Visa in Suriname – Costs and documents for registration of a visa in Suriname Travel Guide

Visa in Suriname

I think of visiting Suriname, do not forget that you need a visa visa for this. Tourists have two options: you can place a visa in Suriname both upon arrival in the country and in the consulate. However, travelers should be remembered that the registration of a visa in Surinames upon arrival is possible exclusively if you have permission to departure to Suriname, which issues the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of this country.

Registration of a visa in Suriname upon arrival

Tourists with special permit are entitled to receive a visa to Suriname by flight. To get this permission, send the paper listed below to the country’s visa department:

  • Stamp passport whose validity period is at least 6 months at the date of arrival of the tourist in Suriname. This condition concerns tourists requesting tourist visas in Surinames and business visas in Suriname, which are valid for two to three months. Clarification! If you apply for a multivitz (its validity period – Year), your passport must be valid from 1.5 years.
  • Apply to the package of documents for a visa in Suriname Tickets There and back (Printout)
  • To get a visa in Suriname, make a questionnaire that should be filled in English or in Dutch. Do not forget to sign a filled questionnaire!
  • Applying for a visa in Surinames of the tourist, it is necessary to attach to the package of documents for a visa in Surinames. Picture Requirements: Colored; 3 per 4 cm size; No oval, corners.
  • If you go to Suriname as a tourist, attach a detailed plan of your travel to a visit to the package for visa in Suriname.
  • You will need to confirm the hotel’s hotel in Suriname.
  • You also need an invitation sent to a visa to Suriname to decorate.
  • If you go to Suriname to a business journey, attach to the package of documents for a visa in Suriname invitation from business partners, which is issued exclusively on the company’s branded form.
  • Children for registration of a visa in Suriname need a copy of the birth certificate.
  • If a minor tourist goes to Surinames, accompanied by 1 parent or 3 persons, it is necessary to resolve the parent who remained in Russia to exit a child, which should be assured from the notary.

Further expect: you will be sent permission to visit the country that is required to make on arrival together with the ticket. Do not forget to pay for visa collection!

Visa registration in Surinames in the Consulate of the country

For registration of a visa in Suriname at the Consulate of the country, form the following package of documents:

  • International passport. Must be valid for 6 months from the date of entry into the country.
  • Remove xerox from all passport pages with your personal data.
  • To get a visa in Suriname, attach a questionnaire to the package. It should be filled in English or in Dutch. Personally sign the questionnaire directly on the Embassy portal (it is located in the Netherlands). You will assign a personal number. Do not forget to print the questionnaire.
  • For registration of a visa in Surinam, attach your photo to the package. Standard size – 3 on 4, no ovals and corners.
  • Tourists will need a letter describing the route and travel time (in English or in Dutch).
  • Business tourists need to be attached to the document package. Invitation from business partners.
  • Do not forget to print tickets (there and back).
  • Children need a copy of the birth certificate, and young tourists traveling without parents or with one of them – Power of Attorney for departure to Suriname (assure a notary!)
  • When sending documents to the consulate, confirmation of the consular fee for a visa in Surinam.

A formed package of documents for a visa in Surinam must be sent to the consulate of the country that in the Netherlands.

Consulate Address:
The Visa Department of the ConSulate General of the Republic of Suriname
De Cuserstraat 11, 1081 CK, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

You may ask the results by phone: +31 (20) 642-67-17, as well as by email: info @ consulaatsuriname.NL.

Visa you get with courier.

Delivery time visa in Suriname

Entry permission to Surinames are manufactured in 2 weeks – 1 month. Visas – For 1-5 business days. Tourist visa in Suriname is valid 60 days.

Suriname visa cost

Consular fee for a visa in Suriname today is $ 30 (single), $ 60 (multiple), $ 45 (business). These are rates for a visa upon arrival.

Visas in Suriname, decorated in the consulate stand: tourist – 40 euros, multiple annual visa in Suriname – Euro, multiple business visa costs 50 euros, biennial business – 300 Euro. For a transit visa will have to lay out 10 euros.

* A photo of a visa is given for example, a visa issued in the embassy may differ from the example

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