Visa in Yemen – Costs and documents for registration of a visa in Yemen Travel Guide

Visa in Yemen

If you planned a journey to Yemen, you need to get a visa to Yemen. Visa in Yemen is drawn up in advance at the Yemen embassy in Moscow, in his consular department.

It should be noted that tourists, in whose passports there are marks about the visit to Israel, they will be denied a visit to Yemen.

Also add that Yemen does not make a visa to Yemen at the airport by arrival, it is also impossible to do in the border crossings of Yemen.

Documents for a visa in Yemen:

To get a visa to Yemen, tourists from Russia need to form a package of documents for a visa in Yemen, the list of which is shown below.

So, to get a visa in Yemen, you will need:

  1. International passport. Requirements for a foreign passport for traveling in Yemen: the term of the foreign passport for obtaining a visa to Yemen should exceed the period of staying tourist in Yemen.
  2. To get a visa in Yemen, prepare 3 photos for a visa in Yemen. Requirements for the photo visa in Yemen: Size photo – 3 4 cm; Photo on a visa in Yemen should be black and white or color.
  3. To obtain a visa to Yemen, the tourist needs to fill 3 questionnaires for a visa to Yemen, which should be filled in Russian, in English or in Arabic, and then print or fill out of the hands already printed for a visa in Yemen. In addition, the questionnaire for a visa in Yemen should sign. We also draw the attention of tourists that the name FULL NAME and the number of the passport should be indicated as accuracy as it is in the document.
  4. To obtain a visa in Yemen, the tourist needs to be attached to the package of documents for a visa in Yemen’s certificate about the absence of HIV.
  5. If you wish to get a visa to Yemen, attach to the package of documents for a visa in Yemen invitation. Invitation to Yemen sends a tour of the receiving party. In this case, Yemen, a travel company, as well as a private or legal entity, which has registered in the Yemen Foreign Ministry possess these privileges. Also add that if you do not have an invitation that is issued in the name of the consul in Yemen, you should write an application for a visa to Yemen. This document is drawn up in Russian, in English or in Arabic. In a visa application in Yemen, the tourist formulates a request to give him a visa to Yemen without an invitation to Yemen. Also, the tourist should be clarified that it is aware of all possible risks that are associated with the visit of Yemen.

The system of obtaining a visa in Yemen:

Forming a package of documents for a visa in Yemen, the tourist should apply for a visa to Yemen to the Yemen Embassy in Moscow.

Address of the Yemen Embassy in Moscow:

Neanalimovsky lane, house 6. Phone Embassy Yemen in Moscow: 8 499 246 06 48. Opening hours of the Yemen Embassy in Moscow: from 10 am to 15 pm. Official website: http: // yemen-EMB.Ru .

Dates of registration of a visa in Yemen:

As a rule, the visa in Yemen is drawn up for one or three working days.

Visa cost in Yemen:

Visa in Yemen for tourists from Russia costs 50 dollars. We will clarify that the following categories of citizens are released from paying the consular fee for a visa to Yemen: tourists up to 16 years, which are inscribed in the passport of parents applying for a visa in Yemen. Tourists under the age of 16, which are owners of a personal passport, are obliged to pay the consular fee for a visa in Yemen in the amount of $ 25.

We add that if the tourist has no invitation to Yemen, in this case, the size of the consular fee for a visa to Yemen will be $ 120-200 for him. The attention of tourists should be noted that the exact cost of a visa in Yemen is determined by a consulate officer who takes documents from a tourist for a visa to Yemen. In addition, despite the seeming curiosity of the situation, the size of the consular fee for a visa in Yemen depends on the mood of the Consulate staff, as well as how tourist knows how to bargain.

Duration of visa in Yemen:

Visa in Yemen is valid for 1 month (i.e. 30 days) from the moment of entry of the tourist in Yemen.

Restrictions for tourists to move by Yemen:

We remind tourists: Yemen – Closed country, so any movement in the country is controlled by the state in strict order. We also note that, leaving outside of the Sana, tourists will need to receive Permit (Permta, permissions). Led reinforcement in the country’s tourist police. Also add that the rules for obtaining PermTo systematically change – It depends on the situation that has developed in the north of the country, where for many years war is conducted with shiite rebels that require the creation of the so-called «Imamata».

If you wish to get Permth to visit Yemen, you should contact the police.

Documents for obtaining Permta in Yemen:

  • International passport
  • Photocopy of the first page of the foreign passport

Clarify that the timing of the issuance of Permta for movement by Yemen – day appeal or the next day. However, add that at times the police have the right to refuse to the tourist in a purmit, which can be motivated by security issues. Nevertheless, cases of non-tech Permit tourists are extremely rare. Be also ready that you have to pay for PermT.

Tourist note:

  • Tourist trips to Yemen are possible solely in a group of 6 people
  • Tourists issued a single short-term tourist visa type with in Yemen. Also to this type of visas include business visas in Yemen and the guest visas in Yemen. However, it is possible to obtain a multiple visa in Yemen
  • Tourist may not be engaged in person by registration of documents for a visa in Yemen – for him it can make an accredited tour operator
  • If you follow through Yemen transit to a third country, a prerequisite is the presence of your ticket to the final destination
  • If you are a citizen of another state either ever changed citizenship, before issuing a visa to Yemen, you will be pre-conducted
  • If you are planning to get a visa to Yemen, you need to visit the San – The very first habitat of a person on the planet (at least so it is considered!) It is also interesting in Yemen to visit the Eastern Bazaar Suk Al-Mil, who combined as many as 40 markets. Other attractions of Yemen – The city of Marib, which is literally woven from the mysteries of archeology, an ancient and very beautiful city of Taiz, which is on the height of a bird’s-eye. It is interesting to visit Vadi-Hadramout Valley (that translated from the local language means the phrase «Death came»). Visit in the port town of Aden.
  • The state of Yemen is located in the south of the Arabian Peninsula, which is located in Southwestern Asia. In antiquity there were powerful kingdoms here – Ministry of Mighting Kingdom, Sabey Kingdom, Himyaritic Kingdom.

Customs rules Yemen:

In Yemen, you can import an unlimited number of foreign currency. If you bring an amount in Yemen in excess of 10 thousand dollars, you will need a document from a bank that will confirm the origin of the currency.

Also imported 200 cigarettes in Yemen, 2 bottles of alcohol, personal food products within normal.

In Yemen, it is impossible to import gold in the ingots, erotic products (printed and video). Exports antiques from Yemen, weapons, gold products and products made of precious metals after passing the customs control.

* A photo of a visa is given for example, a visa issued in the embassy may differ from the example

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