Visa Nuances Frequently Asked Questions

Visa Nuances: Frequently Asked Questions

We have made a brief library of visas in the form «question – answer». Expanded version will find in the Visa Nuances section.

1. Which of the visas is the simplest in the design?

Less problems arises with a Schengen visa. As a collection of endless references, extracts, private invitations, of course, little pleasant. But consider every piece of paper «under the magnifice», Colleague, study your social networks Schengen Consul hardly.

But in the embassies of the United States, Canada, Australia, Saudi Arabia, North Korea or Algeria All of the above – Standard practice.

2. Why Schengen visa is so popular?

Infections to the first item, a multiple Schengen Category C (Multishengen) allows you to travel throughout Europe, with the exception of Great Britain, Ireland and Greenland. Moreover, she frees its owner from the need to request a visa to Cyprus, in Aruba and Curaçao.

3. Why need dactyloscopy?

Dactyloscopy – Scanning fingerprints in persons over 12 years. The procedure is carried out in many consulates, including diplomsses of 26 member countries Zone Schengen. Printed Prints in a single database for 5 years, forming a personal visa history of the applicant.

4. I am unemployed. Will you give me a visa?

Help with work confirms your connection with the homeland. Similar confirmation are the documents for ownership of the apartment, a pension certificate, a certificate from school and so on. If the key point in the decision was the work, millions of pensioners, children, students and housewives could not go abroad.

It is important to submit a financial guarantor, that is, an extract from the bank to the required amount. The absence of this paper will refuse to issue.

5. Why the consul may refuse a visa?

Issuance of visa – The system that the visa code regulates. There is nothing casual in this system. The refusal can be avoided by collecting documents on a check-leaf of the consulate, correctly fill out the questionnaire, attach an extract from the bank. If you are unable to confirm the source of income, ask a relative to speak by sponsor.

Always use a visa for destination. Specify the truthful information and do not lie on the interview.

6. Whether the rule works «First entrance»?

rules «First entrance» does not exist. There is only your intention to enter the Schengen zone through the PPC of one of the participating countries.

You reflect the intention in the questionnaire on a visa, no one is deceiving. If you are inconvenient to fly to Italy from Moscow, but conveniently from Lithuania, write an entrance country in the questionnaire «Lithuania», And the country of destination «Italy».

7. Can they cancel a visa at the border?

Visa – just a preliminary permission to enter. By itself, she does not decide. Solves border guards. He has the right not only to return you home, but also cancel a visa.

When canceled to the passport is a refusal stamp, inside which the handle enters the refusal code.

Causes of cancellation may be different: a passport does not comply with the requirements of the Immigration Department, you show non-existent armor, dismisted from the stated route, could not confirm the availability of money.

eight. Acting visa in an invalid passport: Is it possible to go abroad?

The answer to the question depends only on the requirements of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the destination country. Scheme Old passport with a valid visa + New Zagran works in Britain and in Schengen countries except Latvia.

nine. Where will not be allowed with the visa of other countries?

Israeli friction with Arab countries in the past. Already almost 3 years, Israel does not put marks in the passport about visiting its territories. Instead, coupons are issued. But, for the sake of fairness, with an already existing stamp of the Land of the promised may not be allowed to Lebanon, Libya, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Sudan and Yemen.

Internal contradictions between Cyprus and TRSK still force tourists to choose how to dispose of the cherished holiday. Cyprus does not recognize TRSK, TRK does not recognize Cyprus. With the mark of the unrecognized republic of Northern Cyprus, they will not be empty, but, with a visa of Cyprus to TRCK — you’re welcome.

The conflict of interests of Azerbaijan and Nagorno-Karabakh, as well as Georgia, Abkhazia and South Ossetia, can forever repeal the desire to visit regions. On the border, you risk spending not the most pleasant watches of your life, turn the nerves and return home with nothing.

ten. Where do not be happy to tourists?

North Korea – not the only country where there is nothing to do with an independent tourist. Saudi Arabia, for example, does not give a visa to tourists at all. In Bhutan, Angola, Turkmenistan, Somalia and Equatorial Guinea can only be accessed with a voucher of a local tour operator.

Due to civil wars, visas stopped issuing diplomatic missions of Syria, Yemen, Congo, Liberia, Afghanistan and Iraq.

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