow intricate streets, as if frozen in time with cozy courtyards, seeking by the Gothic chicks and magnificent baroque temples, residential houses with roofs of red tiles.

A trip to Kaunas and the Pazhaislis Monastery will last all day. The group will visit Kaunas – the second largest city in the country. Earlier, Kaunas was the temporary capital of Lithuania. During the excursion you can see the Old Town, the Unusual Museum of the devils and the panorama of Kaunas. On the way to Kaunas, it will be possible to inspect the architectural ensemble of the 17th century – Magnificent Monastery Pariyslisa.

Another interesting excursion in Vilnius – Travel to the amazing city of Trakai, who was before the ancient capital of the Principality of Lithuanian, located just 30km from the capital. The main attraction of the city is the Trakai Castle, which is the only island castle in Eastern Europe.

Excursion to Rumshishkes – Folklore Museum in the open air, is configured all day and introduces guests with a museum located in 80km from Vilnius, talking about the life of the Lithuanian people. This is a huge park, which occupies an area of ​​40 acres. Here are four regions of Lithuania as they looked 100 years ago. Some houses and utensils moved here from the former places of their stay. In the summer you can see even workers in the field that are dressed in traditional costumes.

History of Vilnius

Climate in Vilnius

The climate in Vilnius is moderately continental and is characterized by not too high temperatures in the summer months and quite comfortable in winter without stress frost. In the winter months, the air temperature in Vilnius, on average, keeps within about -2°C. -5°C, which makes winter in the city of soft, with a small number of truly frosty days.

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Thanks to a temperate climate, in Vilnius in summer, the air temperature is approximately +18°C. +twenty°C, which characterizes the summer here as not very roast. The summer months are most favorable to visit the city of Vilnius, which can be seen on the temperature schedule, looking at the weather in Vilnius for months.

Vilnius: Entertainment and Active Leisure

Vilnius is always ready to offer its guests a large number of sports and active entertainment. For example, ice skating – entertainment, affordable and children and adults available in Vilnius due to rinks with artificial ice. These rollers can be visited at any time of the year. Sports and entertainment center "Acropolis" in Vilnius – the best place for this occupation.

Bicycle walks are very popular in Vilnius. They are suitable for those who want to support a good physical form, and those who want to explore the city and its sights. Cycling along the capital of Lithuania and its surroundings – Interesting and useful type of leisure. Bicycle can be rented. In the warm season in Vilnius, special cycling excursions are organized.

Fans of outdoor activities can be advised to go to the famous Wilnius Water Park – Vichy, decorated in Polynesian style. In this water park there are three thematic sectors – underwater with fish, octopus and sunken ships, water – It is a pool with one and a half meter waves and a river that flows throughout the park, snowy – Room, imitating winter weather, here is always -10°C and snow. For small visitors there is a playground.

Transport features Vilnius

In Vilnius, a well-developed network of public transport. It is represented by 20 trolley buses and about 60 bus routes. Tickets for public transport in Vilnius can be purchased in kiosks "Lietuvos spauda" or directly from the driver. Disposable travel tickets in trolley buses and buses are 2 litas in kiosks and 2.50 when buying from the driver. Fines for unpaid passing fairly high – About 100-200 litas (see the current course of Lithuanian Lita to Euro, dollar and ruble).

Also in Vilnius and the surroundings can be moved by taxi. The most optimal option is to order a taxi by phone (all dispatchers speak quite well in Russian). The fare for a taxi in Vilnius is 2 liters per kilometer plus 3 litas for the challenge.

In the coming years it is planned to start the tram lines of the new generation. At the moment, this project is under development.

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