Visa in Guinea-Bissau

If you planned a trip to Guinea-Bissau, you will need a visa. Visa in Guinea-Bissau Tourists are drawn up in advance at the Consulate of Guinea-Bissau, it is also possible to receive a visa to Guinea-Bissau upon arrival in the country (in case the stay in the country will be no more than 90 days). Note that the Consulate of Guinea Bissau is located in Moscow.

Visa in Guinea-Bissau upon arrival

If you have decided to get a visa in Guinea-Bissau upon arrival, you need to enter the country to present a valid foreign passport when entering the country (note that the passport must be valid throughout the trip), as well as pay the visa collection. Visa Size – 85 euros (either 50 thousand xof). It should be added that, according to the immigration rules of Guinea-Bissau, the tourist should have offer tickets that he will have to make on arrival in the country. In the case of their absence, you will need tickets to the country where you are heading. Moreover, to obtain a visa to Guinea-Bissau, upon arrival, it is necessary to impose a confirmation of the presence of a sufficient amount of funds (it should be noted that in practice the border guards do not often request this document).

We add that the validity of the visa obtained upon arrival in Guinea-Bissau is 90 days.

Visa in Guinea-Bissau in the consulate

To make a trip to Guinea-Bissau, tourists need to get a visa. This can be done by contacting the Consulate of the country located in Moscow. Below you cite a list of documents required to obtain a visa to Guinea-Bissau:

  • International passport. Note that the term of the foreign passport of the tourist planning to receive a visa to Guinea-Bissau must exceed the tenure of the traveler in the country.
  • To get a visa to Guinea-Bissau, prepare two questionnaires that you need to fill in French.
  • To get a visa to Guinea-Bissau, take 2 photos. Photo format – passport. The face of the tourist in the photo should be recognizable, it is impossible to be photographed in the headdress. Size photo for a visa in Guinea-Bissau – 3.5 to 4.5 cm. Stock Foto must be color.
  • To get a visa to Guinea-Bissau you will need an invitation. It is necessary to present the original invitation to the consulate or its fax copy.
  • Visa in Guinea-Bissau - the cost and documents for registration of a visa in Guinea-Bissau Travel Guide
  • Also when submitting documents for a visa to Guinea-Bissau, you will need a certificate from work and an extract from the bank account.
  • If you do not personally submit documents for a visa to Guinea-Bissau, provide a notarial power of attorney for the courier.
  • For travelers under the age of 18, it is necessary to provide a birth certificate, as well as certified by the notary consent to departure to Guinea-Bissau, granted by the parent, who remains in Russia.

The deadline for making a visa in Guinea-Bissau

Visa in Guinea-Bissau is manufactured within 3 working days. However, in some circumstances, this period may be increased.

Visa cost in Guinea-Bissau

Visa collection to obtain a visa in Guinea-Bissau is missing.

Duration of the visa in Guinea-Bissau

Tourist visa in Guinea-Bissau is valid for 90 days from the date of receipt.


  • Tourists under the age of 16, who plan to receive a visa in Guinea-Bissau, fit into the visa of their parents, who are also sent on a journey to Guinea-Bissau.
  • At the entrance to the country, all tourists are obliged to present a document that they made a vaccination against yellow fever. Vaccination can be made in the polyclinic number 13 in the central vaccine paragraph. Address: Neglinnaya, 14.
  • Citizens of Russia have the right to free movement in Guinea-Bissau.
  • If you follow through Guinea-Bissau transit, you need to get a transit visa to Guinea-Bissau.
  • Registration of tourists at the entrance to Guinea-Bissau is carried out at the place of residence at the hotel.

Address of the Embassy of Guinea-Bissau in Moscow: Simferopol Boulevard, House 7A, Office 180, Floor 10. Opening hours: Daily from 10-16 hours, Lunch break from 13-14 hours. On Saturday and Sunday, the Embassy of Guinea-Bissau in Moscow does not work.

* A photo of a visa is given for example, a visa issued in the embassy may differ from the example

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