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I will say right away, visa to the Islamic Republic of Iran can also receive both Tehran International Airport by arrival. But when performing a number of conditions:

1. The period of your trip is less than 15 days
2. You are a man or a woman who comes with a man.

3. You have a phone of Iranians or agencies that will silence words for you.

In case you do not fit at least one of the above conditions – visa at the airport you do not get. Yes, even if you fit – no one will give you guarantees for receiving a visa. On the website of the Iranian Embassy in Moscow, in general, the following is written:

Is it possible to get a visa at the Iranian airport?

No. Tourist visa should be obtained in the Consular Department of the Iranian Embassy (in Moscow) or in one of the Consulates of Iran (in Kazan and Astrakhan).

Because, it is better not to risk and get a visa before departure. Despite the seeming complexity of obtaining a visa, everything is fine enough.

So, on points:

1. Go to the embassy site in the Consular Division section, where you download the application form to obtain an HTTP visa: // www.Iranembassy.RU / CONSULAR / VISA.Htm. The profile lies on the site in HTM format. Just highlight the desired text and copy even in Word preferably not lower than 2010, where it is calm and fill it. In the "Home Address" section, add your mobile phone number. Then print in two copies. If the profile will cut a little in width – not scary.

2. Do two Color Photo. Size 4 by 6 cm or slightly less. And although in the consulate it is said that women in photographs are not necessary to be in the headscarf – make a photo in the scarf preferably: consular workers this sincerely rejoice. Photos incur not anywhere.

3. On a separate sheet Write an approximate trip plan. This piece of paper removes part of questions about your stay in Iran.

Visa in Iran

4. Formally requires insurance for the period of travel, but really not asked it. However, even if they ask – tell me that you are by fax. This answer all suits.

5. Of course you do not forget your passport, where There should be no Israeli stamps. Check always! US visa is not a problem.

Here, actually all documents. Next, take a credit card with you and put to the consulate (if you are in the city where it is). If you are far away (for example, there are no Iranian consulate in Perm), that is, two options: in case of departure to Iran, you can get an urgent visa to Iran (you must fly on a working day and get into the consulate right in the morning; there is such a visa – in two times more expensive; receiving time – 4 hours) or ask for friends to get a visa for you, Pereslav the passport of the express mail. In the second case in the Iranian questionnaire, there is even a special string where you need to specify a person representing you when submitting documents for a visa.

If a man goes with a woman or a child, he is given a paper (with the text beginning with the words "in the name of the Most High"), where it is necessary to enter all who rides him.

If a woman goes one (or a few women), then she must have a clear justification of the need for a trip and should be coordinates and phones of those who meet and accompany her in Iran or agencies.

The average grant of issuing a visa is 4 days. When paying a credit card right at the consulate at the time of delivery of documents, the cost (currently) is 2210 rubles.

Keep in mind that the corridor of the visa is two months, t.E. earlier than two months before the start of the trip, submit documents for a visa does not make sense. The visa prescribes the number of your days in Iran (you specify it in the questionnaire). Therefore, it is better to lay on a day or three more so that you don’t have to bother the proliferation of a visa.

Visa in Iran

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