Vineyards Silverleik in Pattaya

Thaisy love European landscape design. Cute houses of different colors, neat flower beds, classic Angel Statues and Fountains – Fashion Trends in Thailand. Pattaya has built several attractions with European features: Tropical Park Nong Nuch, Mimosa, Palace of Chicken King, Swiss Farm of Sheep and Vineyards Silverleik. About last place and will be speech in this article.

Italy’s corner in Pattaya

In 2002, the star of Thai Lavorna with her husband bought land near the center of Pattaya. Family couple always loved Italy, good wine and pleasant music in the atmosphere of luxury gardens. They decided to build a unique corner of Europe in Thai Earth and grow grapes. Specialist from Australia was invited to create excellent fault.

A few years later, a park, restaurant and playground for concerts were built on the territory of the Vineyards Silverlake. Convenient location near Mount Khao Chi Chang with the Golden Image Buddha attracts dozens of thousands of Thai and foreign tourists every year. Anyone can ride a park, see the process of production of wine and participate in tasting.

To date, Silverlake Vineyard is the only vineyards in Pattaya, as well as a pleasant place for walking and photographing. Excursion here comes here and children and adults. Thais love to be photographed on the background of the mill in colors and in bizarre scenery of the garden. Silverleik can be boldly to enter the list of the most photo-hairy places for Instagram.

Observation deck, garden and italian courtyard

Vineyards are divided into free and paid part. Near parking spread a typical Italian garden with arbors. The entrance is free. The garden is decorated with traditional alive hedges of strict geometric shape, flower beds with flowers and sculptures. In the gazebos, smoking greens, love to spend time Thais. Especially at sunset.

At the entrance to the park spread the courtyard in a typical Italian style with a coffee shop, ticket office and shop. From the observation deck the picturesque panoramas on the vineyards. Territory decorated in Italian style: arches, fountain, flower arrangements and a large terrace with round benches. Enters here too free. If you arrived closer to the sunset, I recommend to look into the coffee shop and drink a refreshing drink with a gorgeous view of the vineyards. Besides free attractions, you can go on a photo-spot tour.

Tours in the park Silverle

Paid tour of the sights takes 30-40 minutes. You will be transported around the territory in the open trailer. In the park, organize two types of tours – abbreviated and full with visiting winery. The cost of tickets includes either a bottle of grape juice, or two wine glasses in the wine cellar.

You will see grape fields, greenhouses, mill in colors, photo-like, Italian kindergarten overlooking the Golden Buddha image on Mount Khao Chi Chan and Winery. At each stop, the trailer stops and waiting for visitors to photograph. Independent tours in the park are not tied to time and are organized as the group is established. And you can walk through the territory yourself, but it is huge.

The best time for tours – in the morning and closer to the sunset. Day in the park is quite hot. The trailer for tours with the roof, but on the territory itself there are few places where you can hide from the scorching sun.

Music events

From time to time the park is organized by different concerts, music festivals, holidays and farm markets. ASanee Vasan veterans were performed here, concerts of Thai-French tenor Yves Baron, Jazz-Bend Dutch Swing, MELLOW MOTIF, MODERN DOG, 25 Hours groups, Paradox and other famous singers. Holidays remain unchanged. The lake spread the platform for performances around which the tables are exhibited. In the park you can mark Catholic Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Songkran, Father’s Day. Tickets are usually standing around 1200 baht, including dinner.

Vineyards and Silverleyk Pattaya Pattaya Pattaya Corner Italy in Thailand, prices, how to get Pattaya Guide

Wine Silver Lake and other goods

In the store you can buy Silverlek products. Jams, juice, cookies, wine – everything you can do from grapes. As well as dried fruits, dried seafood, fruit iris and other desserts. Prices for the bottle of wine begins from 650 baht for Chardonnay and 750 baht for Cabernet Sauvignon or Sira. Near Parking is a small shop of flowers and plants.

Restaurant with vineyards

Main Restaurant for Vineyards – Silverlake Wine & Grill – located opposite the park itself. Thai surrounding provinces consider it status. For Europeans, he will seem ordinary. I can not say that here is served some kind of exquisite food. Rather, the view from the terrace opens beautiful. Especially at sunset. Yes, and the thais themselves in the central region love all European. In the evenings of people a lot. In the Thai dishes, pizza, paste, seafood, steaks and all kinds of local wine. Prices are above average. I would advise a snack in a coffee shop at the entrance to the park. Or drink coffee there with a beautiful view of the vineyards.

How to get to vineyards

Park is located 23 kilometers from the center of Pattaya. Single ways to get – your own transport or taxi. City SongTeo do not go here. They pass on succums of 7 kilometers from vineyards. Taxi from the city center will cost around 300 baht. Better negotiate a trip to both sides. Near vineyards hard to catch the car.

Independent travelers, it is necessary to combine vineyards with other attractions. Nearby Landmarks For All Day – Thematic Park of Legend Siam, Tropical Garden Nong Nuch, Water Parks Ramayana and Cartoon Network Amazon. In Silverlak, you can drive a way to military beaches Sai Keo and Nang Rams or Bangsaray. Very close, on the same street with vineyards, are inverted house, rock Khao Chi Chan with the Golden Image of Buddha, Swiss Sheep Farm.

Vineyards and Silverleyk Pattaya Pattaya Pattaya Corner Italy in Thailand, prices, how to get Pattaya Guide

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