Visa in Kiribati

If you planned a trip to Kiribati, you will need to get a visa to Kiribati. We draw the attention of tourists that the interests of this state represent the United Kingdom, which dictates their conditions. Visas in Kiribati are issued at the UK embassy.

Address of the United Kingdom Embassy in Moscow: Smolensk embankment, house 10. Telephone Embassy of the United Kingdom in Moscow: 8-495-956-72-00.

Documents for a visa in Kiribati:

If you wish to get a visa to Kiribati, collect the following documents:

  • International passport. Please note that the duration of the passport must be at least six months from the date of the end of the tourist trip to Kiribati. Also make sure that you have a free page in your passport, where the visa in Kiribati will be affixed.
  • To obtain a visa to Kiribati tourists need to fill out a questionnaire. Note that the questionnaire is filled in English (as necessary, please contact the translator). A questionnaire for a visa in Kiribati should be signed personally. Also note that it is considered exclusively those questionnaires that are filled with the UK Migration Service website! After filling out the questionnaire, the information contained in it is encrypted in a special code. Tourist gets an individual number to remember. When you fill in all the sources of the questionnaire, print the questionnaire and sign.
  • To obtain a visa to Kiribati, attach a copy of the 1st page of your foreign passport to the document package, which contains personal traveler data.
  • Visa in Kiribati - the cost and documents for registration of a visa in Kiribati Travel Guide
  • If you wish to get a visa in Kiribati, attach two photos to the document package. Requirements in photos for a visa in Kiribati: the photo must be made recently; Size photo for visa in Kiribati – 3.5 to 4.5 cm.
  • According to the law, to obtain a visa to Kiribati, it is necessary to provide documents that confirm a sufficient amount of funds from the tourist to travel to Kiribati. Among such documents can be transferred as follows: Extract from the account in the bank, payment receipt, documents on financial well-being confirmed by the Tax Print. We draw the attention of tourists that references from currency exchange points, documents on property to such documents do not include, however, if you attach them to a package of documents for a visa in Kiribati, the chances of obtaining it will increase.
  • To obtain a visa to Kiribati tourists need to provide a certificate from the place of work, which is issued on the company’s branded form. This certificate must contain the following information: coordinates (address) of the company, the position of tourist, the size of its wage (as a recommendation – at least $ 700), signature of the head, signature of the chief accountant, printing enterprises.
  • If the tourist is an IP, to obtain a visa to Kiribati, it needs to be attached to the document package, a copy of the document registration document, as well as a document indicating the organization for the organization for tax inspectorate.
  • If the tourist is a pensioner, it will require a pension certificate to obtain a visa to Kiribati, as well as a certificate from the organization where the person sponsoring the trip works. In addition, an extract from the sponsor’s bank account, which should be a signature of the sponsor, confirming his consent to pay a pensioner’s trip.
  • Information for students’ tourists: they will require a student card to obtain a visa, as well as a certificate issued at the site of study. In addition, a reference will be required from the site of the sponsor, certified by his personal signature.
  • Schoolchildren to obtain a visa to Kiribati must be acquired by certificate from school, the requirements for other documents are similar to those who are presented to students.
  • With the presence of an old passport, it is also necessary to attach to the package of documents.
  • To obtain a visa in Kiribati, an invitation is required. This document indicates: Tourist timing to Kiribati, hotel name in Kiribati, Confirmation of the hotel hotel in Kiribati, a list of persons going to Kiribati with their personal data.
  • To obtain a visa to Kiribati, the originals of airline tickets (back and back) are needed, as well as their copies.

Please note that all accompanying documents for obtaining a visa to Kiribati should be transferred to English and attach translation to the original in Russian. In addition, the translation must be the following data: Document transfer date, translator name, translator contacts, confirmation of conformity to the original.

In addition, photocopy is attached to each document for a visa to Kiribati.

Visa cost in Kiribati

The size of the consular fee for a visa in Kiribati – 50 pounds + 70 pounds additionally – If the documents are sent to the Kiribati Immigration Service.

Payment of the consular fee for a visa in Kiribati is carried out by a bank card in Online mode on the website of the Great Britain’s Visa Center.

Delivery time visa in Kiribati

As a rule, visa in Kiribati is issued for 10-21 days. Visa in Kiribati is valid for three months.

* A photo of a visa is given for example, a visa issued in the embassy may differ from the example

Visa in Kiribati - the cost and documents for registration of a visa in Kiribati Travel Guide

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