Visa to Finland: how will they now decorate Schengen

From September 1, a simplified regime of visas registration regime will not be valid for the Finnish for living in the North-West Federal District of the Russian Federation. There are no detailed information about new rules, but something is already clear.

Briefly about changes

Earlier for living in the capital, St. Petersburg, Karelia, Leningrad and Murmansk regions acted simplified visa registration mode: travelers filled out the statement and together with insurance, photography, passports with a copy with a copy of the Finnish visa. Visa was also paid. From September 1, there will also have to add housing reservations to this set of documents, in which the tourist plans to stop while traveling, and tickets, or if there is no, the description of the route in writing. To confirm the presence of finance, you can provide a certificate from the place of work, which indicates the amount of wages, an extract from the bank, where the movements of funds for the 3 previous months are visible, documents proving that the tourist has real estate in Russia.

In the diplomsses they say that changes are entered in order to equalize the list of documents requested by Finland with the requirements of the Schengen states.

What salary and the amount in the bank account will be considered sufficient to issue a visa, the Consulate was not yet told. Usually for traveling to Europe, the amount is calculated taking into account the duration of the trip and may differ for different states. But, as a rule, it is at least €60–65 day. By September of this year, a complete list of documents is promised to place on the visa site website.

And what about travel by car for 1 day?

The consulate explains that tourists who are planning day travel or shop tours, you need to provide a travel plan and / or tickets, or any reservation. And the department focuses on the fact that as before, the decision will be made individually taking into account visa history. In other words, if a person has previously drove in Lappeenranta for a day, as evidenced by stamps, questions from a diplomatic mission will most likely not.

Ride by car for day – Ordinary story, and all European diplomatic missions give visas in such cases. It is important only to show the route trip and briefly tell about the plans. The advantage will be a ready-made Green card (car insurance).

A multivis?

You can submit documents to a multiple visa, even if the first planned journey – On one day. Need to tell you what are you going to do during this trip. If you doubt the solution of the visa center, in a statement in the column for dincts write, where and why do you want to travel in a multiple visa.

Finland does not plan to suspend the issuance of Multivis (by the way, last year they accounted for over 99% of visas issued in St. Petersburg). At the moment, the most often Finland opens Schengen on 12–24 months old – for 36 months.

Is it possible to place a visa for 5 years?

EU is going to simplify the procedure for issuing visas by law-abiding tourists. Those will be able to open a five-year visa if the rules for using Schengen will be followed. Interestingly, some states give Russian visas for 5 years and today. Official statistical data showing which states and how many years more often than others are open Schengen, but judging by tourists from Russia in open sources, usually give them multivitz for 5 years in France, Italy, Greece.

Finland gives such visas to a little. It will apply a new visa policy at the end of 2019., Therefore, the conditions for registration of a visa for 5 years of law-abiding tourists will tell later.

Visa in Finland as will now issue Schengen

Does the visa be obtained first to go to Finland?

According to the Schengen Regulations, if the tourist has a multivisa, it is not necessary to first enter the state where it was framed. The total period of staying in the territory of the state that opened Schengen should be more than the term of the total stay in other countries of Schengen. At the same time, for Finland, it is very desirable to enter its territory more often than in other countries.

And what are the requirements of other states?

In second place in the number of visas issued in St. Petersburg – Estonia. In the package of documents to the Consulate General should be: a passport with a copy, photography, medical insurance, a hotel reservation with a 100% prepayment (so that it cannot be canceled), as well as an old passport, if Shengen stood in it. In addition, it is important to pay for the visa collection, prove solvency (it is considered at the rate of 58 euros per day). Additionally, it is advisable to attach tickets, thereby showing the route.

When applying for a visa to the Consulaters of Italy, you need to make tickets, hotel reservation. Also need financial warranty. Fixed trips for a period of up to 5 days – €270. If the tourist plans to stay in Italy for 6–10 days, fixed amount increases at the rate +€45 day. For traveling duration of 11 days and more: €52 +€37 for day. In addition, the consulate can ask a travel plan, especially those who travel by car.

Greece requires reservation (airline tickets and hotel), as well as Help 2-NDFL. If there is no regular enough income at the place of work, you need to attach other confirmation of solvency, for example, an extract from the bank.

Addressing the Consulate of Spain, be also ready to provide data on wages, or an extract from the bank to show that you can spend from 65 euros per day and at least 581 euros for the whole trip. You will need to attach a ticket to the documents, confirmation of hotel armor.

The article is prepared on the materials of the site OQ Copenter, in any of the points of which you can take a picture for a visa in 5 minutes. If you urgently need photos for documents for paperwork, choose one of the 39 cop centers at the metro station in St. Petersburg.

Visa in Finland as will now issue Schengen

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