Violets for dessert

Violets for dessert

Arriving to another country, we are interested not only by museums, monuments or beaches, but also choose what to buy yourself for memory or friends as a gift. "Friday" Opens a rubric "Warm place", which will tell that and where to bring.

Many of these colors and trees will grow up in the Moscow region in the open soil, while others – in pots on the windowsill or in the tub, which will need to be removed into the room. It is possible that on the border will have to undergo phytosanitarian control, but it is a simple formality. You still need a check and invoice, where your surname and Russian address will be indicated. All this will be issued to you when buying, and the seedlings also pack for transportation in baggage (in the salon with them is hardly empty). Transportation of plants does not represent special difficulties, but for the importation of land (if, say, you have a plant in a pot), additional permissions may be required, so it’s better not to risk. Well, if the living plants do not interest you, bring candied flowers from the azure shore or the recipe for soup from roses.

Flower market

It is necessary to start acquaintance with the local flora here, in Old Nice. Even if you are not going to buy anything, you still need to go here. Oakhas of red and purple anemones are only a few euros, but of course they are far away. But you can remember Henri Matisse, who wrote still lifes with the anemons and settled in Nice in 1921, admiring the multi-fifth of the azure shore. The market works on weekends, there are a huge amount of cuttings and seedlings of local plants: strawberry tree, jasmine from the Grass or Ceratonia.

Cours Saleya, Rue Droite

Shop "Phiol"

Here sells seeds. The store is right behind the flower market, and here should be visited if you liked some kind of plant, but it is difficult to transport. Fiol family has been engaged in seeds for three decades and offers buyers a choice of more than 3000 varieties of rare vegetables, trees and flowers. Seeds are decomposed on a tiny drawer of an antique wooden cabinet, which occupies a whole wall. Packages are less than 5 euros per piece. Buying local varieties of leaf beets and zucchini (one of them is round and short, and the other long and light green, topped with velvet yellow-red flower), as well as purple artichokes, caustrino and basil.

Le Fol, 10, Rue Alexandre Mari

A cafe "La Meranda"

To find out what will grow out of your seeds, we have a tiny bistro, which serves zucchini flowers in deep fryer and stuffed seasonal vegetables. For dessert, go to any pastry. Sheet beets with raisins and nuts sprinkled with sugar powder – the most local ordinary dish – in Moscow will seem exotic.

La Meranda, 4, Rue Raoul Bosio

Confectionery "Florian"

The old port is a boutique where the candies and sweets are sold from flowers. You can buy chocolate with a filling from verbena and jasmine, shortbread with pink petals and a large range of seasonings. All this is easily transported in a suitcase.

Confiserie Florian, 14, Quai Papacino

Factory "Florian"

On the car you can go to the factory "Florian" In the town of Turnett-sur-Lo, who is considered the French capital of violets. From Monday to Friday, you can not only buy sweets here, but also see how they are preparing: just assembled oranges, lemons, bergamot cut, placed under the press and dip chocolate or sugar syrup.

Le Pont Du Loup, 06140 Tourrettes-Sur-Loup.
Free visit to the museum: Mon-Fri, 9.00-12.00, 14.00-18.thirty

Culinary courses

V "Culinary workshop", Which in 2007 opened the cook Yves Terrine, you can learn how to prepare garnish from crispy, with a flavor of the begonia nut and sharp, like radish, nasturtium. The lesson takes an hour and a half. You can not learn anything, but just sit down for a table in front of the window with a view of the gorge and order violets in the dough, a carpaccio of sea scallops with a side dish and a hot chocolate soup with fresh lychee and roses.

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