Vinyales Valley in Cuba

Vinyales Valley is a unique natural landscape in the west of Cuba. This sea air, mountain heights, amazing vegetation.

These are mysterious caves with underground rivers, disliked on each other Mountains and rock paintings of the modern artist. This is a visit to the village of Culture Palenk, it is an equestrian walk in the mountains and a sea of ​​tobacco plantations.

This is a tasting of a local tobacco and cigar, it is familiar with the colorful locals and their traditions.

And, of course, these are positive emotions from what.

How to get to Vinhalesa

From Havana and Trinidad to Vinyales and back the buses of Viazul, the terminal of which is located near the zoo. Buses route "Havana-Vinyales" all the days of the week at 9:00 and then at 14:00. Largest ride 3, 5 hours, the ticket costs 12 dollars. Route "Vinyales Havana" Makes two flights daily: at 7:30, and then at 14:00. On the way you will be 3, 5 hours, pay 12 dollars per ticket.

By the valley itself, a bus with an excursion goes nine times a day. He drives off from the main park in the village. The first flight bus will perform at 9 am, and the last – at 19:10. The excursion tour lasts a little more than an hour, and includes stops in 18 places of the valley.

How much will visit the colorful corner of Cuba

To be easier to plan your trip to the valley, we offer to order an excursion for one day, including departure from Havana (and return to it), a visit to the orchid park, to the El Salto Waterfall, stop at the Los Jasmines viewing area, visiting the caves, walk on Boat in the underground river, with a check-in in Mural de la Perehistoria, acquaintance with tobacco business (with cultivation and tobacco processing). And if you also equip the local Pina Kolada, coffee and Cuban cuisine, then the trip to Vinyales is more than succeeded. Such a tour will cost about 170-190 CUC. By time he will take 10-12 hours.

Guide driver services, on average, cost 70-80 CUC per day. In Vinhales itself, 15 Cuc is the opportunity to order a three-hour tour of the valley. Tour of bicycles with a guide costs about 20 dollars. Entrance to the cave costs 5 CUC. A visit to the Cave of Santo-Thomas is possible only with the guide and costs 10 CUC.

How long will the landmark acquaintance last

Plan your trip with this calculation that you will have at least 3-4 hours to familiarize yourself with all the beauties.

I do not recommend walking, because it takes you a lot of time and effort. Take advantage of equestrian and cycling tours. Traveling on a car, of course, will be comfortable in all respects, but it is deprived of some "highlight".

Tours along the valley from tourist firms in time pass from 6-8 hours to 2 days.

Pages of the history of centuries-old natural creation

Vinyales Valley is located 132 km2, from the capital of Cuban province Pinar del Rio, it separates it 30 kilometers. Karst lowland surround the mountains of Sierra de Los Organism. UNESCO since 1999 included a cultural landscape of the valley to its World Heritage List.

Even before European settlements in the valley, Taine tribes lived. Tobacco magnates who came from the Canary Islands, colonized the area where modern Vinyales is located in the 1800s. The Europeans first settled in the valley in 1871, and it was the ranch of Don Andreas Ernades Ramos. Vinyales is based in 1878.

This terrain is rich in ethnocultural history. The folk architecture of Cuban villages and farms has been preserved in the valley and its surrounding.

The fame of Vinyales Valley brought the hills ("Mogota" – from Spanish "a stack of hay") up to 400 meters high. They have flat peaks and a decent age – about 160 million years. In the mountains there are a lot of caves, among popular news from the cave of the Indian (it was open in 1920), Santo-Thomas, Jose Miguel. In the cave of Santo-Thomas, which is considered by one of the largest in Latin America, takes place 45 km of the gallery fascinating with their beauty.

In Vinyales, a settlement of runaway slaves Palencé de Los Simamarrenes has been preserved. In the botanical garden on the territory of the valleys, endemic plants are growing, among which you will see a seating tree, a Gussea excellent, microcycas of a beautiful, Cayman Oak. Animals are distinguished by unique in the valley. Humming-bee, small Cuban reel, Truncron, Cuban Todi live in Vinyazse.

Famous "Prehistoric fresco", Created in 1961 by the artist Leovihildo Gonzalez, is at the foot of Sierra de Vignales, 617-meter mountains. The picture has a length of 150 meters and towers 120 meters up. On it, the author depicted the theory of evolution: prehistoric animals and people.

There are several villages in the valley, more than 10 thousand people live in them. They are engaged in cultivation of tobacco, and use equestrian craving for this. Tobacco It turns out such quality what is considered the best in the world. In Vinyales, tobacco do it since 1875. 70% of tobacco on Cuba produced on plantations Vinyales Valley.

The value of the valley consists in amazing symbiosis of cultures: the indigenous Cuban population, African slaves and Spanish colonializers. Houses in the villages have retained a colonial style plan: built of one-story houses with terraces.

Valley Not one decade attracts tourists to him, hit by its pristine beauty, the unusual of the landscape and mysterious "delights" of the Mother of Nature.

Vinyales Valley in Cuba

What attracts Vinyales Tourists Valley

Hiking, horseback and bus tours will get acquainted with the beauty and uniqueness of flora and lowland fauna, its past and today. Excursion to the tobacco farm will give the opportunity to see with their own eyes how tobacco excellent quality grown. Active tourists waiting for motorbike riding. In the mountains of Vinyales will be able to show their skills of climbers, but the outfit is better to take with you.

From the observation deck of one of the hotels will open excellent views of the surrounding area. There is also a pointer that informs about the distance to the capitals of the world (Moscow, however, there is no). Can make beautiful frames.

Tips for tourists coming to Vinyales

– For colorful and unique photos, it is better to come to the valley at sunrise or sunset.

– On the territory of Vinyales, a small restaurant is located in which you can eat.

– Nearby you will see hotels where you can do. If this type of housing is expensive for you, then use the departments for rent housing locals. Prices they start from 10-15 cookies. Travel, the cost of living can be reduced by 2 times.

– It is advisable to rent a car and drive around the valley, as well as in the city of the same name and nearby villages, on the car.

– For those tourists who love equestrian tourism, we advise you to ride all the beauties of the area on horseback. They can be rented in local travel agencies or the owners of homes.

– When you go from Havana to Vinyales Valley, ask the guide or driver to start you in the orchid park. In addition to beautiful orchids, it will see a lot of exotic plants in it.

– While traveling to hot weather, capture water with you, dine the headdress and a detached comfortable shoes. Clothes should cover legs and hands to not get burns from sunlight.

Places where nature is particularly "tried" on earth, quite a few. Do not miss the chance to visit one of them.

Vinyales Valley in Cuba

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