Visa in Malta

If you planned a trip to Malta, you need to get a visa. We will remind tourists that Malta – Country in Schengen, so if you – The owner of a Schengen visa, you have the right to enter the territory of Malta on any type of transport.

As a rule, tourists are issued a short-term visa to Malta, which refers to the category with. Conditions of this visa can travelers who are going to visit Malta for tourist purposes, are sent to visit their relatives or acquaintances, and also planned a business visit to Malta.

Documents for a visa in Malta:

In order to get a visa to Malta, you should carefully read the list of documents below, and collect them. So you will need:

  1. Stamp passport, and the validity period of the document should not be less than 3 months from the end of the end of the last journey. At the same time, note that there are 2 clean pages in your passport, where the visa in Malta will subsequently.
  2. Make two photos for a visa in Malta. Requirements for the photo on a visa in Malta: color photography, photo – 3.5 to 4.5 cm. In the photo there should be no corners or ovals. Stock Foto Must be performed on bright background. Please note that in the photo on a visa in Malta, you must be depicted without a head.
  3. Fill out the questionnaire for a visa in Malta. You can get a questionnaire at the Malta embassy by contacting the visa department. We draw the attention of tourists that the questionnaire must be filled out on the computer. It is allowed and filling from the hand, but in this case you should write exclusively with the printed letters and a handle of blue or black.
  4. To obtain a visa to Malta, a check list is required. Fill in it depending on the purpose of your trip to Malta.
  5. If you have an old passport in which Schengen visas are affixed, grant xerox with these documents.
  6. Also for obtaining a visa to Malta you will need documents that confirm your hotel reservation in Malta or other types of housing. Copies are also required. This document should contain: Personal tourist data (FULL NAME), all hotel details in Malta. The document must be signed by the hotel manager.
  7. Do not forget that to get a visa to Malta you need an invitation. Be prepared to provide the fax invitation (it can send it both a private person and legal). The document indicates: the name of the inviting, its address, his phone number, the purpose of the trip to Malta. You will also need a copy of the inviting to Malta. It should be noted that the person inviting tourist in Malta to issue a visa to Malta is obliged to act as a guarantor that all expenses during the stay of the tourist in Malta, he takes exclusively on herself.
  8. Give a copy of tickets to Malta. It can be plane tickets, ship, and their copy will be suitable. Please note that to obtain a visa in Malta, the ticket of tickets must be closed.
  9. Describe the route of the planned trip to Malta in detail if you are going to the Schengen Statement Country. We draw the attention of tourists that this document is drawn up in English.
  10. Visa in Malta - Costs and documents for registration of a visa in Malta Travel Guide
  11. Students going to get a visa to Malta will need a copy of the student ticket. If you – Pensioner, remove the copy from your pension certificate. Please note that you also need a sponsoring letter from a person who will pay a retired tourist trip to Malta. You will also need a certificate from the work of the sponsor or an extract from his bank account.
  12. Be prepared to confirm that you have enough money for traveling to Malta. In this case, it may be one of the following documents: certificate from the bank, a certificate that you purchased the currency. Calculation of the stay of the tourist in Malta – 48 euros per tourist per day stay in Malta.
  13. To get a visa to Malta, prepare a copy of the medstrashovka. Note that medical insurance should act during the entire period of your trip to Malta. The amount of the coating of medical insurance for obtaining a visa to Malta – from 30’000 Euro.
  14. If you are going to Malta with children, fill in a separate questionnaire for each tourist. You will also need the original Certificate of the birth of a minor tourist and its copy, copies from the Parent Passport Page with his personal data. If the young tourist goes to Malta with one of the parents or with a third party, to obtain a visa in Malta you will need a power of attorney for departing a child in Malta, which you need to assure the notary.

Visiting Malta without a visa:

Tourists can be in Malta without a visa within 24 hours if they plan to transfer to another flight. In this case, you must plan the flight exclusively in those countries that are not included in the European Union. In addition, you do not have the right to leave the airport. Prepare also fly tickets to whom you plan to leave Malta.

System for obtaining a visa in Malta:

We draw the attention of tourists that when submitting documents for a visa to Malta, you must attach to the collected package of documents a blank agreement to work with your personal data. Personally sign the document.

You can apply for a visa to Malta to Malta’s visa center. Address of the Visa Center Malta in Moscow: ul. Shipok, D. 11, p. 1. Phone: 8 495 276 25 19. Official website: www.Maltavac-Ru.Com.

Address of the embassy Malta in Moscow: ul. Cow shaft, d. 7, p.1, of. 219. Telephone Embassy: 8 499 237 1939. Official site of the Malta Embassy in Moscow: WWW.Malta.Ru.

You can submit documents for a visa to Malta both yourself and through a proxy person. In addition, you can help travel agency having accreditation. Do not forget to present the general passport when submitting documents for a visa in Malta.

You can submit documents in the order of a live queue. Documents for a visa in Malta are accepted from 9 am to 16 days. Documents are issued on weekdays from 11 am to 16 days.

Dates of registration of a visa in Malta:

You can get a visa to Malta within 4-5 days (excluding weekends).

Visa cost in Malta:

  • Visa in Malta will cost a tourist at 35 euros. Payment of a visa in Malta is produced in rubles, directly during the submission of a package of documents. The visa center calls from tourists service collection – 1’150 rubles.
  • Not paying the consular fee for a visa in Malta can students in schools and students, tourists with disabilities, tourists participating in creative, sports or scientific programs, as well as tourists who are closely related to the European Union citizens to which they are sent to Malta.

To the attention of tourists!

On the plane in Malta you will receive a registration card. Fill it with each tourist, including a child traveling with you.

Visa to Malta in an invalid passport:

If in your old overseas passport there is a Schengen with a relevant period, this visa is invalid. In this case, the tourist appealing to the visa to Malta should be obtained at the Consulate of Malta a new visa, having collected a full package of documents. Visa from the old passport to the acting is not transferred.

* A photo of a visa is given for example, a visa issued in the embassy may differ from the example

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