Visa center in Perm – how to make visas in Perm

How to make a visa?
Visa can be obtained independently or with the help of agencies. Schengen visas covered all sorts of myths. In fact, get a Schengen visa in Perm is easy and simple.

Since September 2008, our 59Travel visa center is engaged in visa support for residents of the Perm Territory, and also has regular customers and partners in other cities of Russia (Chelyabinsk region., Udmurtia, Khanty-Mansiysk JSC, Tyumen region., Krasnoyarsk Territory and even Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky).

Please do not confuse our visa department of independent travel agency 59travel with some other firms with loud names. Trust the agency that is professionally engaged in visas.

Our agency is ready to provide professional support in any visa issue, to instruct about independent travel, book accommodation and buy tickets.

Dates of registration of visas from 4 to 10 business days. Usually the visa is done within 7-8 business days. Terms of manufacture of urgent visas: 3-4 working days. Types of visas that can be obtained: single, twin, multi (for multiple visits) for up to five years.

From September 14, 2015. All applicants for a Schengen visa over 12 years old are necessary once in 5 years to pass biometric data.

7 – 8 business days

7 200
4 500 ₽ (child up to 6 years old)

7 – 8 business days

5 600 ₽
2 000 ₽ (child up to 6 years old)
€ 135 (in rubles) – urgent visa, 6 business days

7 000 ₽
5 000 ₽ (child up to 6 years old)

One-time visa for up to 3 months
12 500

– Passport, valid at least 6 months from the date of departure from Ireland
– Old passport
– 2 Colored photos on a white background3.5 x 4.5 cm, not older than 6 months
– Copies of the pages of the Russian passport: all with marks;
– Hotel reservation or invitation;
– certificate of work / study / retirement certificate;
– Help from the bank about the availability of funds (at least € 70 per stay);
– medical insurance (you can arrange from us);
– A copy of the marriage certificate (even if the spouse does not accompany on the trip)

7 500 ₽ (at the previously disposed biometry)
5 000 ₽ (child up to 6 years old)

– passport, valid at least 90 days from the date of departure from Norway;

from 1 000 rubles (preparation of documents for personal filing)

from 1 000 ₽ (preparation of documents for personal feed)

6 000 ₽
4 000 ₽ (child up to 6 years old)

Visa center in Perm - how to make visas in Perm

Dates for registration 7-8 business days

€ 150 (in rubles; if the biometry passed earlier)
€ 115 (in rubles, child up to 6 years old)

6 400 ₽ (applicant from 6 to 12 years and giving biometry earlier)
3 500 ₽ (child up to 6 years old)

The price includes all the necessary fees.

Before prepare documents, we recommend contacting us so that we send you a list of documents with clarifications and comments, the easiest way to make a request for 59travel @ Mail.RU or call bodies. +7 (342) 202-02-59, it is also recommended to read Article 10 of the most common mistakes when collecting documents for a Schengen visa

If you have had at least one Schengen visa over the past 2 years, then there is an opportunity to get a semi-annual visa for 90 days (90/180), and if there were two of them, then you can get an annual or two-year visa with a stay in Schengen 90 days in each half a year (90 + 90/360). Consulate of Spain in most cases issues all semi-annual multivitsis (90/180), in the presence of Spanish visas with departures of arrival / departure airports in Spain – annual and two-year. In the presence of Schengen visas, there are often long-term multivisas such as countries like: France, Greece, Czech Republic, Latvia, Estonia, Slovakia, Netherlands.

We also provide assistance in the design of packages for personal submission of documents (translation certificates, buying tickets, booking hotels, recording for filing and t.D.). The cost of preparing documents (with personal submission): from 1 000 rubles

Additional documents for a child under 18:
1. Copy of birth certificate;
2. Certificate from educational institution;
3. Consent to the departure of a child abroad from a non-coming parent with a copy of his Russian passport (main + registration);

Additional documents on pensioners:
1. A copy of the pension certificate;
2. Certificate from the bank about the availability of funds;
or sponsored letter with a certificate from the bank and a certificate from the work of the sponsor with a document confirming the relationship;

You can find out about possible additional requirements and nuances by calling us by phone, we will gladly tell all the details.

Visa center in Perm - how to make visas in Perm

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